denim + khaki

denim top – thrifted | khaki shorts – gifted by mabel | beaded sandals – people r people | black braided belt | bowler hat – bangkok find | brown sunnies – carbon find | gun metal cuffs –
rose ring – carbon find | orange howlite ring – dane’s giveaway

no…it’s not summer here in the Philippines but it seems like it was. i think it was 36 degrees and it was noon and harry and i were shopping around for a bed. the best place to get good quality furniture here in Cebu is 20 minutes away from the city so imagine how excruciating it was having to drive under the heat for 20 minutes. i needed a laid back outfit and with a pair of khaki shorts, a denim top, a hat and beaded sandals, i felt laid back and like i was out hunting in the safari — just like what furniture hunting is.

now talking about furniture hunting, choosing the right bed is very challenging. actually, everything harry and i are doing right now is challenging because we’re at this phase where we have to decide together because we’re building this life together. with bed shopping, we have to consider the price, the size, the head board design (yes! harry wants something with a cushion…i want the classic wood one), the height, the material…etc. i can just imagine how much challenging it will be when we’re actually married. oh my…LOL.

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fairytales need hard work too

floral tiered chiffon dress – | peach cardigan – thrifted | teal braided belt – thrifted
cream peep-toe heels – janeo | camel quilted bucket bag – primal rave wholesale | brass bangles – carbon finds | polka orange bangle – gifted | green wood bangle – bangkok find | brown sunnies – carbon find

while i was growing up and spending summer afternoons imagining my dream wedding, i always thought the essentials just burst out from magic. i’d imagine the dress i’d be wearing, the ring on my finger, walking down the isle with heaps of flowers on the side and saying i do with a romantic song in the background. yeah, dream on. planning a wedding is hard, really hard. 
although searching for an inspiration for my wedding dress is fun (yet also challenging), finding the perfect wedding ring is definitely not as much fun as i thought. harry and i spent a whole afternoon checking out jewelry stores and at the end of the day, our vision was clouded with a tinge of yellow — from all the gold (tacky chinese gold) that we’ve seen in most stores. ugh! the wedding ring is not like the dress that i get to wear only once. it’s something i wear forever so it has to be one of a kind or at least, special.
here’s where i need your help: if you find a classic yet stylish wedding band design, tell me? post the link on a comment. ♥

on another note, while i was browsing for wedding band designs, i bumped into another kind of jewelry. i might be crazy from all this wedding band hunting because at one point, i considered getting an earring after finding these great cartilage earrings online. i could definitely need the change, considering i haven’t been doing some shopping since we started saving money for the wedding. hmmm….

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stripes & hearts

chambray top: thrifted | printed cotton maxi dress: shop yapi | striped ballet flats: primal rave wholesale | blue cutout belt: shop yapi | camel quilted bucket bag: primal rave wholesale | leopard ring: carbon find | coral ring: bangkok find | enamel bangles: hongkong finds | red wooden bangles: a gift from WAGW | tangerine printed bangle: DIY by sister

two and a half months can pass by really quick, huh? i didn’t even realize i’ve been gone that long until i decided to go back to blogging. let me tell you though, posing for my come back post was quite embarrassing. i didn’t know whether to smile or just act cool. so pardon the weird face.

before i proceed with telling you all about what has happened to me in the last two months, i feel i need to explain why i decided to take a break in the first place. on my last few posts, i’ve been feeling off and no longer passionate about continuing my blog. it confused me because blogging used to be an alternate world that i can immerse myself in and i did it for me. a few months before i took the break though, blogging became a chore. it became overrated. so i wanted to take a step back before i ruin my blogging experience altogether.

so, if anyone is curious, a lot has definitely happened to me in the last two and a half months.
♥ my little sister got back from aussie for her month long school break.
♥ i resigned as marketing executive from my sister’s company to start doing homebased jobs.
♥ i oversaw our wholesale clothing business and spent 90% of my days at home.
♥ then i realized i was being a bum (and spending my life savings) that i needed to get a stable job.
♥ surprise: i went back to the BPO industry. (phew! i know, right? i’ll tell you more about that on another post.)
♥ i celebrated my 27th birthday!
♥ and the best part: harry and i got engaged! he proposed on my birthday. it’s the best birthday gift ever!

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back to regular programming

i know i have been technically MIA for the past 2 weeks. i’ve been doing blog posts but they were mainly on the launching of my shop’s second collection, Furious Rose and nothing else. i have also been way backlogged in replying to comments and visiting other blogs. not only have i been busy with our wholesale business and managing multiple jobs, i honestly have been contemplating as to whether i should continue blogging or not. i have been spending 85% of my time at home these days so there are no outfits to post. i do go out on weekends and dress up but i no longer possess the motivation to take photos of my outfits. i think self-confidence is directly proportional to style blogging. i might just be in a crazy rush these days that i hardly even have time to think about myself. i might go on a blogging hiatus, i might not. we’ll see in a couple of days. 

okay, okay so i got a bit dramatic again with what i attempted to post yesterday. honestly, it really is difficult for me to post new outfits. i’m feeling so behind from every one in the style blogosphere. but i have to remember that i started doing this because i love fashion. whether or not i blog regularly, i hope you, my readers, will still stick around.

it is frustrating, when there are so many other related things I’d like to do. i want to learn more about deconstruction and portion play, maybe take classes from the many online fashion merchandising colleges. i need to be continually learning, but today’s fast-paced world has made people busier and less willing to commit their time to a traditional classroom degree program. here in the Philippines, most specifically, opportunities are a bit limited. online education might just be the great answer to finally fulfilling dreams. i’ll definitely look into this further.

and oooh, about the giveaway — I’M EXTENDING it until July 20, 2011. i feel i haven’t given more information about and didn’t give others a chance to join it. please do tell your friends. it is very easy to join. there are a LOT of options to join. *wink*

please visit my online shop — — if you haven’t yet. 
vibrant florals and prints in chiffon and soft cotton are up for grabs. 
girly-girls gone grunge. 
check out the editorial here.

sheer sleeveless blouse with an embroidered pocket –
floral layered skirt – thrifted
brown oversized cardigan –
brown double braided belt –
khaki crocheted beanie – custom-made by my aunt
lapis lazuli oversized ring – tseng jewelry
owl connector ring – carbon find
oversized charm bracelet – carbon find

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Furious Rose Launches x 2 July 2011 x

Furious Rose by

Launches on July 2, 2011 at 10:00 PM
Make sure to visit

Photography: Jonathan Carlobos of VEATA

Videography: Philip Lapinid of Fashion the Fourth

Styling: Gizelle Faye Sembrano
MUA and Creative Direction: Eden Villarba of Chic in the Tropics
Styling and Production Assistance: Laiza Carmel Raagas of Crazy/Beautiful
Models: Aoi Miñoza and Kim Nuyda

Shot on Location at Family Park Cebu

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*more* behind-the-scenes: Furious Rose by

xxx more behind-the-scene photos of the Furious Rose photo shoot. xxx
(from left to right) laiza carmel raagas, philip lapinid, louise kim nuyda, aoi miñoza, me and eden villarba
bear with me for posting more Furious Rose shots for the rest of the week. very very busy with work and taking care of our second clothing wholesale installment. hope all of you are doing well!
don’t forget to join the Vanilla Ice Cream and giveaway. runs until July 4, 2011. ♥

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behind-the-scenes: Furious Rose by

Music: “Do You Realize” by The Flaming Lips
Videography: Philip Lapinid
Photography: Jonathan Carlobos of VEATA
Styling: Gizelle Faye Sembrano
MUA and Creative Direction: Eden Villarba
Styling and Production Assistance: Laiza Carmel Raagas
Shot on Location at Family Park Cebu

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BOOM! 2011 x Furious Rose by

when i decided to open up shop, my market in mind was always students and yuppies. i used to draw sketches of outfits when i was young and contrary to what other aspiring designers loved to do, i was already into ready-to-wear clothes. i love couture but i always thought realistic and applicable to the real world is better — it can be worn in many ways and is affordable. 
so when Philip Lapinid of Fashion Toy Gun asked me to sponsor clothes for a small Model Competition for their school, USJR, i couldn’t say no. it offered me an opportunity to expose my brand to students. in perfect timing, my stocks for the 2nd collection of arrived last week so i whipped up 10 outfits and came up with a simple concept. Furious Rose is the name of this collection and it’s an ode to grunge girl style. Furious Rose by will launch on July 1, 2011.
xxx Behind the Scenes xxx
xxx the Models wearing ShopYapi xxx

the first and last model on the photos is Beatrice and she won the competition. she’s obviously statuesque and could have easily beaten the girls but what made her more amazing is her professionalism and humility during the whole process. she never complained, didn’t act vain and when asked to tease her hair for an out-of-bed look, she took the character by heart and spent the next 10 minutes of waiting time, in front of the mirror, disarranging her hair. Congrats Beatrice!
don’t forget to join Vanilla Ice Cream’s giveaway that will be running until July 4, 2011. get a chance to win a green hand bag, a pleated dress and matching turquoise necklace and a graphic swimsuit. ♥ ♥ ♥

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GIVEAWAY: Shop Yapi & Vanilla Ice Cream Gives Back!

it’s really been a while since i’ve hosted a giveaway here so as a comeback, i’m giving away awesome items (yes! it’s prural) for my blog readers and Facebook followers, locally and internationally. this is also a way to give my gratitude to my 900+ Facebook followers. i started that page to get to know equally awesome people outside my personal circle and i never expected to have such a following there. so for everyone, here’s my way of saying THANK YOU!

general giveaway mechanics:
as this is a giveaway to thank followers
you must be a follower of Vanilla Ice Cream on facebook and/or the blog. ♥
giveaway runs from June 13 – July 4, 2011


Facebook Giveaway: 
A GIGI Pleated Floral Dress with matching INEZ Turquoise and Wood Necklace 
how to join:
♥ must be a Vanilla Ice Cream follower on Facebook
♥ post a statement on your wall tagging @Vanilla Ice Cream. something like: 
“i want to win a Shop Yapi dress and necklace at @Vanilla Ice Cream”
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For Blog Followers via Google Connect or Bloglovin’: 
a YEDDA Green Handbag and a 20% Discount Card for
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extra entries — make sure to give me the link of your entry: 
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INTERNATIONAL READERS: A Paige Triangle Swimsuit
how to join:
♥ must be a follower of the blog via google connect or bloglovin’
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name: gizelle faye
e-mail address: gizellefaye(at) /
i follow the blog through Google Connect
extra entries: tweeted about the giveaway [link] and posted the giveaway on my FB wall [link]

extra entries — make sure to give me the link of your entry: 
♥ follow me on twitter and tweet about the giveaway 
“i want to win a #ShopYapi PAIGE swimsuit by @gizellefaye
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“i want to win a #ShopYapi PAIGE swimsuit at @Vanilla Ice Cream”

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mondays all throughout the week

poor Monday. everybody hates it. it’s not as if Monday did anything to us. it’s just coincidentally situated after a weekend and is just a strong reminder that we have to go back to work or school. i don’t know when i’ve ever been excited for a Monday. maybe in college when i couldn’t wait to see my crush.

lately though, i’ve been having Mondays all throughout the week. as i look back on my previous posts, this laziness and almost-lethargic state that i’m in started on Christmas break. not only have i been sick with my herniated disc acting up, i’ve been unmotivated to get off my bed. it definitely is not helpful for my suffering salary and work. i’ve been finding myself utterly confused about what to do with my life and whether i should be where i am. one thing i only know is how intent i am to marry Harry this year or by early next year. that’s it and i’m lost with the rest of my life. i discussed this with Harry yesterday after visiting the doctor and he noted that i get like this every year. i pondered on it and realized that i do. i hate to admit it but with the slew of lazy days from Christmas break to summer gets me reflecting and over thinking about my things which leads to unhealthy realizations or nonsensical questions and doubts. gaaah, drama! so i’m soldiering on and just hope to get past August, where things usually start getting okay for me. *praying hard*

anyway, just got back from the doctor yesterday and had my MRI results read. as it turns out, i have a few (yes, not just one but 4) mild bulging discs on my spine which is causing me numbness and pain on my neck, arms and legs because these bulging discs pinch my spine. on my MRI, my spine looks like it has a few ridges because of the bulging discs. aside from that, my MRI showed that this bulging discs are also degenerating — something that’s not supposed to happen until i’m in my 60’s. oh well, that’s what i get for working night shifts for 5 years, sitting in front of the computer for hours on end and playing flag football for 4 years from sleepless nights.

white graphic tee – bangkok find
cream pleated trousers –
camel strappy heels – forever 21
camel braided belt –
fringe tassel earrings – DIY is on sale with selected items at 10% – 20% off! check it out now!

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there’s no place like home

i must have watched ‘Wizard of Oz’ a hundred times as a kid especially when my mom left for a vacation in Hongkong in 1991 and i had to watch over my little sister, Aimee who had really high fever from separation anxiety. we must have replayed the movie a dozen times over the course of 3 days because it’s the only movie that could calm her down and stop her from crying. of course, right now, she can’t recall the memory because she was just 5 years old at that time. i miss taking care of my little sister and ironically, i hate doing it too. we spoil her too much.

printed pleated chiffon dress – props
turquoise belt – robinson’s department store, dumaguete
black studded wedges – ebay find
stacks of bangles – gifted from Sweet | carbon finds
skull ring – carbon finds
black stone ring – props
turquoise ring –

no to dress codes

one of the perks of working in a design company is the freedom to dress in what we’re comfortable in, the freedom to express ourselves. of course, partial nudity is not allowed — that would be insane as we have to meet clients..haha! but still, we don’t have to wear rigid business casual clothes like blazers, non-denim trousers but can wear clothes with breathable materials and even shorts. breathable clothes are really important these days because as summer arrives, so does the scorching heat. scorching meaning there is not a cold moment inside my air-conditioned car in the 15-minute drive i make to work to every morning. the heat is ridiculous and it will become more insane as summer deepens. 
printed tunic – mom’s closet (thrifted)
denim shorts – props
studded wedge booties –
layered necklaces – carbon finds
brass oversized carved cuff –
rings: armor ring | oversized blue stone – carbon finds

i want to thank everyone for checking out my shop: especially to the ones who’ve already purchased a few items. the shop can be overwhelming but deciding on what to purchase isn’t too difficult as the shop has a ‘shop outfits’ page where you can check out how an item can be styled. every item also has a styling suggestion — just to give you a picture of how you can rock that Yapi item.
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