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when i decided to open up shop, my market in mind was always students and yuppies. i used to draw sketches of outfits when i was young and contrary to what other aspiring designers loved to do, i was already into ready-to-wear clothes. i love couture but i always thought realistic and applicable to the real world is better — it can be worn in many ways and is affordable. 
so when Philip Lapinid of Fashion Toy Gun asked me to sponsor clothes for a small Model Competition for their school, USJR, i couldn’t say no. it offered me an opportunity to expose my brand to students. in perfect timing, my stocks for the 2nd collection of arrived last week so i whipped up 10 outfits and came up with a simple concept. Furious Rose is the name of this collection and it’s an ode to grunge girl style. Furious Rose by will launch on July 1, 2011.
xxx Behind the Scenes xxx
xxx the Models wearing ShopYapi xxx

the first and last model on the photos is Beatrice and she won the competition. she’s obviously statuesque and could have easily beaten the girls but what made her more amazing is her professionalism and humility during the whole process. she never complained, didn’t act vain and when asked to tease her hair for an out-of-bed look, she took the character by heart and spent the next 10 minutes of waiting time, in front of the mirror, disarranging her hair. Congrats Beatrice!
don’t forget to join Vanilla Ice Cream’s giveaway that will be running until July 4, 2011. get a chance to win a green hand bag, a pleated dress and matching turquoise necklace and a graphic swimsuit. ♥ ♥ ♥

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