Art + Life + Style of a Girl Gone Cuckoo

Creative director of Cuckoo Cloud Concepts, now based in New South Wales, Australia yet still aspiring to retire as a painter hermit by the sea surrounded by books, plants and lots of art.

Here you will find an archive of my paintings & other works of art, inspired by nature, sceneries, architecture and BTS.

Once in a blue moon, the blog will be updated to document the going ons in my life in New South Wales as I juggle art, my day job as a barista, BTS A.R.M.Y life, planty life and mommyhood.

Where To Shop

Girl Gone Cuckoo art prints, merch and stationery can be found in different outlets. Check out where & how to shop my art products in retail.

Art Portfolio

I love to paint sceneries & travel photos. I love painting art inspired by BTS more. Check out my work. I am open for watercolor commissions, too!

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