Art + Life + Style of a Girl Gone Cuckoo

I am a bohemian risk-taker who fell in love with an old soul and got married to the love of my life in 2012. Three months before our wedding, I went Cuckoo and left my corporate job to pursue my dreams and founded Cuckoo Cloud Concepts.

I have been enjoying life as the creative director for Cuckoo Cloud Concepts until the pandemic happened in 2020 and we found ourselves trapped in our homes for months. Amidst the dark times, I rediscovered my love for painting & started painting my friend’s travel photos and soon, art inspired by BTS.

BTS is greatly inspiring me with not just their music (and good looks!) but mostly because of the message they send out in their lyrics, their actions and their thoughts. They’re brave enough to be vulnerable and show the world that they too experience struggles. Their sincerity and humility is why so many people love them. 

Here you will find my art inspired by travels, sceneries, architecture and of course, BTS.

Once in a blue moon, I will update my blog too and tell you about the going ons in my life in New South Wales as I juggle art, my day job as a barista, BTS A.R.M.Y life, planty life and mommyhood to a sassy 7-yr old.

“Though the dawn before the sunrise is darker than anything, never forget that the stars that you longed for only rise in darkness.”

Suga’s Interlude