stripes & hearts

chambray top: thrifted | printed cotton maxi dress: shop yapi | striped ballet flats: primal rave wholesale | blue cutout belt: shop yapi | camel quilted bucket bag: primal rave wholesale | leopard ring: carbon find | coral ring: bangkok find | enamel bangles: hongkong finds | red wooden bangles: a gift from WAGW | tangerine printed bangle: DIY by sister

two and a half months can pass by really quick, huh? i didn’t even realize i’ve been gone that long until i decided to go back to blogging. let me tell you though, posing for my come back post was quite embarrassing. i didn’t know whether to smile or just act cool. so pardon the weird face.

before i proceed with telling you all about what has happened to me in the last two months, i feel i need to explain why i decided to take a break in the first place. on my last few posts, i’ve been feeling off and no longer passionate about continuing my blog. it confused me because blogging used to be an alternate world that i can immerse myself in and i did it for me. a few months before i took the break though, blogging became a chore. it became overrated. so i wanted to take a step back before i ruin my blogging experience altogether.

so, if anyone is curious, a lot has definitely happened to me in the last two and a half months.
♥ my little sister got back from aussie for her month long school break.
♥ i resigned as marketing executive from my sister’s company to start doing homebased jobs.
♥ i oversaw our wholesale clothing business and spent 90% of my days at home.
♥ then i realized i was being a bum (and spending my life savings) that i needed to get a stable job.
♥ surprise: i went back to the BPO industry. (phew! i know, right? i’ll tell you more about that on another post.)
♥ i celebrated my 27th birthday!
♥ and the best part: harry and i got engaged! he proposed on my birthday. it’s the best birthday gift ever!

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  1. Hala congrats! I was thinking of messaging you when are you gonna be back and all but held back cos uhmm, murag FC man gud? Haha anyway, I'm looking forward to your posts!


  2. glad that you're finally back…i totally get you on that blog dilemma thing…and i admire you for not giving in to the pressures of the blog world…which, let's admit could sometimes get too frustrating. Nways, i missed you and consistent blogging or not….i would always be one of your loyal readers! Congratulations on the engagement….that is truly too exciting for words!!!!


  3. Gizelle!!!^^ So glad you back, and engaged! ^^ Congratulations sa inyo, =) Am really happy that you got your blogging groove back=) we missed you! ^^


  4. Hello Yapi! 🙂
    Sooo glad you are back. I've missed reading your posts! 🙂
    Congratulations on your engagement!
    I can't wait to read your upcoming posts. 🙂


  5. OMG congrats girl!!! waaah! let's celebrate on december when i visit!!!:) Eden and vanessa wants to go to panglao!:) Lez go! I've missed you girls!:) Hi to harry!


  6. OMG!! Finally you're back! I myself haven't been able to follow you guys but I'm starting now since my sem is just about to end XD

    Btw, CONGRATS!! Best birthday gift nga ;D


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