there’s no place like home

i must have watched ‘Wizard of Oz’ a hundred times as a kid especially when my mom left for a vacation in Hongkong in 1991 and i had to watch over my little sister, Aimee who had really high fever from separation anxiety. we must have replayed the movie a dozen times over the course of 3 days because it’s the only movie that could calm her down and stop her from crying. of course, right now, she can’t recall the memory because she was just 5 years old at that time. i miss taking care of my little sister and ironically, i hate doing it too. we spoil her too much.

printed pleated chiffon dress – props
turquoise belt – robinson’s department store, dumaguete
black studded wedges – ebay find
stacks of bangles – gifted from Sweet | carbon finds
skull ring – carbon finds
black stone ring – props
turquoise ring –

14 thoughts on “there’s no place like home

  1. I loveeee the print on your dress. It's seriously the most adorable thing ever. I love the maxi length, too! You are beautiful. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!


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