From Tokyo to Cebu: Uniqlo Lifewear

Uniqlo, Japan’s leading specialty retailer providing Lifewear that’s innovative, comfortable and easy, is finally in Cebu! Their first Cebu branch, in SM City Cebu North Wing officially opened last October 23, 2015 and the store is packed with high quality denim jeans, stylish leggings pants, colorful chino shorts, wide variety of graphic T-shirts (UT), Kids, AIRism and travel essentials such as the innovative Heattech, fleece, and Ultra Light Down Jacket (ULD) among others.

I must say, I have been finding myself stocking on basics as I grew older and though my then ragtag 20-year old self will not agree (because I didn’t know any better), I am presently very delighted of Uniqlo’s offerings. Yes! Even for a boho-by-heart, I didn’t feel like a fish out of water in that store.

Here are a few snaps of the pre-opening shopping and sake ceremony:

Gizelle Faye Girl Gone Cuckoo Cebu Fashion Bloggers We Are CFB Uniqlo SM Northwing Uniqlo Opening 2015-6 Gizelle Faye Girl Gone Cuckoo Cebu Fashion Bloggers We Are CFB Uniqlo SM Northwing Uniqlo Opening 2015-1 Gizelle Faye Girl Gone Cuckoo Cebu Fashion Bloggers We Are CFB Uniqlo SM Northwing Uniqlo Opening 2015-7 Gizelle Faye Girl Gone Cuckoo Cebu Fashion Bloggers We Are CFB Uniqlo SM Northwing Uniqlo Opening 2015-3 Gizelle Faye Girl Gone Cuckoo Cebu Fashion Bloggers We Are CFB Uniqlo SM Northwing Uniqlo Opening 2015-2 Gizelle Faye Girl Gone Cuckoo Cebu Fashion Bloggers We Are CFB Uniqlo SM Northwing Uniqlo Opening 2015-8 Gizelle Faye Girl Gone Cuckoo Cebu Fashion Bloggers We Are CFB Uniqlo SM Northwing Uniqlo Opening 2015-4 Gizelle Faye Girl Gone Cuckoo Cebu Fashion Bloggers We Are CFB Uniqlo SM Northwing Uniqlo Opening 2015-9 Gizelle Faye Girl Gone Cuckoo Cebu Fashion Bloggers We Are CFB Uniqlo SM Northwing Uniqlo Opening 2015-5

And a few of my favorites from their current lookbook:

LOOK04 LOOK06 LOOK07 LOOK09 LOOK12 LOOK24 Uniqlo KIDS loves cebu!

i am very much excited and at the same time afraid of this shopping haven — excited because shopping happens with just one click and afraid because shopping happens in just one click, meaning my wallet is at its mercy! seriously, is such a brilliant yet simple concept website it’s a wonder no one else has though about it here in the Philippines. it’s amazingly easy to navigate and features a wide array of items to be shopped at one’s convenience. carries 300 brands and uploads 300 new items everyday. the site carries items from both local and international brands and are not limited to just fashion items as it has sports and home living too. the best part is that your items reach your doorstep in 1 – 3 business days. as co-founder Palo Campos III said, “ is basically democratizing fashion.” hear ye, hear ye. ♥

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bloggers united: what’s up for grabs x free passes!

last year’s bloggers united 2 was so awesome even for the mere fact that i got invited that i couldn’t get over the excitement and forgot to prepare for it. haha! literally, 2 days before my flight i jammed everything i can see in my luggage thinking it was enough to sell. i didn’t realize the phenomenal size of the event until i got there. 
this time, for bloggers united 3, i am packing a month in advance. yes, you heard it right — a month! i cleaned my closet and packed a whole balikbayan box of items to sell and they’re on their way to Manila as we speak. i am also going to take a leave the day before so i can stay awake throughout the event and not look haggard…LOL. 
here are just some of the items up for grabs. the good part is i’m selling them at super cheap prices — really, everything must go! 
(more good news — i’m giving away bloggers united passes to 10 readers! scroll at the bottom for the mechanics.)

so how to get passes for bloggers united? it’s very easy:
♥ to be fair to avid vanilla ice cream readers, to join you must follow the blog via google connect or Facebook — indicate in the comment where you followed
♥ write in a comment your Google connect name or your Facebook name
♥ write down your e-mail address as well
the first 10 to do this gets the free bloggers united passes! ♥

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bloggers united 2: the amazing day that was

last May, as Bloggers United took place, all i can do was hold on to my iPod and check real-time updates of the bloggers who were participating and check their posts days later to continue to stalk even more — i think i drooled a bit too. this December, i drooled but i was there. (yeah baby!) and it was one of the funnest, exhilarating and exhausting yet most memorable event of my year. after months of stalking the fabulous Manila bloggers, i finally got to meet them in person. since it was a one-time event, i took my shyness aside and got the courage to smile at people i don’t personally know and it was just amazing to have met new friends. *crossing fingers* i do hope we’re still invited on the next Bloggers United event. even if we haven’t left Manila, we were all already thinking of what to do the next time. ♥
our space. our label. the CFB representatives. ♥
mildred and i were one of the firsts to arrive. those are our luggages that we almost carried through the long flight of stairs. good thing a kind guy helped us carry them.
our clothes for sale on the table. we didn’t have clothes racks but we had no regrets. people flocked to our booth because ours looked un-intimidating? i don’t know but we’re just glad we sold a lot of items.
the long line of bloggers united attendees…whoot! ♥
the cebu fashion bloggers with the gorgeous bloggers united organizers and founders, Melai and Aisa.
(we should have waited for Ana too)
with my sunshine and most supportive friend — pyangee
wrapping up! all the clothes we had unsold were donated to GMA Kapuso ♥

time for outfit shots!

eden villarba of chic in the tropics
alexa en tan luna of i am alexa
vanessa east of the detritus of an earthbound goddess
moi — looking very sleepy and more haggard without make-up..LOL.
mildred zapanta of dred reveries — she was also my roommate and we had loads of fun! 

my outfit details: tiered black electro-pleated skirt – thrifted (P50!) | studded sheer top – primal rave wholesale | green braided belt – thrifted | black wedges – shoe etiquette | feather necklace – downtown find | bangles – downtown finds + gifted | rings – downtown finds

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Furious Rose Launches x 2 July 2011 x

Furious Rose by

Launches on July 2, 2011 at 10:00 PM
Make sure to visit

Photography: Jonathan Carlobos of VEATA

Videography: Philip Lapinid of Fashion the Fourth

Styling: Gizelle Faye Sembrano
MUA and Creative Direction: Eden Villarba of Chic in the Tropics
Styling and Production Assistance: Laiza Carmel Raagas of Crazy/Beautiful
Models: Aoi Miñoza and Kim Nuyda

Shot on Location at Family Park Cebu

Image Map

*more* behind-the-scenes: Furious Rose by

xxx more behind-the-scene photos of the Furious Rose photo shoot. xxx
(from left to right) laiza carmel raagas, philip lapinid, louise kim nuyda, aoi miñoza, me and eden villarba
bear with me for posting more Furious Rose shots for the rest of the week. very very busy with work and taking care of our second clothing wholesale installment. hope all of you are doing well!
don’t forget to join the Vanilla Ice Cream and giveaway. runs until July 4, 2011. ♥

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behind-the-scenes: Furious Rose by

Music: “Do You Realize” by The Flaming Lips
Videography: Philip Lapinid
Photography: Jonathan Carlobos of VEATA
Styling: Gizelle Faye Sembrano
MUA and Creative Direction: Eden Villarba
Styling and Production Assistance: Laiza Carmel Raagas
Shot on Location at Family Park Cebu

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Now Open:

Visit: NOW to get your hands on personally hand-picked chic and casual style. 
Models: Toni Pino and Phoebe Adani
Photography by: Russel Capatoy
Styling by: Gizelle Faye Sembrano
MUA by: Armand Alforque
Shot on location at: Cebu Advent Center

Production Assistants:
John Harry Bunagan
Philip Lapinid
Derrick Garces

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behind-the-scenes: SHOP YAPI editorial shoot

in less than three days, YAPI — my online store of personally hand-picked chic and casual ready-to-wear style, will launch. April 3 is the date to watch. YAPI‘s collections will be reflections of my own personal style — ‘bohemian-meets-dainty-vintage’ and takes on my favorite style bloggers’ styles. Here’s a sneak peak on the items that will be for sale on
if you can’t see the video, check it out here:
bts video: philip lapinid
models: toni pino and phoebe adani
photography by: russel capatoy
styling by: gizelle faye sembrano
make-up by: armand alforque

production assistants:
john harry bunagan
philip lapinid
derrick garces

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on the last 2 days in bangkok, i shopped for…A GIVEAWAY!

before the last heave of the loot i found in bangkok and yes, before the giveaway, a few items for sale:
  • an over-sized bag (just the way i like) made with faux black leather. the insides is lined with black faux leather too so it is very durable. it can carry anything and you can even use it as an overnight bag.
  • a couple of printed shirts with cool animal patches. i found this right on the last shopping day. i bought 3 and had to share the other 2 even when i wanted to keep them all. this is perfect for the casual laid-back days that we all have. (admit it, you do have a shirt + shorts + flats day)

For local readers outside Cebu, standard shipping fee is P150. If you purchase more than 2 items, shipping fee is for free. Payment accepted is through PayPal, Gcash or direct deposit to my BPI account.
For Cebu readers, I can do meet-ups or you can pick the item up at Drawingboard. E-mail me so I can give you my mobile number and the directions to the Drawingboard office.
For international readers, standard shipping fee is $15. Payment is accepted only through PayPal.
now on the shopping loot:
i cannot wait to go back and shop shop SHOP! and finally….
for my 314 followers — for the patience in reading my ramblings and nonsense. for the continued interest in Vanilla Ice Cream. for my new readers and followers. for all of you guys — a giveaway. 
just a gesture of my gratitude for helping me keep this blog alive. here’s how to enter:
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giveaway is open to local and international readers and the winner will be picked on September 24, 2010. 

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