sunday dress

i remember sundays in our province (sindangan). we’d spend our holy week at my lola’s place together with all my cousins and mom’s siblings. our lola would inspect all our church outfits making sure it’s appropriate and would send us back to our rooms if it’s not. so before we leave for sindangan, my sisters and i would prepare one outfit per day — as we do go to church from wednesday to sunday. during those times, my cousins and i were epitomes of “sunday dresses.”
i miss our lola. we all miss her cooking. i miss the holy weeks that all of us spend there.
striped blue dress – thrifted
brown sandals – prima donna
brown bag – thrifted
braided belt – thrifted
blue and wood bangles – manalili
green bangle – props
long chained key necklace – props

baked scallops

met up with old co-workers today. first had breakfast at tara’s (buffet breakfast) where i indulged on dinuguan on top of my rice and spent time with the langgiks. then had lunch at kuya j’s stk for adoy’s birthday where i indulged on baked scallops! just felt good to spend time with people i don’t have to watch my step (or my mouth) with. just people i can be myself with. i know, i know i should learn to be comfortable with my new co-workers but with the drama that recently happened, i don’t know if i’m ready. after a few scallops, grilled pork and a little bit of cake and lots of laughs we finally went home at 1PM (which is already late considering we all came from the graveyard shift). felt so guilty after having eaten so much that i couldn’t bring myself to relax and sleep. i figured i should be cleaning my room since my puppy has been pooping everywhere..haha! the cleaning felt like doing yoga as we didn’t have a mop! phew! i don’t know how our manang can manage cleaning tile floor without a mop.
anyway, i’m reading audrey niffeneger’s second book “her fearful symmetry”…and so far i’m loving it. she’s becoming one of my favorite authors. i really love the way she describes things through her writing. it’s like being warped into another world. i also love gregory mcquire and his wicked years, haruki murakami and alice sebold. how about you? who are your favorite contemporary authors?
green floral top with lace detail – thrifted
skinny jeans – chillypapa
tan slip-on heels – follie (my mom’s)
canvas and tan bag – plains and prints
braided multi-colored belt – props
work watch – swatch
gold beaded bangles – a gift from my aunt
blue and gold polka bangle – mongkok ladies market
tan headband – sm dept store
long chained watch – elegant tang dynasty, hk
glasses – thrifted

something comfortable

took the night off from work to prepare for my dizziness test at the balance, equilibrium and dizziness center. i thought the quality sleep (at night and not during the day) would make me feel better but i still felt dizzy when i woke up — like constantly being on a boat. i have my slow motion moments too. the test was quite expensive but i guess it’s worth it just as long as i’d finally know what’s wrong with me and they can give me treatment. i don’t like being to incapacitated especially since i used to be very athletic and can go on the whole day playing football. during the test, they made me follow several patterns of a laser-like red light and had me stare at a specific position while trying to avoid too much blinking. the hardest part was being sprayed on with cold then hot water on both my ears while i have to answer simple math questions — like 2+2 or 10 x 5, etc. it all the more confirms that i suck at division…and multiples of 6, 7 and 8…haha! it was quite embarrassing i tell you.
harry and i had pizza at jones brothers pizza co. right after and wolfed down about 5 slices. then went to ayala to window shop for my christmas wishlist. my sisters and i have a christmas tradition of telling each other our wishlists and buying those as gifts at a certain budget of course. now that we’re all working, the budget is slightly bigger. i know, i know it’s pathetic that we already know what we’re getting but the thought of opening lots of gifts on christmas still thrills us.
yellow printed tee – whitegold
long white tank – divisoria
black tights – bought from my mom’s friend
yellow slippers – roxy
grey bag – mongkok ladies market
dog tag necklace – custom-made
long chained watch – elegant tang dynasty
glasses – thrifted

one of those few cold nights

december officially started and it’s starting to get cold here. welp, not so cold but i can get away with jackets and boots because i work the night shift and they blast the AC to wake everyone up! philippines does only have 2 kinds of weather — sunny or rainy, cold or warm. and i tell you, if it’s warm and sunny — it’s scorching hot especially around march and april! that’s why i love it when it rains — it gives me the excuse to wear semi-winter clothes.
this is my hair when i’m in too much of a hurry and i don’t have time to iron my bangs out or style my hair. headbands are saviors from bad hair days..haha! and my instant accessory is always one of my long necklaces which a pair with anything i wear. i’ve been known to wear lots (i say lots) of bangles too. you’ll soon see that on future posts.
ps. i’m still looking for a camera so for now, bear with my K800i shots…peace!

navy blue tee – benetton
grey button-up sweater – thirfted 
skinny jeans – chillypapa
studded black boots – mongkok ladies market
grey bag – mongkok ladies market
head band – sm department store
long chained watch – elegant tang dynasty, hk 
glasses – thrifted

rolling with the waves

i’ve been out of touch lately because i’ve been sick for the past 3 days. suddenly had vertigo while having dinner with my friends. my view became black then the table suddenly turned sideways, i had to hold on to my seat. i’ve been to two doctors but my eyes and ears are normal. an inflammation or infection in the ears usually causes dizziness or balance issues. so i have to undergo another test — VNG. 
anyway, this photo was taken on my friend’s engagement dinner last sunday (on the same night i had vertigo). i can’t believe my friends are getting married and actually getting serious. we’ve all grown up…*sigh* congratulations edu and kathi!
white tank top – terranova
black jacket – kawaii
checkered skirt – props
black flats – leaveland
black bag – mongkok ladies market
long chained watch – elegant tang dynasty, hk

feels good to take off the facade

didn’t mean to have a post for this day as i was in a not so good mood at work. drama, drama, drama. it seems every where i go, with the position i’m in, drama is bound to follow me. and it surprised me that i haven’t gotten used to it. if only people would not be so shallow and just mind their own business.
i actually did not wear these shoes to work even when i intended to. i wasn’t lucky enough to get a parking spot near the building so i had to park one block away. i can’t run in these heels because of my knee injury..haha! but i was still a minute late — it literally was 22:01 on the clock!
ps. thanks to my dad for gladly volunteering to take my photos. and are good shots too!
purple printed top – thrifted (and from my sister’s closet)
blue jacket – thirfted
skinny jeans – chillypapa
white gladiator heels – centropell
white bag – mongkok ladies’ market
long chained watch – elegant tang dynasty, hk
glasses – thirfted at P80

electric blue

my mom and i love bohemian clothes. we go thrifting every month to scour for one of a kind tops and clothes. never mind the brand or if it fits the trends. i love mixing feminine clothes with jeans or shorts to make it more edgy. and i love the way the suede ankle boots balance it all.
i’m making a shoutout to my friend deanne who recently messaged me in facebook saying that she checks my blog regularly to see what i’m wearing…thanks yanskie! when you get back to cebu, can i have one of your lighter coats? haha!
floral boho top – thrifted
thin electric blue belt – props
skinny jeans – chillypapa
suede ankle boots – mongkok ladies market
glasses – thrifted at P80

he wanted pasta

the boyf and i had dinner to celebrate our 22nd month together…haha! he wanted pasta so we had dinner at la tegola. la tegola used to be one of my favorite restaurants and my family used to have dinner at their branch in busay for birthdays. “used to be” because at that time, la tegola was one of a few decent pasta and pizza places in town. now, pasta and pizza places are booming and their becoming just one of the ordinary. okay, so maybe we only tried the carbonara (which the boyf likes) and the quattro stragioni (which i ordered) but still…
anyway, my mom bought these boots in mongkok because she only brought slippers to hong kong thinking it wouldn’t be so cold. she gave this to me right after we got home. i love how they feel so comforable and feels like i’m walking with only my socks!
ps. i’m sorry the first photo sucks…i need to buy a decent camera!
blue striped dress – props
brown suede boots – mongkok ladies market
watch long necklace – the peak market
brown bag – thrifted (3 years ago)

all i need is glasses and a stick

my puppy couldn’t resist and just had to be in the picture. (he’s actually slightly chewing on my shoe..haha!)
i don’t know how many times i can use this bag because of its bold color but i really love it. just had to subdue my outfit to highlight my bag.
on another note, i feel a bit sad being a new company and not having anyone to complain to but myself. i’d start muttering on my own as if i’m crazy. welp, what can i do — some people just give off negative energy and i can’t let it affect me.
polka ruffled top – props
black cardigan – thrifted (years ago)
black skirt – thrifted (about the same time as the cardigan)
gold belt – props 
black strappy heels – so fab!
red bag – mongkok ladies market

in the land of mickey

felt like a kid again in disneyland! after watching all the amazing shows there, my sister and i had the urge to a have a disney princess movie marathon — beauty and the beast, cinderella, little mermaid…haha! we had to laught as we remembered my friend’s facebook status: “thank you disney for giving me high expectations for love…” so true!
scarf – macau street market
blazer – thrifted
white tank top – thrifted
grey knitted sweater – thrifted
black skirt – props
studded boots – ladies market – mongkok

chinese + portuguese

i didn’t mind walking around too much. the streets were clean. and everyone looked fabulous. went on a 1-hr ferry trip to macau and it was a lot colder than i expected. i always imagined macau to be sunny just like how i see it on tv. it was sunny alright but windy and lot more colder than hong kong. the streets were somewhat empty because of the grand prix. too many roads were closed. did some more shopping at the macau usual!

pashmina scarf – hongkok street
black blazer – thrifted
pinstripe shirt dress – thrifted
black tights | black belt – props
boots – janilyn
bag – maldita

glasses – thrifted

a little boho in a sea of black and grey

first day in hong kong. frantically searched for the bus stop to ocean park but ended up taking the train. in an ocean of black and greys, i wore blue and brown. sorry, didn’t get the memo. haha! coming from a very tropical city, we didn’t know it would be this cold! good thing we bumped into an old lady selling pashmina scarves on the street for $20 HK. we couldn’t understand what she was saying though..haha! ocean park adventure. lots of walking around. went shopping at mongkok ladies market afterwards.

pashmina scarf – hong kong street
jacket – bossini (thrifted)
dress – thrifted
boots – thrifted
bag – thrifted (c/o big sis)

angel wing necklace – sm dept store (redone)