baked scallops

met up with old co-workers today. first had breakfast at tara’s (buffet breakfast) where i indulged on dinuguan on top of my rice and spent time with the langgiks. then had lunch at kuya j’s stk for adoy’s birthday where i indulged on baked scallops! just felt good to spend time with people i don’t have to watch my step (or my mouth) with. just people i can be myself with. i know, i know i should learn to be comfortable with my new co-workers but with the drama that recently happened, i don’t know if i’m ready. after a few scallops, grilled pork and a little bit of cake and lots of laughs we finally went home at 1PM (which is already late considering we all came from the graveyard shift). felt so guilty after having eaten so much that i couldn’t bring myself to relax and sleep. i figured i should be cleaning my room since my puppy has been pooping everywhere..haha! the cleaning felt like doing yoga as we didn’t have a mop! phew! i don’t know how our manang can manage cleaning tile floor without a mop.
anyway, i’m reading audrey niffeneger’s second book “her fearful symmetry”…and so far i’m loving it. she’s becoming one of my favorite authors. i really love the way she describes things through her writing. it’s like being warped into another world. i also love gregory mcquire and his wicked years, haruki murakami and alice sebold. how about you? who are your favorite contemporary authors?
green floral top with lace detail – thrifted
skinny jeans – chillypapa
tan slip-on heels – follie (my mom’s)
canvas and tan bag – plains and prints
braided multi-colored belt – props
work watch – swatch
gold beaded bangles – a gift from my aunt
blue and gold polka bangle – mongkok ladies market
tan headband – sm dept store
long chained watch – elegant tang dynasty, hk
glasses – thrifted


  1. Denise says:

    hello gorgeous!

    i love the floral green top and the maong pants. I got to admire you for carrying those pants so well. Di bagay sa akin ang pants kasi.



  2. Gizelle says:

    hahaha…hi denise! OMG, those are my everyday even has small tear on the thigh already…worn-out..hehe. thanks for dropping by!


  3. love the shoes. especially since they are your mom's! I would totally borrow from my mom, except her feet at 2 sizes smaller than mine 🙂



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