ladies who lunch

i started blogging in 2009 and was widely influenced by international bloggers Karla de Rass, the young Alice Xue and Rumi Neely. however, as all other bloggers, i started obscure and wrapped in my own bubble until i met other fellow bloggers from my own town. it has been a notorious notion that the relationship with people you meet over the internet seldom last but as with my love for proving notions wrong, i am proud to say the people i’ve met over the internet, specifically in the blogosphere, have become one of my closest friends. 
i met with a couple of my blogger friends, Toni Pino and Eden Villarba last month for a quick brunch at iTea and it’s funny realizing that we all met as single ladies who just love fashion to becoming closer friends and now all happily attached and in serious relationships. Toni just even had a super cuddly baby girl, Vania whom i can’t get enough of. we’re thinking of doing a shoot, all four of us who’re happily attached (including Mildred) and maybe call it Ladies Who Lunch, what do you think? 
i wanted to take Vania home to cuddle! so so so adorable!

leopard print knit top – thrifted | red palazzos – props | sequined flats – footzyfolds | oversized sunnies – fashion de bella | brass sphere necklace – downtown find | gold petal cuffs – props | black basic watch – gifted by sister | rings: snake & leopard – gifted by dad, bangkok finds, red stone ring – downtown find | blue oversized leather bag – RAF by plains and prints

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boho chic on the down low

i’ve been wearing more flats lately and they’ve invaded two-thirds of my shoe rack. there’s something about cute ballet flats that i can’t resist. if not for the non-existent cash in my wallet, i would’ve gone ahead and bought myself two more pairs at the department store early today. sometimes, not carrying cash is a good thing. 
these wide-legged palazzos are very tricky to wear. they’re very comfortable but the wrong styling can make you look like a balloon. do you think i styled it well? you, how would you style a pair of palazzos? 

white top with lace sleeves – props | teal wide-legged palazzos – props | gold flats – solemate, sm dept store | yellow green belt – props | light blue feather earrings – downtown find | black and white sunnies – downtown find | coral cuffs – props

i also blogged over at — a style blog i share with my two sisters.  

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wardrobe necessity

they say that if you haven’t worn something for more than a year then it’s time to let go of it. good thing my mom didn’t let go of these black pair of Onyx jeans which initially was my sister’s. they were the perfect fit for high-waisted denim cut-offs and are perfect for my current venture. 
shorts (and cotton leggings in prints or colors) are one of my wardrobe necessities now that i’m not stuck in an office and am constantly on the move. i need clothes that are comfortable yet chic and definitely ones that doesn’t constrict me in any way because not only am i required to scour the downtown streets or move around but our eternal summer weather does not cooperate with more fabric on our skin. 
white embroidered tribal top – thrifted | black cut-offs – recycled jeans | leopard flats – parisian, sm dept store | fringe vegan leather bag – urban originals | braided belt – primal rave | fringed chain necklace – props | printed bangles – gifted by sister | black sunnies – downtown find

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time flies when you’re having fun

please don’t mind the undone face — this was taken after a super early morning mass. 
i’ve been very busy the past few days and i didn’t notice that two weeks has actually gone by since i resigned from my corporate job. my days are filled with hours of arts and crafts, trips downtown, meeting clients, photo shoots and discussing collaborations, among other things. i don’t follow a strict schedule and i think i work more than 8 hours a day. but you know what? all of it doesn’t feel like work. i guess what they say is right, it certainly doesn’t feel like work when you’re having fun. 

printed chiffon top – primal rave | blue maxi skirt – primal rave | camel smoking slippers – rubi shoes | ash teal belt – props | tan fringe bag – urban originals | necklaces: charm necklace and ethnic-style necklace – downtown finds, elephant tusk – bangkok find | bangles: pink rhinestones – gifted from india, brass and enamel bangles – downtown finds | rings: lion head and gecko – downtown finds 

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no return, no exchange

blue painterly dress – props | midnight blue cotton cover-up – thrifted | ash blue belt – primal rave | gold-glitter flats – solemate, sm department store | blue satchel – primal rave | bohemian necklace – downtown find | spiral bangle – primal rave | black hat – metro department store 

the required 7-hour seminar for would-be marrying couples that we attended last Sunday was expected to be a long day of droning lectures but instead turned out to be a fun and insightful experience. real-life couples who’ve been together for 10 – 38 years conducted the seminar which made it all the more relevant because they were sharing real-life experiences. my top three take-me-homes from the seminar:

♥ marriage is not always a bed of roses
♥ issues can be solved by open communication
♥ once married, there is a strict no return, no exchange policy

this is it — there’s no turning back! after all, we already made the down payment. LOL.

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catching up: ketchup and mustard

art deco black top – props | red multi-striped skirt – thrifted | cerulean blue belt – props | mustard platform shoes – centropell c/o zalora | faux ostrich red satchel – | bangles: red wooden bangle – bangkok find, brass bangles – downtown finds | rings: cross connector, leopard connector – downtown finds, orange howlite ring – dane’s giveaway | peacock feather earrings – downtown find

another catch-up outfit post taken almost 2 months ago. i have 3 more to go until i’m up to date. *crossing fingers*
i scored these awesome platform shoes at i was at a bind because it came in orange, red and mustard and ultimately my decision had to be based on what color i’d most likely be able to pair with most of my clothes. mustard is definitely more of a classic subdued color. i have to admit the first time i wore these, i was limping on the way home. it needed breaking into — the cross-straps needed adjustment to my chubby feet and the sole was a bit hard. i was ready to sell this pair or park it on my shelf solely as an eye candy. thankfully, i didn’t find time to sell it because the second (and the third and fourth) time i wore it, it was already broken into and is now one of my favorite pairs. you could say, this pair is on the top shelf of my shoe rack. 

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catching up: tagaytay in june

okay so my last post in july was apologetic for not being able to blog for a month and it contained a promise that i will blog sporadically. it’s already september and i’m as sorry as ever. 
not just sorry to my readers (whom i hope are still around) but to myself as well. over the last 2 months, i’ve let work take over my life. i finally understood why my former manager was always frantic and seemingly all over the place because i’ve just become her. i’ve lost any grace  and is constantly overwhelmed with things to do, it’s no longer humorous. i started blogging to take a break from work and i should’ve kept going. this is me, moving forward. 
CATCHING UP: this was the day after bloggers united when my relatives, mildred and i visited tagaytay. it was my first time and i fell completely in love with the place. i wish we didn’t have to leave. i imagined myself living the laid back life — opening up a small cafe with a small collection of my favorite books to read and a little corner where i can sell clothes. oh tagaytay, i hope to see you soon. ♥ ♥ 
chiffon leopard mini-dress – props | black cutout cardigan – bangkok find | pink satchel – props | black tights – metro ayala | black studded belt – props | gold lace-detail necklace – | bangles – borrowed from sis | rings: cross connector and armor ring – downtown finds

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citrus floral burst

floral sheer and lace top – primal rave wholesale | orange pencil skirt – thrifted | turquoise lightning flap bag – props | brass filigree necklace – downtown find | turquoise connector ring – downtown find | lapiz lazuli ring – tseng jewelry | brass bangles – downtown finds | dotted orange bangle & purple wooden bangle – bangkok finds | turquoise flats – solemate, sm dept store | brown sunnies – downtown find

as we’re counting down to Bloggers United 3, we’re also counting down to the end of summer. although i have only been to the ocean once this summer, it can’t stop me from wearing it.
the style items here are are probably one of my favorites this — the citrus thrifted pencil skirt, the sheer and lace loose top, the turquoise lighting flap bag, the brass filigree necklace and turquoise connector ring. i may have overdone it and turned more eyes in this outfit but who cares, right? i say wear what you love. 

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going home to you

art deco cropped top – props | cotton belted pleated pants – props | strappy anima-printed wedges – people are people, gifted by Harry | ostrich feather earrings – downtown finds | gunmetal woven-effect cuffs – downtown find | rings: gecko – bangkok find, stone ring – forever21, gifted by Karen

Harry loves to make me laugh and i love him because he does. without him in my life, i might become an old, single lady with a couple of dogs — burying herself in work or staring at the ceiling with a dark chocolate in hand. i am too passionate at work for my own sake that there is only 3 days in a week where i don’t go home upset, fueled or excited about something work-related. going home to him is definitely something i look forward to everyday.  it changes my perspective. it reminds me that i have something more important than work — my life with him. 

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wishing for grey clouds

knit cardigan – thrifted | two-toned leggings – thrifted | flap booties – props | necklaces: elephant tusk – bangkok find, black stone with chain fringe – downtown find | work watch – swatch | sunnies – raybans, borrowed from sis

it finally rained the other day after days and days of oven-like heat. i swear every time i step inside my car when i get off work at 12:00 PM, i feel like i’m being baked like a rack of lamb. it’s just hot all over, even on my face and it doesn’t help that the drive from my workplace to home takes approximately 30 minutes. oooh i wish i can apparate.
my apologies for being MIA for almost 2 weeks. it’s just when our wholesale stocks arrive, i am responsible for 2 jobs — my day job as a sales manager and my job managing our wholesale business with my sister. with the inventory that requires sorting and tagging of each item and the handling of customers, i just couldn’t squeeze in the time to blog. my body aches all over and has been so for the past week but it’s worth it. i love clothes — from wearing it to selling it. 
and while we’re on the topic of our wholesale business, if you’re from Cebu (or have plans of visiting Cebu in the next 2 weeks) and are interested in being a reseller (or you’re just such a shopaholic that you want to buy 10 items or more), i can give you a wholesale price. big big discounts, i promise. *wink* just e-mail me at: gizellefay(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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he wanted pasta

the boyf and i had dinner to celebrate our 22nd month together…haha! he wanted pasta so we had dinner at la tegola. la tegola used to be one of my favorite restaurants and my family used to have dinner at their branch in busay for birthdays. “used to be” because at that time, la tegola was one of a few decent pasta and pizza places in town. now, pasta and pizza places are booming and their becoming just one of the ordinary. okay, so maybe we only tried the carbonara (which the boyf likes) and the quattro stragioni (which i ordered) but still…
anyway, my mom bought these boots in mongkok because she only brought slippers to hong kong thinking it wouldn’t be so cold. she gave this to me right after we got home. i love how they feel so comforable and feels like i’m walking with only my socks!
ps. i’m sorry the first photo sucks…i need to buy a decent camera!
blue striped dress – props
brown suede boots – mongkok ladies market
watch long necklace – the peak market
brown bag – thrifted (3 years ago)