wardrobe necessity

they say that if you haven’t worn something for more than a year then it’s time to let go of it. good thing my mom didn’t let go of these black pair of Onyx jeans which initially was my sister’s. they were the perfect fit for high-waisted denim cut-offs and are perfect for my current venture. 
shorts (and cotton leggings in prints or colors) are one of my wardrobe necessities now that i’m not stuck in an office and am constantly on the move. i need clothes that are comfortable yet chic and definitely ones that doesn’t constrict me in any way because not only am i required to scour the downtown streets or move around but our eternal summer weather does not cooperate with more fabric on our skin. 
white embroidered tribal top – thrifted | black cut-offs – recycled jeans | leopard flats – parisian, sm dept store | fringe vegan leather bag – urban originals | braided belt – primal rave | fringed chain necklace – props | printed bangles – gifted by sister | black sunnies – downtown find

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matchy-matchy: fashion crime or not?

pink fringed top – thrifted | blue skirt with pink and black polka dots – thrifted | pink ballet flats – solemate, sm dept store | braided belt – shopyapi.com | layered necklace – downtown find | black hat – metro | white wayfarers – raybans, borrowed from sis

when i saw this skirt for P50 ($1.25) at our local thrift store, i immediately thought fish eyes and polka dots and grabbed it. my mom and sister laughs at how i can still get good finds at ultimate thrift sales because my style is so offbeat that the items i pick are sometimes items nobody else would want. which is true. i found a tiered tulle skirt for P50 and grabbed it too. LOL. 
now, i’ve been wanting to wear this fringed cotton top i got a year ago but it’s so tricky to wear.  it’s form-fitting which i don’t like because it shows off my extra curves and if i wear it without tucking it in in something high-waisted, the fringes can get in the way. so i was really happy it found a friend in this skirt. i was planning to wear it with a pair of black wedges but thought, “what the heck, my day is so busy and i need to be running around.” and paired it with a pair of matching pink flats instead. 
i know right? pink top, skirt with pink prints and now a pair of pink flats? how could i have been so cliche and be too matchy-matchy? well, my question is — is it really a fashion crime to be matchy-matchy? it looks good (for me) and i felt super comfortable in it. 
what do you guys think about fashion rules? 

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in my downtime

back when i couldn’t wear heels yet because i had to recover from my knee injury,  flat shoes were my thing — ballet flats and sandals — to wear during “my downtime.” when i starting wearing heels, people got concerned because they thought i shouldn’t do so. i figured, when will i learn? so i started wearing smaller heels gradually switching to 5-inch ones. before i knew it, i could even drive in them!
this was taken last monday on the way to buy new tires for my car. the right tire tore up as i was turning from an intersection on sunday night. the experience with changing a tire is not what i expected. i thought i could easily do so because of the muscles i’ve built with all the hard drills our coach used to give us. boy was i wrong! good thing harry was there to help me..and my dad dropped by in a few minutes too.
ooh, the boys in my life!
love them to death!

white top – thrifted
brown shorts – roxy
brown gladiators – prima donna
monogram bag – thrifted
braided belt – thrifted
glass – thrifted