dreaming of fall

floral midi skirt – thrifted | pink metallic cardigan – borrowed from mom | white tank top – forever21 basic | giraffe-printed wedge booties – shoe etiquette | tan fringe leather bag – urban originals | green studded belt – primal rave | black wide-brimmed hat – cotton on | spiral-esque cuff – primal rave | brass necklace – downtown find | rings: lion and armor rings – downtown finds, laminated wood – props

the one good and bad thing about living in a tropical country is the tropical weather. ironically, we use the tropical weather as an excuse to wear as little clothing as possible all year round but also need to do so otherwise we die of dehydration. our weather can be bipolar and would be sunny in the morning and be rainy in the afternoon. take for example the day these photos were taken. an hour before leaving the house, the sky was grey and seemed to incessantly pour rain. the moment we got out of the house though, the sun came out and it got so humid, it got hard to breathe. two hours later, it started drizzling again.
oh how i wish we can experience fall, at least one month in a year. just a month in a year where the breeze is a little colder despite the sunny atmosphere and the colors of the rest of the world are lovelier and more surreal. unfortunately, we only get to experience sunny – rainy – sunny – rainy – and so on every year. just like how i do with elephants, i’ll just experience fall in my dreams.

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erratic behavior

white blazer – thrifted | striped top – thrifted | denim shorts – thrifted | coin necklace – bangkok find
turquoise ring – bangkok find | owl ring – gifted by marianne | brown sunnies – carbon find

if you’re thinking about something bad, don’t. i’m just talking about the weather. as sunny as my photo is now, the direct opposite happened just last week. the sky was dark for 4 days and the rains were so heavy that my car got flooded as i was driving out of the office to buy food for lunch.  cleaning my car caused me P1,500 and i had to get some repairs done too. yes, it was that heavy and i’m sure it was heavier and a lot worse in other areas. for those who are in areas that are most likely to get hit by typhoons, keep safe and be prepared. 
anyway, on a lighter note, do you find my white blazer to be like that of a doctor’s? i bought this 2 years ago but i’ve only worn this twice, i think. i bought it because it’s cotton and very breezy but it’s very tricky to wear. what do you think? did i style it right?

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our bipolar weather

if you find yourself squinting when you look at my photos, that’s because it was extremely hot when these were taken. the rain has decided to leave our city and has allowed the sun to shine at its fullest. it’s only February but we’re already dressing up like it’s summer. i guess summer has officially begun here. i’m screaming rain and colder weather but there’s no stopping the sun. 
anyway, did an impromptu photo shoot with my friends in my room last night. only used my canon powershot sx20 and an ettl flash. dressed them up in clothes they don’t normally wear and i had a blast seeing them channel a different personality. will try to edit the photos as soon as possible so i can show  them to you guys on my next post. plus, my friends are bugging me to post them ASAP as i’m usually the one who’s too lazy to post photos in facebook. i stopped at day 2 when i posted my bangkok photos last august 2010 because i was too lazy to continue on to day 5 and i haven’t posted my new year’s and sinulog photos yet. haha! who here is lazy and a slow-poke in posting photos to facebook?

printed top – thrifted
plaid vest – manager’s garage sale
denim shorts – beads and blooms
floral scarf – thrifted
clustered bells necklace – pratunam, bangkok
layered necklace – carbon find
rings: blue stone + alligator + armor ring – carbon finds
leopard print flats – parisian, sm dept store

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reality bites

…and so does the sun when it suddenly shows up bringing in warm air after i’ve bundled myself in a cardigan when i woke up cold this morning. the economy or gas prices are more predictable than the weather we’re having these past few weeks. after almost 3 weeks of really cold air, it was such a shock to be breathing and feeling warmer air especially in an outdoor meeting with a german and korean client and you see them sweating profusely. LOL.
anyway, speaking of reality, i am now finding myself being forced to scrimp and let go of my holiday-super-spending days after having computed my finances and finding out i might not be able to afford my way living if i continue to spend like how i am spending. bigger plans are in store for me this year and they definitely need money. i want to say f*ck money but hey, we need it to survive whether we like or not. money simply doesn’t grow on trees. switching to a day job caused my salary to get cut in half but i can’t complain because i’ve been a lot happier and at peace with myself since i moved. so no more new pairs of shoes or even thrifting escapades until june for me. i just hope i can manage this. wish me luck!
striped tee – platinum mall, bangkok
blue striped oversized cardigan – thrifted
skinny jeans – chillypapa
black studded flats – mongkok, hongkong
red studded belt – pratunam, bangkok
layered chain necklace – carbon find
silver bangles – forever 21 from sweet + carbon finds
rings + brown sunnies – carbon finds 

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one of those few cold nights

december officially started and it’s starting to get cold here. welp, not so cold but i can get away with jackets and boots because i work the night shift and they blast the AC to wake everyone up! philippines does only have 2 kinds of weather — sunny or rainy, cold or warm. and i tell you, if it’s warm and sunny — it’s scorching hot especially around march and april! that’s why i love it when it rains — it gives me the excuse to wear semi-winter clothes.
this is my hair when i’m in too much of a hurry and i don’t have time to iron my bangs out or style my hair. headbands are saviors from bad hair days..haha! and my instant accessory is always one of my long necklaces which a pair with anything i wear. i’ve been known to wear lots (i say lots) of bangles too. you’ll soon see that on future posts.
ps. i’m still looking for a camera so for now, bear with my K800i shots…peace!

navy blue tee – benetton
grey button-up sweater – thirfted 
skinny jeans – chillypapa
studded black boots – mongkok ladies market
grey bag – mongkok ladies market
head band – sm department store
long chained watch – elegant tang dynasty, hk 
glasses – thrifted