feels good to take off the facade

didn’t mean to have a post for this day as i was in a not so good mood at work. drama, drama, drama. it seems every where i go, with the position i’m in, drama is bound to follow me. and it surprised me that i haven’t gotten used to it. if only people would not be so shallow and just mind their own business.
i actually did not wear these shoes to work even when i intended to. i wasn’t lucky enough to get a parking spot near the building so i had to park one block away. i can’t run in these heels because of my knee injury..haha! but i was still a minute late — it literally was 22:01 on the clock!
ps. thanks to my dad for gladly volunteering to take my photos. and are good shots too!
purple printed top – thrifted (and from my sister’s closet)
blue jacket – thirfted
skinny jeans – chillypapa
white gladiator heels – centropell
white bag – mongkok ladies’ market
long chained watch – elegant tang dynasty, hk
glasses – thirfted at P80