all i need is glasses and a stick

my puppy couldn’t resist and just had to be in the picture. (he’s actually slightly chewing on my shoe..haha!)
i don’t know how many times i can use this bag because of its bold color but i really love it. just had to subdue my outfit to highlight my bag.
on another note, i feel a bit sad being a new company and not having anyone to complain to but myself. i’d start muttering on my own as if i’m crazy. welp, what can i do — some people just give off negative energy and i can’t let it affect me.
polka ruffled top – props
black cardigan – thrifted (years ago)
black skirt – thrifted (about the same time as the cardigan)
gold belt – props 
black strappy heels – so fab!
red bag – mongkok ladies market

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  1. angelie says:

    i love your sandals pay! -gelie-


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