in keeping with old superstitions

as with all other new years in the past 5 years (here, here and here), i make sure to wear polka dots to greet it. not only am i a fan of polka dots and that these have a gravitational pull to me whenever i see them but old superstition say that wearing polka dots bring luck in money. it never hurts to believe in a little bit of superstition, don’t you think?
this new year was spent with my sisters and unlike last year, we didn’t end up barefoot and crawling. we found ourselves still overly sober at 7:00 AM that we had to drop by a 7-eleven on the way home to grab a few bottles of beer for a night cap. nevertheless, as long it’s spent with my sister and our husbands of course, it was still worth the while. ♥

black and white vintage polka dress – thrifted | oxblood red vest – eden‘s closet | strappy boots – denise‘s closet | stone necklace – | gold chain necklace – mom’s | fringe leather bag – | bracelets and bangle – downtown and bangkok finds | oversized black ring – forever 21, gifted by sweet | spiked connector ring – downtown find | black watch – gifted by sister

the second reason why we celebrate the holidays – HAM!
oh mr. Jack Daniels, you look so good but doesn’t make me feel good. 

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hoes over bros

i know my title is from one tree hill — you know, brooke’s clothing line. but it greatly defines my weekend. 
it’s monday morning and i have to work tonight so as much as i’d like to write up an elaborate post on my thoughts or my weekend, i am really not in the mood. i think i’ve sat in front of my pc for 3 hours now, contemplating on how i can compose my thoughts and put them into good writing. aside from that, i am so tempted to pop in a 3rd french baker brownie bit in my mouth. we all have one of those days right?

so here’s my weekend: 3 hours of sleep after my friday shift to meet karen and help her buy new glasses, long talks over frozen yogurt — i had bananas and caramel with crushed grahams and she had oreos and chocolate syrup, met up with canence to watch Eclipse — it’s our girlfriend date and we’ve watched the series together, watched Edward’s brooding eyes (he looked hotter in this movie by the way because he gained weight, his make-up looked natural so his lips are not red and his face not over compensated with white stuff) and of course, watched and listened to girls scream over Jacob’s hot body; had baked zitti at sbarro and talk to canence about ‘love over friendship’…or maybe vice versa; went home after almost falling asleep on the wheel and slept with my make-up on (again, damn!); attended my old company’s 4th of july party, played some ‘green’ games, met up with old co-worker girlfriends at dessert factory and had my cheesecake fix, then had a massage with harry to end my weekend. 

blue and black top – thrifted
jeans – chillypapa
studded boots – mongkok ladies market, hongkong
round imprinted necklace – gift from gelie
gun-metal layered wire cuffs – props
rings: oval flat stone – props | orange howlite – dane’s giveaway
brown sunnies – thrifted at carbon

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smile despite the pain

harry and i went to visit the dentist today — my dad!hehe. harry was nervous as hell, letting my dad take a look at his teeth but he had no choice as he had to have his wisdom tooth checked. it was killing him and he couldn’t pronounce well all week — which was affecting his work as he has client calls everyday. i won’t describe what my dad did to his tooth but what i can tell is that he can now pronounce the letter ‘s’…hehe. i also had my teeth cleaned — after 25 years! ironic huh? my dad’s a dentist yet we hardly visit his clinic…haha! so, what better reward than to have ice cream right after the visit…yes, the cold ice cream does relieve the mouth but the extra toppings give more cavity…LOL.
ps. i love the details of this top. it’s linen, plaid and has pleats and pockets on the front. grabbed it and never let go of it while thrifting 2 weeks ago.
plaid top – thrifted
skinny jeans – chillypapa
black peep-toe booties – celine (gift from harry!)
owl chained watch – thrifted at manalili
black bag – lil’ sister’s
aviator shades – lil’ sister’s
rings: animal print and clustered cubes – props

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"it’s a small world…after all" (repeat 3x)

rain or shine, january 15 was a date to mark. my good friend, edu, got married to kathi last night. and although i was hours late and didn’t get to see the cermony nor catch most of the reception because of the crazy – insane traffic, it was still very touching for me. my friend is happy. my friend is smiling. and most of all, he has found someone who can laugh at his jokes — when all the time we were making of fun of his humor in college..hehe.
and of all places, i bumped into eden of chic in the tropics at the party! we were laughing at how it could be a mini-(very mini) blogger meet-up…haha! we’re wishing dane was there. eden emceed at the party and is a good friend of kathi since high school.  we took a few photos before she left but couldn’t really strike poses as it was pouring really hard. i swear, we were crowding ourselves inside the tents. eden sure knows how to do the smokey eye. while i almost got soaked in the rain and forgot to bring my make-up bag.haha! (i should have asked eden what she’s wearing…anyhoo, just check out her blog! it’s really good..)
while i loved the heels, i couldn’t bear wearing them to work because i had to run through the parking lot and it was raining all day. so i brought my trusty boots.

i work the night shift and always look forward to 6:00am and see the sun rise from our window.  however, today was as gloomy as it could be. (i think this is the jinx from all the people who say they’s jealous of our sun…haha!) so i had to make do with whatever light i can find to manage a good photo inside the house. believe it or not, the light is from my sister’s reading lamp…LOL. so how did i do with my photos?
floral dress – thrifted
black blazer – thrifted
strappy heels – so fab!
black boots – mongkok ladies market, hk
 chained watch (with floral design) – hk souvenir shop
 pink shell cuffs – props
blue ring – props
black bag – lil’ sister’s 

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boho biker

i’ve worn this dress so many times and have paired it with ballet flats, havaianas and boots. i just love that it fits me no matter how my weight fluctuates –because it’s a tent dress..all i need to do is adjust the ribbon on the waist. i can pair it with all my bangles too because of the mix of colors on the dress. 
harry and i visited banilad town center to buy a gift for his manito (secret santa). i was craving for some sashimi so i took harry to his first japanese lunch — but all he ordered was the noodles. coward! haha! when i first met him, all he ate were normal food –just some basic pinoy fried food. some chinese too. being the adventurous foodies that my family and i are, i force fed him italian, vietnamese and thai food — which he now loves! just sad that he doesn’t love japanese and will never learn to do so.
dress – thrifted
boots – mongkok ladies market, hk
black bag – mongkok ladies market, hk
multi-colored beaded bangles – a gift
bronze bangle – props
wooded purple bangle – props
long chained necklace – elegant tang dynasty
black square ring – props
purple headband – sm dept store
glasses – thrifted

he wanted pasta

the boyf and i had dinner to celebrate our 22nd month together…haha! he wanted pasta so we had dinner at la tegola. la tegola used to be one of my favorite restaurants and my family used to have dinner at their branch in busay for birthdays. “used to be” because at that time, la tegola was one of a few decent pasta and pizza places in town. now, pasta and pizza places are booming and their becoming just one of the ordinary. okay, so maybe we only tried the carbonara (which the boyf likes) and the quattro stragioni (which i ordered) but still…
anyway, my mom bought these boots in mongkok because she only brought slippers to hong kong thinking it wouldn’t be so cold. she gave this to me right after we got home. i love how they feel so comforable and feels like i’m walking with only my socks!
ps. i’m sorry the first photo sucks…i need to buy a decent camera!
blue striped dress – props
brown suede boots – mongkok ladies market
watch long necklace – the peak market
brown bag – thrifted (3 years ago)

in the land of mickey

felt like a kid again in disneyland! after watching all the amazing shows there, my sister and i had the urge to a have a disney princess movie marathon — beauty and the beast, cinderella, little mermaid…haha! we had to laught as we remembered my friend’s facebook status: “thank you disney for giving me high expectations for love…” so true!
scarf – macau street market
blazer – thrifted
white tank top – thrifted
grey knitted sweater – thrifted
black skirt – props
studded boots – ladies market – mongkok

chinese + portuguese

i didn’t mind walking around too much. the streets were clean. and everyone looked fabulous. went on a 1-hr ferry trip to macau and it was a lot colder than i expected. i always imagined macau to be sunny just like how i see it on tv. it was sunny alright but windy and lot more colder than hong kong. the streets were somewhat empty because of the grand prix. too many roads were closed. did some more shopping at the macau usual!

pashmina scarf – hongkok street
black blazer – thrifted
pinstripe shirt dress – thrifted
black tights | black belt – props
boots – janilyn
bag – maldita

glasses – thrifted

a little boho in a sea of black and grey

first day in hong kong. frantically searched for the bus stop to ocean park but ended up taking the train. in an ocean of black and greys, i wore blue and brown. sorry, didn’t get the memo. haha! coming from a very tropical city, we didn’t know it would be this cold! good thing we bumped into an old lady selling pashmina scarves on the street for $20 HK. we couldn’t understand what she was saying though..haha! ocean park adventure. lots of walking around. went shopping at mongkok ladies market afterwards.

pashmina scarf – hong kong street
jacket – bossini (thrifted)
dress – thrifted
boots – thrifted
bag – thrifted (c/o big sis)

angel wing necklace – sm dept store (redone)