love the ninty percent ♥ ♥ ♥

it’s been said that one of the reasons people cheat is because they continue to search for the 10% that they can’t find with their partners. for a girl, her boyfriend may be the patient and understanding guy that she was looking for but he may be more unromantic than a rock and she continues to long to be swept from her feet. for a guy, his girlfriend may be the pretty and smart girl he’s always wanted but continues to wish she can cook like his mom. i have to admit, Harry is the understanding, patient, musically-inclined, food enthusiast, sarcastic, humorous, smart and caring guy that i have hoped for but he’s not athletic — never plays a sport to save his life, not as adventurous as i hoped he’d be and he doesn’t have those six-pack abs that every girl longs for. Harry only retains information that he likes to retain so he may not always remember what kind of perfume i wear or that i’ve kept anti-bacterial soap by my sink for years now (yes, he asked my this morning why i don’t keep one, even when i’ve only used this natural floral soap my friend gave me for only a month) or that he doesn’t remember to shift to 1st gear first before releasing the hand brake. 
despite the 10% that Harry doesn’t possess from my list, he completes me in inexplicable ways. they say God doesn’t really give us the perfect guy from our list but the guy who complements us, keeps us grounded when our arrogance or confidence has us off the earth, loves us despite the bitchy days pre-menstruation, puts up with our nagging and just keeps us safe in any way possible. it’s not only fate that keeps a relationship working, hard work needs to be put into it too. so for those ladies who are in a relationship like me, don’t allow the scale to tip over to the mere 10% that our guys lack. love the 90%..and love it with all your heart. for those single ladies, be patient. yes, there’s no stopping you from making that list of the perfect guy for you but be smart enough to determine the traits that matter. love yourself first and allow yourself to grow. pretty soon, that guy who is not just anyone perfect but the one perfect for you will come along. trust me, i was single for 5 years before i met harry. i allowed myself to grow up and learned to love myself before i could love someone else. ♥
happy heart’s day everyone! ♥

tie-dyed boho top – thrifted
beige suede lace-up wedges – gold dot
elephant necklace – carbon find
diamond-shaped pattern necklace – gifted from ivy
elephant tusk necklace – bangkok elephant ride
brass bangles – carbon finds
pink rhinestone bangles – gifted from india
rings: burnt orange stone | cobra | skull | mini-armor ring – carbon finds

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Style Inspiration: Anna Sui Spring 2011 RTW

if you’re from cebu, please tell me where i can find a good supply of cheap and colorful feathers. i want to be a hippie and you’ll understand why after checking out anna sui’s spring 2011 RTW collection.
all photos courtesy of

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headache in style

so yeah, i’m totally copying vanessa east of one frozen margarita. i am just totally jealous of how she rocks turbans and scarves. don’t get me wrong, i am totally a scarves girl and have a dozen at home but they only get worn at home or at the beach. but today, with full conviction, i decided to wear them to work. sure i got a few stares from people coming into the office and at one point, when my sister came in, she joked and asked if i had a headache. well yes, a headache in style. *wink*
pardon me for the photo heavy post. this is what happens when the electricity has gone out twice in a day and all work is paused because everything we do is dependent on it. so we opened up the blinds and took advantage of the warm afternoon light. and yup, that’s armand at my back, totally posing as if he didn’t know i was taking photos of myself. haha!
polka dot scarf used as turban – thrifted
striped tee – thrifted
grey shorts – props
beaded sandals – gifted from harry
necklaces: key and fairy – props
bangles: wound brass wires – carbon find | white wood – chatuchak, bangkok
rings: white stone – props | butterfly – gifted from sweet

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such a tease that is. small challenges or hindrances tend to show up just when the one thing i’m excited about is nearing as if i have to learn to be more patient than ever or that it’s some kind of test, determining whether i deserve it or not. i don’t know with you but i’m the kind of person who easily gets excited about something — like buying shoes, an upcoming family trip, starting a new job, waiting for harry’s home cooking or getting my new mac. i sometimes lose sleep over something i’m excited or anxious about and my mind can run like crazy. like when i’m about to sleep, already comfortable under my sheets and i suddenly think about potentially setting aside money for a pair of shoes or for plans of buying a new camera, i’d turn on the lights, pull out my calculator, notepad and pen and get going at the computation. i know, i know, i’m crazy. *wink*
what i’m saying is, a lot of things lay before me now that i am all too excited about. and if it weren’t for my past life-teasing experiences, i would have flailed my arms with desperation now with all that’s happening to me. something big is up and despite my little mess ups, i hope that in the end, life grants me this. after all, i’ve taken deep breaths, pulled myself back up to roll with the punches, firmly having faith that it is for me. 

skirt used as tube top – thrifted
mustard cardigan – thrifted
skinny jeans – chillypapa
gold flats – sensini, bangkok
rings: blue stone and gold leaf – carbon find | orange howlite – dane’s giveaway
bangles – all gifted
cutout pattern necklace – gifted from ivy
work watch – swatch
brown sunnies – carbon find

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Before the Adventure was the Airport

the nearing of the trip and even the journey to the destination is always exciting. despite being tired and bored at times, as the excitement builds up, nothing else really matters. our flight from Cebu to Manila was at 4:55 PM and our flight from Manila to Bangkok was at 8:05 PM. i don’t know for the life of me why we had to stop over Manila for the Bangkok flight when flights to Hong Kong or Singapore were straight from Cebu but we didn’t mind the wait this time. we hardly set foot in Manila anyway and the international airport was pretty cool to hang out in especially with the free wifi at the coffee spot. one thing i hate with 2 plane trips though is yes, the 2 plane trips as i am scared to death of heights and flying. i feel safer in water as i know the density of the water will catch the ship but with planes, there’s nothing at the bottom. maybe i’m just paranoid or maybe it’s because i watch too many movies. i was awake for the whole 3 hours to Bangkok until we arrived there at 12:05 AM (Bangkok time).

so we packed light to make room for all the clothes, shoes and bags we’ll be shopping in Bangkok. believe me when i say light, i mean my suitcase got slightly flattened and deformed when i picked it up from the baggage claim because of all the air inside it. i made sure to pack really light clothes — all made of cotton– just 2 pairs of shorts, a cotton maxi dress and light cardigan for the buddha tour, 2 pairs of toms-like espadrilles and 1 pair of gladiator flats. for the next few days, i will be alternatively posting outfit shots and the items i shopped in Bangkok. all i can say is, Bangkok surely is a shopping haven.

boho top – thrifted from manager’s garage sale
denim shorts – thrifted
white flip-flops – havaianas
black bag – nine west
zebra print fedora – sm dept store, men’s section

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stepping into the light

no i’m not sad in these photos. i’m sleepy and very full from our big breakfast this morning. harry and i like to just sleep-in on weekends and this is one of them. just a post-birthday celebration and also to celebrate our 29th month together as a couple. this pale green dress is one of my favorites. it has seen me through chubby and fat days because of the elastic waist. i am happy to report that i had to cinch the belt so much that i had to fold it at the sides. the dressed used to be a bohemian maxi dress but i had my dad cut it short — just like he did on all my other dresses. i loved it as a maxi dress but felt that it cut me shorter because of its full skirt. 
so here’s my weekend: brownie cheesecake and hours of talking with karen, browsing through books i can’t afford at fully booked especially now that i’m saving for my unemployed days, dvd shopping — grey’s anatomy season 6, the runaways and she’s out of my league; slept in the clothes i wore out and make-up when i got home — which made me feel like crap because i don’t like feeling dirty in the middle of my sleep; lots of channel surfing with harry on sunday afternoon, a night with a polka-dotted ribbon, a donut twist and almond snickers bar at 4 in the morning and lots and lots of sleep.
pale green boho dress – thrifted
silver braided belt – random
long watch necklace – hongkong
silver cuffs – thrifted at carbon

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slow addiction

as a teen, i could never understand my big sister’s addiction to shoes. it was unfathomable to me how she can spend huge sums of money on shoes when all you need is one pair of sandals, a pair of closed shoes, rubber shoes for playing sports and slippers. there was a point in my life where i would wear slippers everywhere when i was off work. i just needed to be comfortable. oh, i was so damn wrong!
i thought about writing this because last week, while i was working and typing away at my computer, i suddenly thought about shoes and it made me feel better. i come in an hour earlier than everyone else at work (no, i’m not a goody two-shoes girl — my shift calls me to do so..haha!) and i suddenly thought about the vintage rose heels i saw at CMG and i wanted to abandon work and cross the street to ayala mall and just buy a pair. i am saving for our bangkok trip so of course i couldn’t buy it but just the thought of doing so made me smile. 
so now, i don’t just need 4 pairs of footwear…i need 2 pairs of each classic color (tan, brown, white, black and grey — one for casual outfits (like cut-out heels or gladiator heels) and a closed-one (maybe a peep-toe one) for when i like to dress-up. i also need several pairs of colored ballet flats (probably with rhinestones or studs or in animal print) and studded, beaded or fringed sandals. i still kept all my havaianas slippers as i still do adore them.
what apparel are you finding yourself addicted to these days?
white embroidered boho top – thrifted (my mom’s)
boyfriend jeans – abercrombie vintage (my mom’s too!)
black platform heels – forever 21
gun-metal silver cuffs – props
sea shell chandelier earrings – random
brown sunnies – thrifted at carbon
thanks tuesdai for the feature! check out her blog for lots of inspiration, funny stories and very interesting random thoughts.

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have i really?

my mom gave me this dress from a recent thrifting trip she had. this is a nod to summer. ironically, even when i really loved this dress, i am so not in love with this shoot.
it was funny because harry and i were on our usual sunday night date and well, he just wasn’t so adept in photography that night and couldn’t take any good photos. and for that, i apologize. it was a nice night turned a bit awkward. he told me, i have lost my conversant skills because i am always online all the time. LOL. and i admit, we were at roma mia (with free wifi) and while waiting for the food, i had to take a quick view at your comments on my blog. just out of curiosity and ignorance to wifi…ooops!
but when if you really think about, have we really lost our conversant skills because of the internet and technology? 
green bohemian beaded dress – thrifted
tan cut-out heels – le donne (a gift from harry!)
tan fringe boho bag – lil’ sister’s
layered bangles – hk gift shop | gifts

ps. the bags of love give-away is officially closed. winners will be announced on saturday.

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of alarm texts and music

“you mean the world to me.”
waking up to this sure makes my day better. harry surprised me with an alarm text message on my phone. so i get to wake up everyday with that text. i’ve been feeling low over the last couple of days and felt slightly disconnected from the world. aside from all of your encouragements and sympathies,  i’m so thankful that harry is here to bear with me despite my weirdness, sadness and grouchiness — man, i can snap like that and he’d just swallow hard and take it all in. it’s only to you hon that i’d say sorry for being a bitch. *sincere apologies*
music is a big part of my life. and especially on days when i cannot begin to grasp what i’m feeling, i immerse myself in music. for days like these, i am thankful for:
frou frou
imogen heap
regina spektor
the national
the honorary title
john mayer
up dharma down
your music has kept my life in balance.
blue top with lace detail – mom’s closet | black leggings – ??? | black peep-toe booties – celine (gift from harry) | gold bangles – from india | work watch – swatch | owl necklace – manalili | black bag – lil’ sister’s | grey pashmina scarf – hk street vendor | sunnies – thrifted at carbon

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stuck at home instead

…and i couldn’t be more pleased. although i was looking forward to the beach and the sand but i was sort of dreading the trip because i wanted to be at home this weekend. it’s been a while since i’ve been on my bed, just relaxing. one thing i would have missed on the trip though is the great photo possibilities! instead, i got to spend more time with my puppy ‘snickers’ and gave him his second walk out — he’s such a baby! our manicurist also came over and i had my nails painted neon pink..LOL. i bought several neon colors — green, yellow and orange just to welcome summer. it can’t be beat. with the el niño, summer is early and here to stay. 
i love coffee. i love its smell. and i especially love ‘peppermint mocha’ or dark cherry mocha’ from starbucks. but i cannot for the life of me consume a cup and not palpitate and stay awake all day. i got this from my mom. a single shot of caffeine causes my palms and feet to sweat (i know, yuck) and my heart to palpitate… but i was so sleepy on my shift last night that i had to down a small cup. the effect? slightly shaking hands and awake for almost 24 hours. it’s time to take the sketchpad and color pencils out — a gift from harry on v-day! warning: the images below are amateur sketches.

now you can open your eyes. LOL.
printed loose top – thrifted
jeans – chillypapas
fringe sandals – katrina 
(the daughter of the owner is an agent in my account and she had them custom made)
long necklace – props
bangles: wooden – raw material store in manalili | gold ones – from india
sunnies – thrifted at carbon

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phew! my weekend was action packed! i didn’t get to laze around just like what jen likes of her sundays.
so…here’s my new hair. sported these many layers about 2 years ago and i just couldn’t replicate them not even when i went to the same hair dresser who did it in the first place. it’s frustrating having curly hair sometimes. hair salons are just afraid to mess with them and they immediately suggest getting it straight which i hate because i love my hair. and believe me, i’ve tried having straight hair for a day, it bored me to death. i don’t stand out at all.  as it turns out, our manicurist studied hair styling a few years back when she used to work at a salon and when i asked her to cut my hair, she happily obliged. she comes to our house every two weeks to get our nails done and when she did my hair, she was using kitchen scissors…haha!

aside from my new hair, i am very much overwhelmed by the number of visits i got over the weekend and the humongous amount of comments too! thank you so much from the bottom of my heart… all your comments really made me smile. it totally made up for all the frustrations at work. *sigh*

what i did over the weekend: cooked harry dinner at his place | read ‘lion among men’ | did listen to ‘the honorary title’ | watched legion | attended mass | had dinner with friends | went to the wake of a friend’s father | had dessert at dong juan | and wished i had a massage..haha!
boho top – thrifted
black shorts – zara (thrifted too!)
black tank top – dorothy perkins (sister’s closet)
beaded sandals – DIY (beads from an old people are people sandals + finickee)
black bag – lil’ sister’s (notice how she more bags than me?)
bangles – props + aunt’s gift
rings – props

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hello sunshine!

this is the only time i love the sun — when i’m at the beach. went with old co-workers and harry to a local beach resort last sunday to just unwind and hang out. there were good laughs and good food.
(i had this whole write-up prepared but my mood today just isn’t letting me want to talk too much)
just wanted to show you guys this skirt that we thrifted years back. it’s an original united colors of benetton vintage which still has a “made in italy” tag. most clothes (or stuff even) today are mostly made in china. not that i’m hating it…hehe. i wore this once to a company party 3 years ago and was awarded one of the best dressed for the night. wore the skirt as a dress and belted it. (don’t be shocked with how dark i am… i was still playing flag football then…haha!) damn, i miss my collarbones…and by arms… fast forward to 2010 and look what losing exercise can do to you…
4th of july party at vudu (2007)
white tank top – metro kids dept
pink swimsuit – props
printed maxi skirt – UCB (thrifted)
flip-flops – havaianas
bangles – various: props | manalili
heart necklace – ???
sunnies – thrifted