Style Inspiration: Just Cavalli Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear

one of the collections i always look forward to is roberto cavalli’s — whether it be his flagship Roberto Cavalli or his 2nd collection of the season, Just Cavalli. Cavalli satisfies my hunger for chic bohemian fashion — his clothes have a luxe palette, rich texture and a genius symphony of prints. every item on the looks below are on my Christmas wish list. a girl can dream right? 

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what are your favorites from Just Cavalli’s Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear collection?

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Style Inspiration: Roberto Cavalli Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

it’s the peak of summer and the heat is scorching but i’m daydreaming about layering clothes and scrumptious jackets. these are my favorites in the genius 2012 fall collection of Roberto Cavalli. i die. ♥ ♥ ♥

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sunset sunday visits

my sister is my inspiration right now. despite everything that has happened, she remains strong and perseveres through the grief from the loss. she knows she must stand back up because it would have what he wanted. for anyone who’s gone through loss, stitching your life back together can be hell but my sister — although she’s feeling this eternal heartache, she is taking one day at a time in dealing with life. other people may give up but not my sister.
so every time i am extra stressed at work and feel like walking out the office door or every time i think i may never get through some shitty traffic, i think about how my sister is moving forward despite what she went through. life gives us little hiccups but we will always get past them. people go through worst things and they get past it. what happened has made me realize that i need to cherish life even more and not sweat the small stuff. life is too short.
on me: grey sheer top – primal rave wholesale | striped pleated culottes- primal rave wholesale | flap booties – | coin necklace – bangkok find | bangles – downtown finds, forever21 | rings: owl, black stone – downtown finds & gecko – bangkok find | white sunnies – raybans, borrowed from sis
on sis: black studded sheer top – primal rave wholesale | black  culottes – primal rave wholesale | black and white oxfords – urbanog | elephant necklace – downtown find | bangles – downtown finds | black sunnies – raybans

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Versace x H&M

i have to admit that up until i saw a TV special on Versace — its brand, how their company was built and the amazing siblings who ran the fashion label, i didn’t have much appreciation for it. i had this unconscious bitterness over designer clothing which is beyond my reach and it took me a while to realize that although the actual clothing is beyond my financial reach, it shouldn’t hinder me from appreciating the art and work that was put into the creation of the designs. to be a renowned designer takes a massive amount of brilliance — brilliance that is not tapped by just any ordinary being. despite the steep prices, designer clothing are still works of art.
thanks to Lady Gaga who wore a Versace dress on a casual day, Donatella decided to share Versace to the public and collaborate with H&M. when Lady Gaga fans asked where she got her single shoulder shift, a collaboration with H&M was Donatella’s way of letting those fans get a taste of the Italian fashion label at a few hundreds (and not in thousands). that leather jacket below can be ours at $299 (still a steep price for the Peso but still affordable compared to the couture line / collection). here are my favorites from the collection:

all images courtesy of — check out the site for a full coverage of the launch.

my top favorites are the pleated dress with the leather jacket (2nd photo) which was also worn by jessica alba at the launch (here), the purple cutout dress and black chiffon dress on the 5th row — the black one worn by jennifer hudson at the launch (here). all the lace-up booties caught my heart too, especially the blue ones. simply amazeballs. how about you? what are your favorite/s?

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Style Inspiration: Anna Sui Spring 2011 RTW

if you’re from cebu, please tell me where i can find a good supply of cheap and colorful feathers. i want to be a hippie and you’ll understand why after checking out anna sui’s spring 2011 RTW collection.
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Style Inspiration: D&G Spring 2011 RTW

one of the best things about living in a tropical country is we can dress in spring/summer garb 85% of the time throughout the year. despite my love for the rain and colder weather for the reason to layer clothes, i have such a weakness for prints, florals and color. 
as our second trip to BKK (the shopping haven in asia nears), i have scoured for some style inspirations. this is so i know what i am looking for when i walk their huge fashion malls, markets and bazaars. first up, D&G Spring 2011 RTW:

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style inspiration: longer than the usual

it’s saturday night and i’m supposed to be out but i’m not, thus my bad mood. so instead of the usual outfit post, i leave you with my obsession these days: maxi skirts + booties. i’m on the hunt for them and will be donning a few for the coming days. i recently paid the good old city market (carbon) thrift stands a visit and forgot how amazing stuff there can be.

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