different but it’s Christmas all the same

star printed sweater dress – thrifted | blue tights – gifted | flap booties – shopyapi.com |
fedora hat – metro ayala | dog tag necklace – custom made | brown sunnies – downtown find |
oversized ring – downtown find | work watch – gifted by my dad
true, this year was a different Christmas than all the others i’ve spent. for one, i missed a whole lot of misa de gallo because of work. i shopped too late for gifts because i was waiting for additional funds — like, 3 days before Christmas and i’m not done yet. it was the first time i decorated our tree on my own because my mom got sick with flu and it was already December 20 — Christmas is not complete without an overly decorated tree in our house. we didn’t have a big noche buena like we used to but my sisters (and i helped a little) cooked yummy seafood and hungarian pasta and we had our fill of my tita’s home-made ham. lastly, we didn’t open gifts after midnight because we didn’t wrap our gifts this year. to sum it all up, my Christmas was a lot simpler than it used to but you know what? what mattered most is that i had 85% of my family complete — with my little sister back from Australia but minus Harry who was in Bohol with his family. being in the company of people who will love you unconditionally is still the best Christmas one can have. i am, indeed, lucky. ♥

merry christmas everyone! ♥

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this heartache

this was taken last sunday when i decided to suprise harry after his shift (at 9:00 AM) for breakfast at one of the retaurants in I.T. Park. decided to bring along snickers so he won’t grow up ignorant from the world since he’s mostly couped up in the room. he can’t go out because our old dog is so mean and possessive of our attention (especially my dad’s) that we’re afraid she’d attack him. being a sunday morning, the park was serene, perfect for just hanging out and chilling. i sat by the pond for a while and enjoyed being alone for a few minutes. those are one of my favorite moments — when i can just be alone and be allowed to think. 
so this weekend, harry and i watched one of the local movies ‘miss you like crazy‘… i’ve always loved the tandem of john lloyd cruz and bea alonzo on-screen (don’t like her too much anywhere else..haha!) the movie was predictable but still interesting. i loved the concept. i loved the scenes. i love the conversations and the lines. and it brought about certain emotions that i’ve suppressed for a while. 
i miss my best friend so damn much. it’s harder breaking up with a friend than with a boyfriend. you’d take years of friendship and just throw it away. she was my soulmate. we could be together and not say anything but know how we are feeling. we had a falling out almost 3 years ago and my heart is still aching, everyday. although i have harry, there are times when i’d feel so damn alone because i lost the only person who can understand me without asking why. i have tried opening up to my other friends but it’s just different. she’s in hawaii and i’m here. miles apart and we can’t bridge this gap that we have. 
so now i have woken up with very swollen eyes, having cried myself to sleep last night.
polka mini-dress – thrifted
black cropped cardigan – thrifted
brown sandals – prima donna
brown leather bag – thrifted
bangles: orange polka – a gift | pink polka – DIY | bronze – props
vintage car necklace – manalili
sunnies – thrifted at carbon

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stuck at home instead

…and i couldn’t be more pleased. although i was looking forward to the beach and the sand but i was sort of dreading the trip because i wanted to be at home this weekend. it’s been a while since i’ve been on my bed, just relaxing. one thing i would have missed on the trip though is the great photo possibilities! instead, i got to spend more time with my puppy ‘snickers’ and gave him his second walk out — he’s such a baby! our manicurist also came over and i had my nails painted neon pink..LOL. i bought several neon colors — green, yellow and orange just to welcome summer. it can’t be beat. with the el niño, summer is early and here to stay. 
i love coffee. i love its smell. and i especially love ‘peppermint mocha’ or dark cherry mocha’ from starbucks. but i cannot for the life of me consume a cup and not palpitate and stay awake all day. i got this from my mom. a single shot of caffeine causes my palms and feet to sweat (i know, yuck) and my heart to palpitate… but i was so sleepy on my shift last night that i had to down a small cup. the effect? slightly shaking hands and awake for almost 24 hours. it’s time to take the sketchpad and color pencils out — a gift from harry on v-day! warning: the images below are amateur sketches.

now you can open your eyes. LOL.
printed loose top – thrifted
jeans – chillypapas
fringe sandals – katrina 
(the daughter of the owner is an agent in my account and she had them custom made)
long necklace – props
bangles: wooden – raw material store in manalili | gold ones – from india
sunnies – thrifted at carbon

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