may the odds be ever in your favor

we’re saving up for the wedding so i can’t buy as many books as i wanted (or as many shoes). i guess i should say i can’t buy things as frequently as i wanted. it’s been months since Harry and i have been to the movies as waiting for the DVD is the more practical option. books nowadays are not as cheap as paper and even cost more than a movie ticket.
but after reading a couple of free chapters of The Hunger Games on Kobo, on a sleepless afternoon, i knew i had to get the book. no, not just the book but the series and it was a purchase i don’t have any regrets of. 
not only is the series well-written, the plot is very riveting, unexpected and at the same time, relational despite it being the set in the post-apocalyptic future. the characters are not sob stories, they’re actually people you want to root for. and Peeta Mellarck — oh don’t even get me started on how much i love how he is. then we have the the movie. it’s one of the best depictions from books other than Harry Potter (of course). i can’t wait for Catching Fire. 

printed dress – thrifted | white tank top – thrifted | white blazer – thrifted | lemon yellow flats – greenhills find | bangles & bracelets – downtown finds | bird ring – downtown find | necklaces: elephant tusk – bangkok find, black stone with chain fringe – downtown find 

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that downtown store of accessory heaven

remember when i talked about that little store of accessories in downtown? the place that’s like a pandora’s box, it always ends up hurting my wallet every time i visit. well, my young and stylish agents found out about it and ever since, i’ve been finding myself oddly surprised that i’m not the only one  wearing loads of rings or bangles. here are just a few of their amazing picks that i seriously covet:
this is not found in that accessory store but another style item one of my agents have. so bohemian. so me and i wish i could have it as my own. (to the owner, if you’re reading this — you should have given this to me! LOL)

anyway, it’s weird that i began  my life as a call center supervisor around  the same age as my agents now. i was roughly 22 and was as immature and hot-headed as can be. it has been almost 6 years since then and boy is it weird to browse through an agent directory with birth dates as late as the time i was already in 1st grade and busy watching ninja turtles or the original x-men cartoon series. just thinking about how young they are and how i used to be in their place makes me feel all wrinkly inside. is it obvious in these photos below? or i still belong? LOL. 

all photos were taken at our work place where it’s summer every friday. ♥

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love the ninty percent ♥ ♥ ♥

it’s been said that one of the reasons people cheat is because they continue to search for the 10% that they can’t find with their partners. for a girl, her boyfriend may be the patient and understanding guy that she was looking for but he may be more unromantic than a rock and she continues to long to be swept from her feet. for a guy, his girlfriend may be the pretty and smart girl he’s always wanted but continues to wish she can cook like his mom. i have to admit, Harry is the understanding, patient, musically-inclined, food enthusiast, sarcastic, humorous, smart and caring guy that i have hoped for but he’s not athletic — never plays a sport to save his life, not as adventurous as i hoped he’d be and he doesn’t have those six-pack abs that every girl longs for. Harry only retains information that he likes to retain so he may not always remember what kind of perfume i wear or that i’ve kept anti-bacterial soap by my sink for years now (yes, he asked my this morning why i don’t keep one, even when i’ve only used this natural floral soap my friend gave me for only a month) or that he doesn’t remember to shift to 1st gear first before releasing the hand brake. 
despite the 10% that Harry doesn’t possess from my list, he completes me in inexplicable ways. they say God doesn’t really give us the perfect guy from our list but the guy who complements us, keeps us grounded when our arrogance or confidence has us off the earth, loves us despite the bitchy days pre-menstruation, puts up with our nagging and just keeps us safe in any way possible. it’s not only fate that keeps a relationship working, hard work needs to be put into it too. so for those ladies who are in a relationship like me, don’t allow the scale to tip over to the mere 10% that our guys lack. love the 90%..and love it with all your heart. for those single ladies, be patient. yes, there’s no stopping you from making that list of the perfect guy for you but be smart enough to determine the traits that matter. love yourself first and allow yourself to grow. pretty soon, that guy who is not just anyone perfect but the one perfect for you will come along. trust me, i was single for 5 years before i met harry. i allowed myself to grow up and learned to love myself before i could love someone else. ♥
happy heart’s day everyone! ♥

tie-dyed boho top – thrifted
beige suede lace-up wedges – gold dot
elephant necklace – carbon find
diamond-shaped pattern necklace – gifted from ivy
elephant tusk necklace – bangkok elephant ride
brass bangles – carbon finds
pink rhinestone bangles – gifted from india
rings: burnt orange stone | cobra | skull | mini-armor ring – carbon finds

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ashes and wine

i just love that song by ‘a fine frenzy’… it’s great to listen to during sunset. i don’t know, maybe it’s because the first time i heard it, i was parking on the roof parking lot of ayala terraces and it was sunset. i had it on blast on my ipod, blocking any other sound from the world. 
although the sun is out, it’s still pretty much cooler today than yesterday. the wind was blowing my hair all over when we attended mass this morning. it’s the first day of lent — ash wednesday. a time for soul searching. ironically, it’s supposed to be the start of fasting as well but it’s my mom’s birthday today so food is very much abundant!  we can’t eat any meat on wednesdays and fridays of lent but my mom is preparing lots of seafood dishes from all that we bought last sunday.
♥♥ happy birthday mommy! ♥♥
thank you for all the love and support you have given us, all our life. you have never failed us. i love you mom!
on me:
floral dress – thrifted
pink sweater – gap
skinny jeans – chillypapas
green braided belt – thrifted
white studded sandals – so fab (a gift from lil’ sis)
layered bead necklace – bought from a friend 4 yrs ago
bangles: pink and gold – from india | blue and gold – hk shop
sunnies – thrifted

on mom (in hongkong):
green dress jacket – thrifted
black blazer – linea italia
brown leggings – ???
brown suede ankle boots – mongkok ladies market
blue green pashmina scarf – hk street vendor

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a little bit behind on the trend

alright, so i’m a little bit behind the trend of the “boyfriend jeans” but what the heck, most people at work hasn’t even heard it anyway. i always wanted to try this style out but i didn’t want to spend any money on a new pair of jeans. good thing i found my mom’s levis and it actually is big enough to be sort of slouchy. i have to say, wearing this is really comfortable. however, it does make me look shorter than i am. i am only 5’2″ after all. doesn’t matter — i’m wearing my favorite towering cut-out heels.
a gift from harry for my 25th birthday! 
so here’s a close-up look on all the accessories i wore today. the embroidery on the peasant top i’m wearing is accessory enough. but i just love to pile them on! especially bangles. people ask me why i wear so much — i say, “welp, i woke up and decided to wear all of them!” haha! i wish i can show you the back of my top. it has more embroidery than the front. the cross necklace i’m wearing is hand-made by my sister who has her own store — called “props.” if you notice, that’s where some of my clothes and accessories come from. i’m deep in debt with her but it’s a good thing we’re sisters. *smirk*
green embroidered peasant top – thrifted
boyfriend jeans – my mom’s levis
cut-out heels – le donne (a gift!)
brown leather boho bag – thrifted
cross necklace – hand-made
long chained watch – elegant tang dynasty, hk
bronze bangle – props
green wooden bangle – props
beaded gold bangles – a gift from my aunt
glasses – thrifted