such a tease that is. small challenges or hindrances tend to show up just when the one thing i’m excited about is nearing as if i have to learn to be more patient than ever or that it’s some kind of test, determining whether i deserve it or not. i don’t know with you but i’m the kind of person who easily gets excited about something — like buying shoes, an upcoming family trip, starting a new job, waiting for harry’s home cooking or getting my new mac. i sometimes lose sleep over something i’m excited or anxious about and my mind can run like crazy. like when i’m about to sleep, already comfortable under my sheets and i suddenly think about potentially setting aside money for a pair of shoes or for plans of buying a new camera, i’d turn on the lights, pull out my calculator, notepad and pen and get going at the computation. i know, i know, i’m crazy. *wink*
what i’m saying is, a lot of things lay before me now that i am all too excited about. and if it weren’t for my past life-teasing experiences, i would have flailed my arms with desperation now with all that’s happening to me. something big is up and despite my little mess ups, i hope that in the end, life grants me this. after all, i’ve taken deep breaths, pulled myself back up to roll with the punches, firmly having faith that it is for me. 

skirt used as tube top – thrifted
mustard cardigan – thrifted
skinny jeans – chillypapa
gold flats – sensini, bangkok
rings: blue stone and gold leaf – carbon find | orange howlite – dane’s giveaway
bangles – all gifted
cutout pattern necklace – gifted from ivy
work watch – swatch
brown sunnies – carbon find

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35 thoughts on “such a tease

  1. whatever it is (very intriguing i must say), am sure no one deserves it but you! and i totally get the sleep-depriving-over excitement-thing! I too get up in the middle of the night when my non-resting mind suddenly have some epiphany of sorts about a new design…and i start sketching….hahaha! nways, goodluck on that thing! Love the outfit by the way. Am a sucker for cute cardis!


  2. haha life is indeed a tease! like you, i get excited over little things as well and at the middle of the night i take out my moleskine and jut down notes that Im sure I'd forget in the morning.

    I look at obstacles as a measure of how badly I want that particular thing or event to happen.. =) great things will happen to you Gizelle, that's for sure..


  3. yeah i do that all the time. coz i hate it when i'm not in control of things. i always have a plan and a back-up plan A-Z. LOL

    you always have the nicest mix of accessories gizelle. 🙂

    and is this in your office? love the vintage typewriter and stereo. cool!xx


  4. you look adorable as always here!
    and im so glad that new and exciting things are coming your way! After the last few months you totally deserve it! Keep positive and you'll get everything you want! Promise!! 🙂



  5. Oh I do that too. I think it's best when you're fretting about things to just get them down on paper and clear your head.

    Things will go well for you 🙂


  6. Oh my Gizelle, I feel the same way too…if I get excited about something I cannot get proper sleep, or if there is an event the next day…I am the earliest person in the group even if it requires me to sleep for only 2 hours, I plot things and make sure I these things one way or another…
    But because of this kind of attitude, I have also realized that it makes us a positive person, it makes us look forward to what we want in life, a plan, and it makes us an achiever in the long run!!!!

    That's what I have realized….and because of that I never regret any single sleepless nights I had…not even once…



  7. I always admire your blog and your journal entries not just because of your outfits but your capacity to be sooo relatable in a lot of aspect – experience wise. 🙂 I feel like I can really understand what you're saying because it was something I've felt or something.

    I'm intense just so you know. I couldn't sleep when something's up as well. As in not at all 🙂 I hope I could be as positive and as inspiring as you and denise katipunera 🙂 I think I'm just too shy to really put myself (feelings wise) out there. Hahaha. I try to hold back most of the time. But you guys, just keep it coming 🙂

    Melai of Style and Soul


  8. I just dropped by and I saw your pictures above. I really love your hair! So beautiful and glamorous. I have always been in love with curls and had I perm last year but have cut it off and miss it now.

    Are your natural or through a salon? Either way, I think its gorgeous!

    earthlyjewels from EJ Online at Etsy


  9. Thanks for the kind words. I always get excited about things, but no-one else seems to get that, until I read your post. I'm glad there are other people out there who feel like me. xxx


  10. I'm a lot like you. I get very easily excited about something, but that also means I get anxious easily. I hope things work out for you!

    Love the bright color of that cardigan.


  11. YOU LOOK SO FABULOUS. All your bight colours just make me SO happy! Today was rainy and down, so yay for your happiness.

    And don't you LOVE the feeling of having something to look forward to?


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