the barber’s hesitation

i never realized the hassle guys undergo to maintain their hair. i thought my curly hair was already high maintenance until i shaved one side of my head and found out i need to get a trim every 2 weeks to keep it as sharp as it is. one thing i discovered with having a side shave is having to rely on nearby barbers to maintain the shave — yes, barbers! i couldn’t set an appointment with my hairstylist every 2 weeks just to shave my head so i’ve frequented nearby barbers (near our house or home) trusting in their ability to cleanly shave the head with all their years of experience. and you know what they always ask, “are you sure?” which of course has been smirking at their semi-shocked and scared faces — afraid they’d hurt a girly-girl. ha!

linen oversized blazer – thrifted | patterned leggings – props | black and grey snakeskin wedges – pill footwear, the ramp | green braided belt – thrifted | grey oversized sunnies – urban outfitters, gifted by sister

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take risks — start with your hair!

meet my hair that’s a result of an utter sense of freedom and relief that the wedding planning is over and i get to do anything i want that will not do injustice to my beautiful wedding dress. last july 2012, when i got my roots retouched for my engagement session, i had my hair stylist promise that she’ll do my hair ombre after the wedding. 
i was wed on December 22, 2012 and on the afternoon of December 31, to greet the new year I made true to that promise of changing my hair drastically. it’s the craziest thing i have done appearance-wise and because it’s crazy, it’s all the more reason that i love it. every time i look at the blond roots, it reminds me of my vow to do the things i love and with passion. to embrace life freely and take risks. 
the photos were taken prior to our cut & style activity with islands souvenirs. i initially planned to wear denim cut-offs which has recently been my go to closet item but decided against it knowing that Eden will be there — we have a standing joke of dressing simply every time we get together which we somehow can’t manage. what can we say, we’ve learned a lot from Chanel — we dress up every time we go outside because we never know we’ll have a date with destiny. right? 

floral cropped top with cutout shoulders – traded with sister | jersey maxi skirt – props | mustard platforms – zalora by centropell | oversized leather bag – R.A.F. by plains and prints | rings: blue stone ring and cross connector ring – downtown finds | butterfly ring – gifted by a friend | bracelets: brown and pink stone bracelets, green spiked bracelet, chain and braid bracelet – downtown finds | wooden bangle – bangkok find | angel wing necklace – downtown find | black watch – gifted by sister

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be kind, rewind two | thank you, shoe heaven!

planning a wedding and trying to achieve that perfect, magical one can dampen one’s shopping spirits. since the proposal, harry and i have agreed to save, save, save every extra money we have. believe it or  not, the last time we watched a movie on the cinema was July. all this time, we’ve been spending weekends at home, just watching dvd’s and pigging out. finishing the big bang theory from the season 1 –  4 didn’t hurt though and i was mighty glad Sheldon, Penny and Leonard were there to accompany us. 
so as i am not able to buy more clothes or a new pair of shoes, i have decided to continue the ‘be kind, rewind…’ posts and make it a series. the first one was this one. and for this post: the giraffe-printed shirt i wore on May 2010 and the black pleated trousers i first wore on March 2011. 

on other news, i guess the heavens heard my deep want to get a new pair of shoes because i just got a new pair that’s not just gorgeous but super comfortable. Mickey of reached out to me on July and asked for a pair that i wanted from their website which they’ll send for free. i never thought it would arrive until i got this pair in the mail:

thank you, Wanted for the new pair of shoes! ♥ ♥ ♥ 
outfit post of the lovelies will be up, soon…

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phew! my weekend was action packed! i didn’t get to laze around just like what jen likes of her sundays.
so…here’s my new hair. sported these many layers about 2 years ago and i just couldn’t replicate them not even when i went to the same hair dresser who did it in the first place. it’s frustrating having curly hair sometimes. hair salons are just afraid to mess with them and they immediately suggest getting it straight which i hate because i love my hair. and believe me, i’ve tried having straight hair for a day, it bored me to death. i don’t stand out at all.  as it turns out, our manicurist studied hair styling a few years back when she used to work at a salon and when i asked her to cut my hair, she happily obliged. she comes to our house every two weeks to get our nails done and when she did my hair, she was using kitchen scissors…haha!

aside from my new hair, i am very much overwhelmed by the number of visits i got over the weekend and the humongous amount of comments too! thank you so much from the bottom of my heart… all your comments really made me smile. it totally made up for all the frustrations at work. *sigh*

what i did over the weekend: cooked harry dinner at his place | read ‘lion among men’ | did listen to ‘the honorary title’ | watched legion | attended mass | had dinner with friends | went to the wake of a friend’s father | had dessert at dong juan | and wished i had a massage..haha!
boho top – thrifted
black shorts – zara (thrifted too!)
black tank top – dorothy perkins (sister’s closet)
beaded sandals – DIY (beads from an old people are people sandals + finickee)
black bag – lil’ sister’s (notice how she more bags than me?)
bangles – props + aunt’s gift
rings – props

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