freeman feature x the humanizer

on the day we left for Manila to attend the Bloggers United 2 event, Freeman released a feature of us, the Cebu bloggers attending the event, written by Kristine Roa (online article here). the miracle it took for us to get a copy of this article was so funny because Mildred and Alexa literally had to steal this page from a coffee shop at the airport. some photos used on the article were submitted by the bloggers who were not able to do the photo shoot with us the week prior. as for some of us, we did an afternoon shoot with Rolan Icban, the humanizer. 
i have to say, it was really fun doing the shoot with the girls and Roland. as talkative as i am with my friends but i don’t do well with strangers because i tend do be too shy but Roland knew how to direct our poses and amazingly captured the light in all of our photos. i definitely look forward to getting another chance to do a shoot with the humanizer

printed vintage dress – thrifted | black tights – sm department store | black lace-up booties – parisian, sm department store | black floppy hat – | bangles & rings – downtown finds
gillian uang ♥ vanessa east ♥ eden villarba ♥ gizelle sembrano

we ♥ the humanizer!

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boho femme

trend or not, in season or not at all, i always love the feminine boho chic style. i am enchanted by the prints, enthralled by the flow and layer of fabrics and charmed by the piles of accessories. other than my necklaces, rings and bangles, i have quite a collection of scarves even when i didn’t have much use for them back when i was in school. people would stare if i wear them on my head. i once wrapped my entire head with a scarf while i was being admitted to the hospital when i had really high fever and i found myself rumored to have cancer and under chemotherapy. sad but true — most people here cannot understand some of my fashion sensibilities. i continue to defy them though and wear my scarves out despite people’s stares. i guess that is what fashion is sometimes about, a risk of being stared at. the only consolation is the attention — positive or not.
speaking of bohemian fashion, here’s a great online shop you can visit — the House of Isla. the designer is based in Baguio and she has the most amazing pieces — true to the heart of a bohemian.
anyway, it would be our third day here in Bangkok and i would expect to have shopped my feet to death. it’s a Sunday and i am hoping to meet Sweet of Pens and Lens. will do a post about more of my BKK adventures when i get back. ♥

denim tunic – mom’s closet
white shorts – props
nude cage heels – parisian, sm dept store (on sale at PHP600)
green printed scarf as turban – thrifted
oversized white braided belt – pratunam, bangkok
necklaces: clustered bells – pratunam, bangkok | clustered charms – carbon find
rings: boho armor ring | alligator ring | blue stone ring – carbon finds
brass cuff – carbon find

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F-STOP launches the Hyper collection

i regret not being able to promote F-STOP the first time Melai of Style and Soul shot me an e-mail about it. work got in the way that i missed the date. F-STOP carries a wide array of apparels that would excite every fashionista — from vintage, thrifted, asian clothes and even the most amazing and affordable shoes. if not for my self-proclaimed shopping ban, i would’ve seriously grabbed a pair of wedges from the shop.
on February 7 at 8PM, F-STOP will be launching its new collection called ‘Hyper’ featuring S/S 2011 on-trend items with bold prints and a lot of color. expect blazers, tunic, dresses in floral prints, sheer fabric and lace. although the weather has been gloomy lately, the grey skies doesn’t have to stop us from injection color into our wardrobe as early as now. 

check out F-STOP here:

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WAGW presents Homegrown

What a Girl Wants presents Homegrown, their S/S 2011 Collection featuring styles inspired by real men and women in society. i am personally very excited for this collection as i am the type to be always drawn to prints, florals, soft fabrics and layers which is exactly what this collection has in store for us. i especially love the midi dress on camille co, giving a soft and feminine 90’s vibe. seeing this preview definitely makes me long for summer, amidst the rainy season. 
check out your local  WAGW branches:
3rd floor, the Gallery, Robinsons Galleria
2nd Level, Paseo Ciudad, Ayala Center Cebu
3rd Floor, Main Wing, SM City Cebu
1st Level, West Promenade, Limketkai, Cagayan de Oro City

or you can also find them online at:

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Incorporating Hats in Your Wardrobe

Hats have been used for centuries first as mere protection for the head to soon becoming a fashion staple and an expression of art. The attention of the onlookers is easily caught because of how hats are worn on top of the body. This has caused hats to be a necessary accessory for most people. Most people include me. I have always had a fascination with hats as a kid. I’ve found movie characters wearing hats to be interesting and was then always on the hunt of hats in thrift shops and vintage stores. I have recently revived this hobby after stopping when we moved twice in the last 7 years.

Fall is nearing in other countries and while they are enjoying the cool breeze and the picturesque colors of the autumn leaves, there are people like me in tropical countries who have the sun all year-round. Panama Hats and light Fedora Hats were created for this reason. These hats are breezy and breathable so the head still gets protected and looks fashionable even without breaking a faucet of sweat. Our trip to Bangkok most especially needed light and breezy hats in the outfits as the sun was always out and it was humid all day. For a bohemian girl like me, here are different ways to incorporate these hats into an outfit:

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slow addiction

as a teen, i could never understand my big sister’s addiction to shoes. it was unfathomable to me how she can spend huge sums of money on shoes when all you need is one pair of sandals, a pair of closed shoes, rubber shoes for playing sports and slippers. there was a point in my life where i would wear slippers everywhere when i was off work. i just needed to be comfortable. oh, i was so damn wrong!
i thought about writing this because last week, while i was working and typing away at my computer, i suddenly thought about shoes and it made me feel better. i come in an hour earlier than everyone else at work (no, i’m not a goody two-shoes girl — my shift calls me to do so..haha!) and i suddenly thought about the vintage rose heels i saw at CMG and i wanted to abandon work and cross the street to ayala mall and just buy a pair. i am saving for our bangkok trip so of course i couldn’t buy it but just the thought of doing so made me smile. 
so now, i don’t just need 4 pairs of footwear…i need 2 pairs of each classic color (tan, brown, white, black and grey — one for casual outfits (like cut-out heels or gladiator heels) and a closed-one (maybe a peep-toe one) for when i like to dress-up. i also need several pairs of colored ballet flats (probably with rhinestones or studs or in animal print) and studded, beaded or fringed sandals. i still kept all my havaianas slippers as i still do adore them.
what apparel are you finding yourself addicted to these days?
white embroidered boho top – thrifted (my mom’s)
boyfriend jeans – abercrombie vintage (my mom’s too!)
black platform heels – forever 21
gun-metal silver cuffs – props
sea shell chandelier earrings – random
brown sunnies – thrifted at carbon
thanks tuesdai for the feature! check out her blog for lots of inspiration, funny stories and very interesting random thoughts.

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what could be better than VOGUE?

you cannot imagine how excited i am about this! i am literally shaking! all the more because when i received the e-mail from claire sulmers of saying that i was featured in TOUR THE WORLD IN 45 BLOGS, it was 3AM here and i couldn’t tell anybody else besides my big sister who’s still awake and harry.
i received an e-mail from that i was in consideration for inclusion in a roundup of international fashion blogger in Paris Vogue’s website: in March 26, 2010. i have this sort of paranoia from jinxing something so i contained my excitement and kept it from you guys until it was sure! believe me, i only told my family about it and my sisters helped me pick out my photo while harry proof-read my answers. although they did not post all the answers i provided, here is what i sent them (one item you might be familiar with because i posted about it in the city we love):
  1. Why did you start blogging? — I took the plunge into fashion blogging last November 2009 because I wanted to connect to this growing community where personal style is immensely showcased. I have always been into fashion, even as a kid and have always believed that style is not about what is dictated in fashion magazines nor based on what stars wear but should be based on instinct, the environment, on one’s mood and lifestyle. Fashion blogging allowed me to express myself and my style in ways I did not expect.
  2. What inspires you and informs your blog? —- Being in a tropical country and specifically on an island city, I am most inspired by our culture, history and environment. I love the colors that surround me, the beach and the mountains that are both just 30 minutes away from the city. I am inspired by how our city is developing yet we still maintain this serene and chill atmosphere.  Other than fashion, what informs my blog are my thoughts, feelings and experiences. I always make sure that my blog is not solely about my outfit but also about my life.
  3. How would you describe your style? — My style is a mix of bohemian, vintage and a pinch of rock.
  4. What fashion items are on your spring wish list? And why? — Cebu doesn’t have spring as our country only experiences two kinds of weather — sunny and rainy. March just kicked off summer here and my spring / summer fashion wish list would be: (1) Beaded / Studded Sandals — this is the season for the beach, swimsuits and summer dresses and what better way to complement them than bling on my feet. (2) Hindi Bangles — I got 2 sets from a co-worker from India and fell in love with them. They are so intricate and colorful. I could pile on bangles the whole season. (3) Ray Ban Wayfarers — They are versatile and have been on my wish list any other season since forever. (Note: I am not too keen on brands or designer labels. I love to thrift and I love vintage.)
  5. What do you do in real life? — I am in the BPO industry and have been in this industry for 4 years now. I am currently a Team Leader for a customer service / back office group and have 20 people under my wings. I lead, develop and help my agents not just to be their best at their work but also in real-life. Given this environment, my constant challenge and inspiration (fashion-wise) is to stand out among a sea of greys and blacks through my style. And yes, I wear the outfits I post on my blog to work, everyday.

thank you vogue paris!

and most of all, thank you to everyone of my readers and followers who read, comment and support this blog everyday. seriously, i wouldn’t have done this without you.
i am happy because for me, this means that my style has a point and it got across. and that this blog makes sense. *big smile*

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