"kilig" factor

non-pinoy readers might wonder what the title is for…haha! “kilig” means the excitement of seeing someone you’re crushing on or you love…it’s sheer cheesiness…like that high school feeling! why might i feel “kilig?” well, since i got home from new year’s, i’ve been couped up in bed only going out of my room to get food and water…i’ve been watchign dvd’s of 80’s films…and i fell in love with “16 candles” and “say anything”…so cheesy yet i did feel those exact feelings back in high school! haha! life is so simple back then… all i worried about was getting my homework done, whether my crush likes me back..and what i’m wearing to the mall on saturday…wish i could go back. but then if i do, i wouldn’t be able to afford fabulous shoes. such a dilemma!
i’m also super amazed at the number of comments i received for my previous post…such an honor! thanks to all of you for visiting my blog…it really means a lot to me, reading all your comments… my 2010 is just starting and i have a feeling it will be awesome!
blue floral tube dress – a gift from goring
white knitted cardigan – thrifted
bronze flats – unlisted
tan bag – thrifted from baguio
blue metallic belt – props
oval locket – a gift from karen
long necklace with patterns – a gift from ivy
rings: blue – props | sterling silver howlite – dane’s giveaway

zipper statement

i always have hard time dressing up for work on mondays — we have to wear something formal for business. good thing i saw this old skirt of my sister hanging in her closet. that’s the best thing about having 2 sisters — i can go through all of their closets..even my mom’s too! i can’t find any good high-waisted pencil skirts at the malls and have been planning to have one made instead. a good seamstress asks only P300 – P350 for labor anyway. but maybe i’ll find something when my mom and i go thrifting this thursday…CAN’T WAIT!
floral top – thrifted
pencil skirt with zipper detail – sis’ closet
suede booties – a gift from harry
metallic blue belt – props
grey tights – sm dept store
red bag – mongkok ladies market
rings – props
blue headband – sm dept store
glasses – thrifted

got everything i wanted

i’ll soon post a photo of all the presents i received for christmas. one thing i can tell you, it’s spelled S-H-O-E-S. *wink* i got all that i wanted. and don’t think i’ll be buying any in 2 months…(oh except i am still coveting those black sandals in celine with gold studs…
i hope all of you had a great christmas! i’m sure i did.
peasant top with red polka – thrifted
denim shorts – borrowed from sis
red flats with gold chain – celine
suede boho bag – bangkok
rings – props
long chained necklace – elegant tang dynasty
angel wing necklace – sm dept store
teal bangle – props
beaded gold bangles – gifts from tita
glasses – thrifted

running out of gas

all these trips to the mall has me running low on gas but it’s christmas anyway. the decorations and displays does lift up my mood. and it gives me a chance to spend time with harry — despite our busy and different schedules. i’m surely going to miss him over the weekend.
i finished reading ‘her fearful symmetry’ a week ago and i’m now looking for another book to read.  i’d really rather read a book than watch tv — or maybe i’m saying this because we lost our satellite connection 2 months ago and that our house is not accessible for the cable connection. haha! but still, reading has always been my pastime — even when i was kid. i remember collecting sweet dreams, sweet valley, rl stine, love stories and christopher pike books. although reading those gave me high expectations of love and unfortunately gave me a hard time meeting someone…LOL. it was still one of the best days of my life — being couped up in my room and being immersed in another world i’m reading. i’m trying to catch up on that world now and buying books whenever i can. who can suggest a good book to me?
tunic with puffed sleeves – thrifted
brown leggings – my mom’s friend
brown sandals – prima donna
brown leather bag – thrifted
braided belt – props
gold belt – props
earrings – a gift
black and gold square ring – props
leopard print ring – props
glasses – thrifted

boho biker

i’ve worn this dress so many times and have paired it with ballet flats, havaianas and boots. i just love that it fits me no matter how my weight fluctuates –because it’s a tent dress..all i need to do is adjust the ribbon on the waist. i can pair it with all my bangles too because of the mix of colors on the dress. 
harry and i visited banilad town center to buy a gift for his manito (secret santa). i was craving for some sashimi so i took harry to his first japanese lunch — but all he ordered was the noodles. coward! haha! when i first met him, all he ate were normal food –just some basic pinoy fried food. some chinese too. being the adventurous foodies that my family and i are, i force fed him italian, vietnamese and thai food — which he now loves! just sad that he doesn’t love japanese and will never learn to do so.
dress – thrifted
boots – mongkok ladies market, hk
black bag – mongkok ladies market, hk
multi-colored beaded bangles – a gift
bronze bangle – props
wooded purple bangle – props
long chained necklace – elegant tang dynasty
black square ring – props
purple headband – sm dept store
glasses – thrifted

turqoise and coral


it’s the weekend! the malls will be jam-packed for sure…with people hurrying to buy christmas gifts. i’m almost done with my shopping. just have to buy the puma el rey’s for harry. and the electrolux refrigerator for mom and dad (hush!) i found these great sandals in celine that looks like belly dancers. i can’t describe it. have to purchase it tonight when i go out for dinner with some friends. i’ll show them in future posts.
i love the mix of turqoise and red. and i love this top. it’s my mom’s as we both love boho fashion. it’s so comfortable. i know i might be somewhat matchy-matchy but i can’t resist piling on my turqoise-colored and coral bangle (literally made from corals) and my red flats and bag. i love the back of this top too. i remember the drawings i used to scribble on my notebooks back when i get bored in class.

boho top – florence (thrifted)
tank top – thrifted  
black leggings – bought from my mom’s friend
red flats with gold chain detail – celine
beaded necklace – props
turqoise colored bangle – props
coral bangle with carving – boracay
gun metal bangle – props
red bag – mongkok ladies market
glasses – thrifted

a little bit behind on the trend

alright, so i’m a little bit behind the trend of the “boyfriend jeans” but what the heck, most people at work hasn’t even heard it anyway. i always wanted to try this style out but i didn’t want to spend any money on a new pair of jeans. good thing i found my mom’s levis and it actually is big enough to be sort of slouchy. i have to say, wearing this is really comfortable. however, it does make me look shorter than i am. i am only 5’2″ after all. doesn’t matter — i’m wearing my favorite towering cut-out heels.
a gift from harry for my 25th birthday! 
so here’s a close-up look on all the accessories i wore today. the embroidery on the peasant top i’m wearing is accessory enough. but i just love to pile them on! especially bangles. people ask me why i wear so much — i say, “welp, i woke up and decided to wear all of them!” haha! i wish i can show you the back of my top. it has more embroidery than the front. the cross necklace i’m wearing is hand-made by my sister who has her own store — called “props.” if you notice, that’s where some of my clothes and accessories come from. i’m deep in debt with her but it’s a good thing we’re sisters. *smirk*
green embroidered peasant top – thrifted
boyfriend jeans – my mom’s levis
cut-out heels – le donne (a gift!)
brown leather boho bag – thrifted
cross necklace – hand-made
long chained watch – elegant tang dynasty, hk
bronze bangle – props
green wooden bangle – props
beaded gold bangles – a gift from my aunt
glasses – thrifted 

electric blue

my mom and i love bohemian clothes. we go thrifting every month to scour for one of a kind tops and clothes. never mind the brand or if it fits the trends. i love mixing feminine clothes with jeans or shorts to make it more edgy. and i love the way the suede ankle boots balance it all.
i’m making a shoutout to my friend deanne who recently messaged me in facebook saying that she checks my blog regularly to see what i’m wearing…thanks yanskie! when you get back to cebu, can i have one of your lighter coats? haha!
floral boho top – thrifted
thin electric blue belt – props
skinny jeans – chillypapa
suede ankle boots – mongkok ladies market
glasses – thrifted at P80