hello sunshine!

this is the only time i love the sun — when i’m at the beach. went with old co-workers and harry to a local beach resort last sunday to just unwind and hang out. there were good laughs and good food.
(i had this whole write-up prepared but my mood today just isn’t letting me want to talk too much)
just wanted to show you guys this skirt that we thrifted years back. it’s an original united colors of benetton vintage which still has a “made in italy” tag. most clothes (or stuff even) today are mostly made in china. not that i’m hating it…hehe. i wore this once to a company party 3 years ago and was awarded one of the best dressed for the night. wore the skirt as a dress and belted it. (don’t be shocked with how dark i am… i was still playing flag football then…haha!) damn, i miss my collarbones…and by arms… fast forward to 2010 and look what losing exercise can do to you…
4th of july party at vudu (2007)
white tank top – metro kids dept
pink swimsuit – props
printed maxi skirt – UCB (thrifted)
flip-flops – havaianas
bangles – various: props | manalili
heart necklace – ???
sunnies – thrifted


  1. Hello Gizelle!

    Hello sunshine indeed! Love the pattern on that skirt of yours. I remember getting a pair of similar patterned pants from Benetton (most probable from the same season) years ago and just giving it away to the nearby Elsie Gaches Village because I just wasn't paying attention to it anymore. After seeing your fab skirt … I'm missing it again and kicking myself in the butt like anything!


  2. i love your skirt gizelle! it's lovely! this post makes me want to go to the beach soon.. :s
    our crazy weather is killing me! haha!


  3. Hey again!
    Thank you so much for you lovely comment! (L)
    Oh, and these are gorgeous. πŸ™‚
    The maxi is killer, lovvve!
    Panda xx


  4. Can I just say, with certainty, that I hate you? You get to see the beach and have a cool vintage skirt, and I'm freezing in a hoodie in the cold!! Ahh, jealousy.

    Love the outfit, though for real, such a cute skirt. ANd I love both the ways you wore it. And pshh you look fine now!


  5. Gizelle, can't wait for summer. I want to go to the beach too.

    PS… I'll miss Sinulog this year. I go to Cebu every year pag Sinulog festival. I've been doing it for 10 years na. Kaso I have shoots dito sa US until February kaya absent muna ako. Next year, when I go there, let's meet ha.


  6. Love the skirt! So adorable! πŸ™‚

    Confession: I saw your comment on another blog and clicked on your profile just because I have always wanted to known someone called Gizelle.
    Is that creepy? Ohmygod. I sound like a stalker, don't I? But I'm totally not. I swear. Okay. I'm going to stop.


  7. I am officially jealous! I want to be at the beach so bad, but I'm landlocked in freezing cold temps! You look just lovely. πŸ™‚

    P.S. You should try the braids! You would look beautiful in them and it's so easy to do!



  8. love the earthiness of the skirt. its gorgeous! btw giz, what do you gals plan to do for sinulog? hope to see you around then!



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