"kilig" factor

non-pinoy readers might wonder what the title is for…haha! “kilig” means the excitement of seeing someone you’re crushing on or you love…it’s sheer cheesiness…like that high school feeling! why might i feel “kilig?” well, since i got home from new year’s, i’ve been couped up in bed only going out of my room to get food and water…i’ve been watchign dvd’s of 80’s films…and i fell in love with “16 candles” and “say anything”…so cheesy yet i did feel those exact feelings back in high school! haha! life is so simple back then… all i worried about was getting my homework done, whether my crush likes me back..and what i’m wearing to the mall on saturday…wish i could go back. but then if i do, i wouldn’t be able to afford fabulous shoes. such a dilemma!
i’m also super amazed at the number of comments i received for my previous post…such an honor! thanks to all of you for visiting my blog…it really means a lot to me, reading all your comments… my 2010 is just starting and i have a feeling it will be awesome!
blue floral tube dress – a gift from goring
white knitted cardigan – thrifted
bronze flats – unlisted
tan bag – thrifted from baguio
blue metallic belt – props
oval locket – a gift from karen
long necklace with patterns – a gift from ivy
rings: blue – props | sterling silver howlite – dane’s giveaway


  1. I love cheesy teen movies… the sort of thing where you can remember those feelings of excitement regarding crushes and whatnot, but not actually have to do homework or have no income. πŸ™‚


  2. Lovely.. really love your belted dress, cardigan, necklaces. Very pretty! You deserve all the lovely comments in the world! Your blog is definitely deserving! Looking forward to 2010 and reading more!


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