Versace x H&M

i have to admit that up until i saw a TV special on Versace — its brand, how their company was built and the amazing siblings who ran the fashion label, i didn’t have much appreciation for it. i had this unconscious bitterness over designer clothing which is beyond my reach and it took me a while to realize that although the actual clothing is beyond my financial reach, it shouldn’t hinder me from appreciating the art and work that was put into the creation of the designs. to be a renowned designer takes a massive amount of brilliance — brilliance that is not tapped by just any ordinary being. despite the steep prices, designer clothing are still works of art.
thanks to Lady Gaga who wore a Versace dress on a casual day, Donatella decided to share Versace to the public and collaborate with H&M. when Lady Gaga fans asked where she got her single shoulder shift, a collaboration with H&M was Donatella’s way of letting those fans get a taste of the Italian fashion label at a few hundreds (and not in thousands). that leather jacket below can be ours at $299 (still a steep price for the Peso but still affordable compared to the couture line / collection). here are my favorites from the collection:

all images courtesy of — check out the site for a full coverage of the launch.

my top favorites are the pleated dress with the leather jacket (2nd photo) which was also worn by jessica alba at the launch (here), the purple cutout dress and black chiffon dress on the 5th row — the black one worn by jennifer hudson at the launch (here). all the lace-up booties caught my heart too, especially the blue ones. simply amazeballs. how about you? what are your favorite/s?

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color clash | texture tango

summer will end in a mere 2 weeks and i’ve only been to the beach once. such a waste of summer, don’t you think? with summer coming to an end and with new trends on their way to knock on our style-hungry hearts, i had to try the biggest trend this season — color blocking. you didn’t think my feeble attempt at it last month was it, did you? 
so i pulled out the brightest skirt i have — this bright blueish / periwinkle electropleated skirt that i thrifted months ago and looked for another bright colored item to pair with it. deep in the knitted and crocheted section of my closet, i found this green kimono type blouse that i was thankful i didn’t give away. voila! color blocking.

anyway, physical therapy to correct my spinal disc bulges are going well. i was skeptical at first because the first two sessions caused me terrible headaches but as i progressed (i’m on my 6th session), the pain eased bit by bit and i stopped taking my depression-inducing neuropathic meds. my life is almost back to normal. by next week, i wish to take Zumba classes again. for now, i’ll just concentrate on not only with the therapy sessions but waking up early enough not to be late for work. *wink*
ps. thank you for the well wishes you guys sent on my last post. your sweet comments definitely helped me through this ordeal. 

crocheted kimono blouse – thrifted
white tank top (used underneath) – random
blueish / periwinkle electropleated skirt – thrifted
gold metallic ballet flats – bangkok find
LOVE ring – giveaway win from lee
star ring – props
necklaces: angel wing – sm dept store | elephant tusk – bangkok find
white oversized bag – mongkok, hk find

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classic never goes out of style

to resolve my dilemma in picking out the grey and camel-colored shoes i needed, i asked two friends if i should go with the clogs or the classic booties. one told me to choose the clogs as they are very much on trend right now and only a few people are wearing them here in Cebu. i thought about it and realized that yes, clogs have hardly touched cebu — well, not the cool kind, at least. the other friend told me to choose the booties as it is more me. i wondered if my friend thought i couldn’t rock the clogs and defensively asked, “so i do you mean i won’t look good wearing clogs?” he was surprised by  my question because that’s not what he meant at all, to which he explained, “choose the booties because you have more a classic and timeless style.”
when i shop, i always look for something that i can wear again and remix with my other clothes. i’d look for something that i can still see myself wearing in maybe a couple of years. for shoes, i always look for a pair that i can pair with a dress, jeans, shorts or a maxi skirt. with being overwhelmed in choosing among so many amazing shoes, i almost forgot what my real style is. shame on me. i have nothing against clogs. in fact i am so amazed at how other style bloggers rock them. i must admit though that i was very much surprised at how far the clog went and i think it will go farther than expected, it not having reached most of the philippine stylistas yet. maybe by january and the next months leading to summer. however, the clog is not for me. in the end, i chose a boho strappy pair of camel shoes with wooden heels and a pair of grey booties. it took me hours to pick them out and my sister even called me out for choosing similar styles for my shoes but that’s me and at the end of day, it’s about how i feel wearing them. 

polka dress – platinum mall, bangkok
black peep-toe booties – gifted from harry
long black cardigan – thrifted
white braided double-length belt – pratunam, bangkok
necklace: leaf and small clutch bag – carbon finds
gun-metal bangles – carbon finds
rings: clustered white beads – chatuchak, bangkok | owl – carbon find
brown sunnies – carbon find

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thank you katie holmes

if katie holmes didn’t wear tom cruise’s jeans last year, we wouldn’t be able to feel so damn comfortable and fashionable in these pants. i have to wear boyfriend jeans at least once a week, to relax from the skinny jeans or leggings that i usually wear to work. just makes sense. plus, i hate shaving my legs on weekday…i’m just lazy like that. LOL. so thank you katie holmes!
as i am writing this, my sister and i are waiting for friends to come over so we can head over to the beach and go island hopping! if you don’t know by now, philippines is a group of islands and so strategically arranged that one can never miss it on the map because our geography looks like a sitting horse — at least that’s what i think! we are surrounded by amazing islands and beaches. and in cebu alone, all we need to do is hop on a banca (mini boat) and we can enjoy the marine life — at just 30 minutes away from the city!
it’s funny because other people make sure to step foot on the islands and actually visit them. my friends and i are very much satisfied with watching the island from afar, on the banca and just dive off unto the blue waters! we’d even whine to the driver if he stirs us near to an island — we just can’t stand the crowd.LOL.
red floral top – thrifted
jeans – vintage abercrombie
grey platform heels – forever 21
grey oversized bag – lil’ sisters
grey ombre pashmina scarf – hongkok street
long watch necklace – hk gift shop
rings: blue plastic and pink stone – props

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a little bit behind on the trend

alright, so i’m a little bit behind the trend of the “boyfriend jeans” but what the heck, most people at work hasn’t even heard it anyway. i always wanted to try this style out but i didn’t want to spend any money on a new pair of jeans. good thing i found my mom’s levis and it actually is big enough to be sort of slouchy. i have to say, wearing this is really comfortable. however, it does make me look shorter than i am. i am only 5’2″ after all. doesn’t matter — i’m wearing my favorite towering cut-out heels.
a gift from harry for my 25th birthday! 
so here’s a close-up look on all the accessories i wore today. the embroidery on the peasant top i’m wearing is accessory enough. but i just love to pile them on! especially bangles. people ask me why i wear so much — i say, “welp, i woke up and decided to wear all of them!” haha! i wish i can show you the back of my top. it has more embroidery than the front. the cross necklace i’m wearing is hand-made by my sister who has her own store — called “props.” if you notice, that’s where some of my clothes and accessories come from. i’m deep in debt with her but it’s a good thing we’re sisters. *smirk*
green embroidered peasant top – thrifted
boyfriend jeans – my mom’s levis
cut-out heels – le donne (a gift!)
brown leather boho bag – thrifted
cross necklace – hand-made
long chained watch – elegant tang dynasty, hk
bronze bangle – props
green wooden bangle – props
beaded gold bangles – a gift from my aunt
glasses – thrifted