a little bit behind on the trend

alright, so i’m a little bit behind the trend of the “boyfriend jeans” but what the heck, most people at work hasn’t even heard it anyway. i always wanted to try this style out but i didn’t want to spend any money on a new pair of jeans. good thing i found my mom’s levis and it actually is big enough to be sort of slouchy. i have to say, wearing this is really comfortable. however, it does make me look shorter than i am. i am only 5’2″ after all. doesn’t matter — i’m wearing my favorite towering cut-out heels.
a gift from harry for my 25th birthday! 
so here’s a close-up look on all the accessories i wore today. the embroidery on the peasant top i’m wearing is accessory enough. but i just love to pile them on! especially bangles. people ask me why i wear so much — i say, “welp, i woke up and decided to wear all of them!” haha! i wish i can show you the back of my top. it has more embroidery than the front. the cross necklace i’m wearing is hand-made by my sister who has her own store — called “props.” if you notice, that’s where some of my clothes and accessories come from. i’m deep in debt with her but it’s a good thing we’re sisters. *smirk*
green embroidered peasant top – thrifted
boyfriend jeans – my mom’s levis
cut-out heels – le donne (a gift!)
brown leather boho bag – thrifted
cross necklace – hand-made
long chained watch – elegant tang dynasty, hk
bronze bangle – props
green wooden bangle – props
beaded gold bangles – a gift from my aunt
glasses – thrifted 


  1. Orchid Grey says:

    the color of your top is beautiful, especially when paired with the neutral tones of your jewelry!


  2. Gizelle says:

    thanks julie! i love green! and i mostly pair them with gold, bronze accessories..:D


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