boho chic on the down low

i’ve been wearing more flats lately and they’ve invaded two-thirds of my shoe rack. there’s something about cute ballet flats that i can’t resist. if not for the non-existent cash in my wallet, i would’ve gone ahead and bought myself two more pairs at the department store early today. sometimes, not carrying cash is a good thing. 
these wide-legged palazzos are very tricky to wear. they’re very comfortable but the wrong styling can make you look like a balloon. do you think i styled it well? you, how would you style a pair of palazzos? 

white top with lace sleeves – props | teal wide-legged palazzos – props | gold flats – solemate, sm dept store | yellow green belt – props | light blue feather earrings – downtown find | black and white sunnies – downtown find | coral cuffs – props

i also blogged over at — a style blog i share with my two sisters.  

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  1. Mutzii says:

    I love flats too! 😀 I super love your coral cuffs. 😀 Can I ask you something? Who created/designed your blogsite? Geez, I'm struggling to re-design my own for so long now. 😦

    Twitter: @vanillaflambae


  2. Denise says:

    i love flat shoes too!!!:)


  3. SunnyToast says:

    I love your arm candy! i need one like that for my outfit:)


  4. roanjean says:

    Hello Gizelle! I want to try out palazzo pants because they're so comfy but mahadlok ko kay dako kog pus-on so next time na lang haha!

    Where did you take this? I wanna go where the pine trees are in Seybu! 😀


  5. MEB says:

    i always love your style ms gizelle, i was delighted when you left a comment:) THANKS! 😀 Stay fab!


  6. CARLA says:

    Gorgeous, as usual. My cousin knows you pala, Gizelle. Thanks for dropping by on my blog. 🙂



  7. Chyrel Gomez says:

    OMG! I love your photos!!! I got palazzo pants at home and never got to wore them. Not yet!


  8. Liezyl Gomez says:

    i live in flats! haha. i'd wear palazzo pants if only i was taller. hehe


  9. Oh wao, I really really like this outfit!! The color combo of blue and green looks so vibrant and happy. Also, your pants are just awesome! I'm getting more into ballerina flats myself. In fact, one of my New Year Resolutions for this year is to wear more comfy flats 😉


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