time flies when you’re having fun

please don’t mind the undone face — this was taken after a super early morning mass. 
i’ve been very busy the past few days and i didn’t notice that two weeks has actually gone by since i resigned from my corporate job. my days are filled with hours of arts and crafts, trips downtown, meeting clients, photo shoots and discussing collaborations, among other things. i don’t follow a strict schedule and i think i work more than 8 hours a day. but you know what? all of it doesn’t feel like work. i guess what they say is right, it certainly doesn’t feel like work when you’re having fun. 

printed chiffon top – primal rave | blue maxi skirt – primal rave | camel smoking slippers – rubi shoes | ash teal belt – props | tan fringe bag – urban originals | necklaces: charm necklace and ethnic-style necklace – downtown finds, elephant tusk – bangkok find | bangles: pink rhinestones – gifted from india, brass and enamel bangles – downtown finds | rings: lion head and gecko – downtown finds 

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can too much excitement kill you?

bird-printed top with ruffled back detail – primal rave | black electro-pleated midi-skirt – thrifted | cobalt blue wedge sandals – gifted by Aimee | blue with yellow and peach accent satchel – primal rave | black wide-brimmed hat – cotton on | necklaces – downtown finds | rings: multi-colored bird – bangkok find, gifted by mom, turquoise connector – downtown find | cutout cuff – downtown find |  studded green belt – primal rave

i’ve been feeling rather inspired and weirdly optimistic lately. my friend and i are starting a passion project and we couldn’t be any more excited about it. take out the fact that we’re both giddy type of people and you’ll still find us overly excited. unlike 2 years ago when i ventured on a project because i thought it was what i was passionate about, this one feels different. it’s not forced. it’s not frustrating. it just feels natural and true. i pray this is it. will definitely tell you guys more — soon! 
and ooh, here’s a sneak peak of my accidental obsession. my dad built this shelf for me — which was so sweet of him (or maybe because him and my mom could no longer stand my shoes strewn across the floor). i bought these shoes with my own hard-earned money from work and these pairs came with both sweat and tears. but you know what? a stress-free, full of passion life is something a wall of shoes can never compensate. 

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to feeling lighter

black and white striped leotard top – primal rave | red jeans – primal rave | polka dotted gold flats – primal rave | red studded bag – shopyapi.com | collar necklace – downtown find | gold spiral-esque cuff – primal rave | octopus ring – bangkok find, gift from mom | oversized black ring – forever21, by sweet 

…and saying no to cancer. my friend told me last night that stress is the number 1 cause of cancer. i knew stress caused several people to die due to heart problems but i never knew it could be much worse. good thing though i’ve decided to let go of the stress. disconnect from it before i end up getting sicker than i was over the last 3 months. only a few days after my official decision to get off the roller coaster, i feel lighter in so many ways. for one, Harry is happy that i’m singing light and happy songs again. cheers to a stress-free life! 

p.s. if it’s not yet obvious, most of the items in my outfit are from primal rave — the wholesale business my mom, sister and i own. we still have a lot of chic items up for grabs. 10 items or more get wholesale price — it’s never too early for Christmas shopping! *wink*

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