never too old for sinulog

the Sinulog festivities have grown over the last years. more and more people flock to Cebu from different parts of the country to venerate sto. nino and of course, to experience how it is to party in Sinulog. the first photo below is how Sinulog looks like in Cebu. imagine that volume of people and multiply that by 100. now imagine, half of these are inebriated and are most likely to splash water (or beer) on you or paint your face with poster color or worse, black oil. don’t expect to go home clean and untainted — especially if you’re intent on partying. be prepared to give your Sinulog shirt a good funeral because you will never be able to wear it again. this year, we even saw everyone sharing the love, holding placards saying “free hugs.” Sinulog is indeed a happy time. 
when Harry and I were asked what we’ll be doing this year for Sinulog, we figured we’re too old for the street party and planned on staying at home. after all, we’re an old married couple (or we feel like one). admittedly, after last year’s tragic incident, Sinulog has scarred me. good thing we went out though because that was one of the most fun we’ve had in a long time. it was also a great time to spend with my sisters — as we danced crazily, not caring what other people would think. 

neon striped top (which died at the end of the day) – props | denim levis cut-offs – thrifted | grey flats – solemate, sm dept store | tan fringe bag – urban originals | black hat – cotton on | feather necklace – downtown find | oversized sunnies – urban outfitters | bangles and bracelets – downtown finds and braid & bonds
where is my Islands Souvenirs cut&style shirt? i wore the pink at the beach and gave the other one to my cousin after her pleas. LOL. 

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pit senyor! x islands souvenirs cut & style your sinulog shirt

my hectic schedule (and not being able to blog for days) might not show this but it was truly an honor being one of the ambassadors for Islands Souvenirs Cut & Style Your Sinulog Shirt project. headed by Kryz Uy and together with Eden Villarba, Marco Diala and Gillian Uang, we were all given a chance to show our creative side and style the popular Sinulog shirts from Islands Souvenirs. 

each of us were given shirts and were tasked to create two styles. one pair, they display on the Islands Souvenir shops and the other, to be worn by us. the event took place last week and i couldn’t wait for Sinulog day and had to bring my shirt to the beach, last weekend. here’s my first design: 

DIY shirt – Islands Souvenirs | white cut-offs – thrifted | yellow beaded necklace – props | elephant tusk necklace – bangkok find | bangles with beads – braids and bonds | red bangles – WAGW | beaded bracelets – downtown finds

it is very easy to make actually and here’s a guide on how you can create this style:

♥ first, cut off the edges of the shirt — from the hem, the collar and the sleeves. you can go sleeveless or like me, cut it shorter to cover your arms a bit. i also cut the collar deeper in the back. it is Sinulog after all and the streets will be swamped and you’d need to breathe from all the partying.

♥ dip-bleach (if it’s colored) or dip-dye (if it’s white) the shirt and prepare a small bottle of bleach or a packet of colored dye
♥ dip a smaller part of the bottom for 30 minutes then dip the shirt halfway and leave it for 4 hours (or until you reach your desired shade). 


♥ when you reach the desired result of your shirt, wash them in water and soap and hang to dry.
♥ once dry, begin cutting the shirt in fringes.

♥ for a more stylish effect, you can cut the front strips thinly and braid every fringe or so.

you still have tonight and tomorrow morning to style your Sinulog shirts! and as an added treat, if you wear your Islands Souvenirs shirt to VUDU’s Sinulog Party Series, you get free cover charge!

see you all on the streets! pit senyor!

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awkward like prom

one of the perks of my job is being able to attend events on billable hours. last saturday, on the sinulog weekend, our company Drawingboard Creative Studios sponsored an event at the CICC featuring Hed Kandi. we created their promotional designs and printed their posters and streamers. it’s been a while since we’ve sponsored an event and it was actually the first time i attended one for our company. 
unfortunately though, the only other perks i can say about that night was having spent it with harry and having been able to wear this outfit. honestly, the event was mediocre to say the least. upon mentioning Hed Kandi, people initially got excited as his music brought us amazing memories and is still continuing to do so. i think the event might not have been well-promoted. the initial hype was there but nearing the event, it lacked the much-needed push for people to attend it. the place itself didn’t have enough spunk that would get the people excited when they arrive at the venue.  the heavy rain may be blamed for the significantly low attendance but certainly not the absence of eye-catching decorations, identifiers upon entering that the event is featuring Hed Kandi or even lights on the photo wall. in three words, the event was ‘awkward like prom’.
oh i didn’t say i didn’t have fun that night though. i did as i do always manage to make the most out of the situation. mimicking the dancers’ moves, getting free beer and eating at what we call ‘the cholesterol center’ with harry, sister and her husband after the event was fun enough for me. 
printed mini-dress – pratunam, bangkok
tulle ruffled shorts (underneath) – props
black studded wedge booties – ebay find
studded bucket bag – parisian, sm dept store
necklaces: round imprinted – gifted from gelie | dogtags – custom-made
silver bangles – carbon finds
skull ring – carbon find

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rain or shine: Cebu knows how to party!

purchasing this pair of studded boots despite living in a tropical country is probably one of the best shoe decisions i’ve made in 2009. this pair has gone through two Sinulog festivals and has freed my feet from mud, being stepped on and believe it or not, blisters. Sinulog is always the best excuse to go over the top with the outfit and don as many accessories as you can. as i didn’t have enough time to make my American-Indian head dress, my mom’s floral boho top is the next best thing plus my favorite head dress, the turban. next year for sure, i’ll be donning feather on my head.

Sinulog is also always the perfect excuse to go wild out on the streets even with the heavy rain, paint our bodies with anything that we’ll probably regret when we get to the office on Monday, drink even in the early afternoon, blow on a whistle till’ our friends go deaf and shout to our hearts desire. you don’t believe me? i’ll let the photos do the talking…

i don’t know how i got home but i owe Harry for getting me there safely. next year, i’m not drinking on an empty stomach nor am i stealing any cups of beer from unknowing friends. LOL.
floral bohemian top – thrifted
denim shorts – beads and blooms
studded boots – mongkok, hong kong
purple printed turban – thrifted
brass alligator and scorpion connector ring – carbon find
huge black oval ring – gifted from sweet of pensandlens
elephant necklace – carbon find
elephant tusk – bangkok
brass bangles – carbon finds
wooded bangle – raw materials store, cebu

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as colorful as a peacock

disclaimer: pardon the puppy face on the last photo. i meant to show you my peacock feather earrings and my owl connector ring. can you believe each accessory are just below PHP 50.00?
as if it was intently scheduled by the heavens above, after raining for 2 weeks due to the la niña, the clouds cleared up and the sun came out to get ready for the festivities this weekend. 
we will be celebrating the feast of the sto. niño this weekend. (sto. niño, meaning the child jesus). the feast celebrates how us, filipinos who had Islamic and Pagan origins, were Christianized and accepted Roman Catholicism. the celebration is called the Sinulog and is celebrated with nine days of novena before the feast, a procession for the child jesus and the street dancing with the dancers and participants in bright and extravagant costumes, giant mascots and colorful parade floats. literally everyone able to walk will be out on the streets celebrating during the parade.   it is chaotic, what with the traffic and huge flux of people dancing, drinking and just having an awesome time but the celebration is definitely still something we look forward to every year as it is always a reason to get together with family and friends. 
white top – thrifted
green suede electro-pleated skirt – thrifted
camel faux leather bag – parisian, sm dept store
nude lace-up wedges – gold dot
peacock earrings – platinum mall, bangkok
owl connector ring – carbon find
camel braided belt – pratunam, bangkok
brown sunnies – bazaar find

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viva pit senyor!

it’s the 30th sinulog in cebu! to know more about this festival — click here!
it’s grander than new year’s here in our place and i swear, every year more and more people flock to cebu! it’s not a mob but a tidal wave of people and all you can do is let the waves take you… even the rain this year couldn’t stop the people from partying…
the family and i had our annual lunch at my tita’s (aunt’s) house in talamban and the above photos were taken on their steps. i couldn’t eat much because i was sick the whole night and had painful stomach spasms — almost had myself hospitalized if it weren’t for the thoughts of sinulog motivating me to get through it. i mean, i don’t want to miss the fun on the streets and stay couped up in a hospital room…after lunch, my friends and i hung out at a bar on the streets of mango, right near the actual sinulog parade… we did our own body painting (as seen below: my own painting of our group name right on my arm)… i took a few photos of the parade and the people (as much as i could manage since it’s very crowded)… then we walked to ayala cebu to have a picnic on the terraces grounds and watch the fireworks…i’m very proud to say that i got through this year’s festival SOBER…haha!


printed top – roxy
boho skirt – thrifted
flip-flips – havaianas (make your own)
black studded boots – mongkok ladies market
black bag – lil’ sister’s
dog tag necklace – custom made
reindeer in gun metal (necklace) – bubble bee gift shop
rings – props
gun metal cuff – props
pink sunnies – thrifted

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when confused about what to wear, we can’t go wrong with neutrals. as much as a love colors with punch, i always go back to shades of brown. it’s my go to palette.
i’ve been losing some sleep because of the band practice at the back of our apartment. here in cebu, celebrations start with christmas season and end by valentines. some people even don’t take down christmas decorations until february..haha! and why is this? well, cebuanos celebrate ‘the sinulog’ — the feast of the baby jesus. it’s a city wide celebration with a big procession on 3rd saturday of the month and a huge mardigra on the sunday after that.  there’s street dancing from different contingents and schools (all sacrifices and offerings to the baby jesus)..and there’s a lot of parties on the streets…the mardigra ends with fireworks…and before we know it, we’re waking up with a really bad hangover…it’s really crazy!
anyway, my ‘a-te’ (big sister) told me i need to get better backdrops for my photos. i wish! i don’t have much time or chances to go around and find good scenery as i take my photos right when i get home from work. i wish i can have denise’s backgrounds. she always has really good and interesting ones.

cropped pants – mom’s closet
white tank top – metro kid’s dept
cropped jacket – thrifted
brown suede shoes with rhinestones – celine (a gift from mom)
long necklace – a gift from ivy
bejewelled cuffs – custom made by sis
rings – props
sunnies – thrifted