as colorful as a peacock

disclaimer: pardon the puppy face on the last photo. i meant to show you my peacock feather earrings and my owl connector ring. can you believe each accessory are just below PHP 50.00?
as if it was intently scheduled by the heavens above, after raining for 2 weeks due to the la niña, the clouds cleared up and the sun came out to get ready for the festivities this weekend. 
we will be celebrating the feast of the sto. niño this weekend. (sto. niño, meaning the child jesus). the feast celebrates how us, filipinos who had Islamic and Pagan origins, were Christianized and accepted Roman Catholicism. the celebration is called the Sinulog and is celebrated with nine days of novena before the feast, a procession for the child jesus and the street dancing with the dancers and participants in bright and extravagant costumes, giant mascots and colorful parade floats. literally everyone able to walk will be out on the streets celebrating during the parade.   it is chaotic, what with the traffic and huge flux of people dancing, drinking and just having an awesome time but the celebration is definitely still something we look forward to every year as it is always a reason to get together with family and friends. 
white top – thrifted
green suede electro-pleated skirt – thrifted
camel faux leather bag – parisian, sm dept store
nude lace-up wedges – gold dot
peacock earrings – platinum mall, bangkok
owl connector ring – carbon find
camel braided belt – pratunam, bangkok
brown sunnies – bazaar find

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a nude kind of high

the truth is, i’ve been more afraid of wedges than of 5″ heels. yes, they both get me to better heights or at least not make me look small beside harry who is 5’11 and the extra height sure make up for our 9″ difference but i was afraid that wedges would make my thighs look bigger than it already is. so i avoided them until jeffrey campbell and those awesome girls who wear them convinced me to give wedges a try. i must say, i’m a convert. oh my heels will still have enough attention from me but my alfreda wedges from gold dot will surely be a wardrobe staple. this is my first online purchase and opening that package was really a treat — it was like christmas. haha!

white striped top – platinum mall, bangkok
mauve blazer – linea italia
skinny jeans – chillypapa
beige suede wedges – gold dot
silver robot necklace – borrowed from aimee
pink sunnies – carbon find
stacks of bangles – carbon find

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