viva pit senyor!

it’s the 30th sinulog in cebu! to know more about this festival — click here!
it’s grander than new year’s here in our place and i swear, every year more and more people flock to cebu! it’s not a mob but a tidal wave of people and all you can do is let the waves take you… even the rain this year couldn’t stop the people from partying…
the family and i had our annual lunch at my tita’s (aunt’s) house in talamban and the above photos were taken on their steps. i couldn’t eat much because i was sick the whole night and had painful stomach spasms — almost had myself hospitalized if it weren’t for the thoughts of sinulog motivating me to get through it. i mean, i don’t want to miss the fun on the streets and stay couped up in a hospital room…after lunch, my friends and i hung out at a bar on the streets of mango, right near the actual sinulog parade… we did our own body painting (as seen below: my own painting of our group name right on my arm)… i took a few photos of the parade and the people (as much as i could manage since it’s very crowded)… then we walked to ayala cebu to have a picnic on the terraces grounds and watch the fireworks…i’m very proud to say that i got through this year’s festival SOBER…haha!


printed top – roxy
boho skirt – thrifted
flip-flips – havaianas (make your own)
black studded boots – mongkok ladies market
black bag – lil’ sister’s
dog tag necklace – custom made
reindeer in gun metal (necklace) – bubble bee gift shop
rings – props
gun metal cuff – props
pink sunnies – thrifted

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  1. Hiya!
    These are such gorgeous shots! Cute glasses + Skirt!
    Love love.
    Panda xx
    Oh, and thanks so much for your adorable comment!


  2. lovely skirt Gizelle! and i adore the glasses too 😉

    i wasn't able to hit the streets of cebu last weekend cos I was sick with the flu.. boohoo. and the rain! ai nakuh! nakakalurke!

    anyway, i will def visit your sister's store soon! 🙂
    am in dire need of new accessories! hehe!


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