awkward like prom

one of the perks of my job is being able to attend events on billable hours. last saturday, on the sinulog weekend, our company Drawingboard Creative Studios sponsored an event at the CICC featuring Hed Kandi. we created their promotional designs and printed their posters and streamers. it’s been a while since we’ve sponsored an event and it was actually the first time i attended one for our company. 
unfortunately though, the only other perks i can say about that night was having spent it with harry and having been able to wear this outfit. honestly, the event was mediocre to say the least. upon mentioning Hed Kandi, people initially got excited as his music brought us amazing memories and is still continuing to do so. i think the event might not have been well-promoted. the initial hype was there but nearing the event, it lacked the much-needed push for people to attend it. the place itself didn’t have enough spunk that would get the people excited when they arrive at the venue.  the heavy rain may be blamed for the significantly low attendance but certainly not the absence of eye-catching decorations, identifiers upon entering that the event is featuring Hed Kandi or even lights on the photo wall. in three words, the event was ‘awkward like prom’.
oh i didn’t say i didn’t have fun that night though. i did as i do always manage to make the most out of the situation. mimicking the dancers’ moves, getting free beer and eating at what we call ‘the cholesterol center’ with harry, sister and her husband after the event was fun enough for me. 
printed mini-dress – pratunam, bangkok
tulle ruffled shorts (underneath) – props
black studded wedge booties – ebay find
studded bucket bag – parisian, sm dept store
necklaces: round imprinted – gifted from gelie | dogtags – custom-made
silver bangles – carbon finds
skull ring – carbon find

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  1. UHM i love your dress! It's SO CUTE. And I wouldnt know if something is awkward like prom. I never went because of the outrageous price >:[


  2. me likes the make-up…the dress…and everything in the photo!!! I saw the video by the way from the event and I was a bit shock since the dancefloor was really empty…hopefully the next event would be a hit!!!

    see you soon babe and don't get tired hahahaha!!! we can meet on the 25th evening and go to F21 hehehehe…so that on saturday we can still parteeh!!!



  3. You look beautiful in yellow, I'm definitely loving this mini-dress on you! 🙂

    glad you had fun at the event even if it was a little mediocre!


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