bigger better BLOGGERS UNITED 5

Your favorite fashion and beauty bloggers are all set for the 5th installment of Bloggers United!
Get ready for another round of intense shopping experience as 60+ of Manila’s top fashion bloggers open their closets once again in a big bazaar this June 1, from 10am to 8pm at our best venue yet, the SMX Convention Center (Function Room 3)! Bloggers United gets even BIGGER with our partner bazaar The Great Luxe Sale of Mall of Asia and SMX, happening from May 31 to June 2 at the SMX Hall 1.
Celebrity bloggers Divine Lee, Victor Basa, Laureen Uy, Camille Co, Nicole Anderson, and Maggie Wilson will all grace the event, plus international blogger Maya Kibbel of Elle Girl Japan!
End summer with a bang at BU5! What to expect:
1)      Great finds for less, perfect for revamping your look as another school year starts!
2)      Meet and interact with style bloggers and online friends!
3)      Contribute to Bloggers United 5’s partner charity Diksyunaryo Atbp ( ). Bring old (or new) books as we will accept donations at the registration booth!
4)      Lots of games, music, and other exciting surprises from our BU5 partners!
Don’t forget to charge your cameras, stash some extra cash, and dress your best as we celebrate another day of personal style and expression! Tickets will be sold for P100 availablein all SM Cinemas nationwide. You could also buy at the event venue.  Use GCASH to purchase your tickets to get 50% discount, plus awesome freebies! See you there!
For more information and updates, follow Bloggers United:
Official Hashtag: #BU5
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sponsored post: gifts for all occassion

Here’s a Tip for the Guys ~

The winter holiday season is traditionally a time for gift giving. Most people will think of or see the perfect gift for their loved one and stash it away for months until that time of the year arrives. Why wait for Christmas when you can show your loved one just how much they mean to you now? There are many reasons to give gifts, and giving the gift of Pandora is a great way to show someone just how much you love them at any time of the year. Pandora’s extraordinary quality and style make it an amazing gift to give at any time of the year.

 Why settle for the same old gold rings and hoop earrings for your loved one when you can surprise them with the gift of a Pandora charm bracelet. Pandora offers a wide variety of different styles of bracelet to suit your budget and her style. Whether she loves the natural look of braided leather or the flashy confidence of two-tone gold, a Pandora bracelet will look great around her wrist. Pandora also offers excellent craftsmanship and sturdy clasps that are sure not to snap or spontaneously open. This means that, not only will you be buying your loved one a beautiful gift, but a high quality gift as well. 

Choosing charms for your loved one’s Pandora bracelet is fun and rewarding. You get to think about all of the things that she loves while knowing that you will surely make her smile. The variety of charms that Pandora offers is great for all occasions. Whether she is graduating from college, having a baby, celebrating her birthday, or you just want to show her how much you love her, you can do so with charms from Pandora. You can also select from charms containing stylized glass and gemstones to fit her unique and personal style.

No matter the occasion, the woman in your life deserves to be shown just how much she means to you. Don’t wait till December. Buy her a charm bracelet today that is as unique, reliable, and beautiful as she  is.


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sponsored post: season for dressing up

Right when September rolls in, there is always an excuse to dress up. With the commencement of Spring 2013 fashion week all over the world, the start of the school year and the corresponding homecoming activities, the beginning of awards shows like the Emmy’s and eventually to holiday parties until the end of the year, there is never a period in a year where fashion is most prominent and elegant.

When dressing up, it never hurts to dress to the nines especially when attending formal events. Designer dresses are great options to instantaneously create glamour while others choose to create their own statements with jewelry paired with simple dresses. For the young at heart, regardless if you’re in school or not, prom dresses become cool and quirky alternatives to creating a fashionable impression.

Always remember though that in this stylish season, the best accessory is a smile.

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sponsored post: selecting your wedding shoes, advices

It’s a well known fact that women give a great importance to their shoes. Surely, when it concerns such great day as wedding, everything should be perfect, including shoes. Since shoes can have a huge impact on a woman’s behavior, any bride should think ten times when buying a pair for such special day as wedding day. The shoes should enhance the beauty of the bridal dress and at the same time, make the bride feel very comfortable, so she could enjoy in full her special day! If you are making a beach wedding in Florida,the choice of shoes will also be of crucial importance. 

Selecting Your Wedding Shoes, Advices

 If you still think that fashion and style are the only criteria that matter in choosing wedding shoes, you are wrong. First of all, before selecting the shoes, look at the wedding venue and the season weather when the wedding is taking place. Thus, if the wedding is about to be held outside in the summers, shoes like sandals with straps will suit the best, while pumps on high heels can stick into the ground, making you feel discomfort while walking! Respectively, if the wedding is in winter time, choose closed shoes, they will protect your feet from the cold. 

 Depending on what kind of wedding you are about to have, so will your wedding shoes. For example, if you are making a beach wedding or, flip flops, which today are available in various designs and colors, will be the best choice for your wedding dress. But if your wedding is formal one, taking place in church or restaurant, then it’s better to choose classical, elegant, high-heeled pumps or sandals on heels. 

 Second, when you have already on your wedding gown, choose such shoes that will look nice with the wedding dress. When choosing the shoes, bring a sample of your wedding gown fabric with you to the store, so that the shoe color could match exactly with your wedding dress color. One more thing to pay attention to is a type of embellishments that will be on the gown. If the dress is too lacy or has got embroidery or crystals on it, then combine it with plain looking but still festive shoes. However, if the dress is pretty simple, go for fancy shoes with embellishments, to make the image smarter. 

 Last, but not the least, choose the material of the shoes very accurately. If you want a very rich and a bit funky look, choose leather shoes. If you still wish to look very feminine, get shoes in tender tissue like silk, velvet, satin or lace but make sure it coincide with your wedding gown. And remember that even on a gloomy day, give the woman a pair of sexy high heels that she will like, and all her blues will vanish immediately in the air!

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sponsored post maximizing the maxi dress

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One of the hottest trends of this season has to be the evening maxi dress. This simple yet stylish ensemble is both feminine and fun and has proven to be a popular wardrobe addition for some time.
There are a number of evening maxi dresses hitting the style radar this year, all of which have been created in an array of designs, fabrics, prints and colours.
Prints are especially big this season, regardless of the pattern. Floral, striped and tie-dye maxis have all been seen adorning an array of models at this season’s runway shows and such a style is the perfect choice for a variety of occasions; including weddings, christenings and graduation ceremonies.
The beauty of this ensemble is the fact that it remains quite demure whilst still showcasing an on-trend and up-market style.
One of the maxi dresses many virtues is its shape. When teamed with uber high heels, this style has the ability to lengthen the torso. It can, however, be worn with flats and wedges which is great news for those who intend to stay on their feet for the majority of the evening.
There are endless selections of evening maxi dresses at Dressy maxi dresses tend to come in materials such as satin and chiffon. This season is exhibiting an array of printed styles which create an edgier look that is certainly not suited to the shy and retiring wallflower.
Those that wish to invest in a simpler yet equally attractive style may wish to try a block-coloured piece. A simple hue can be dressed up with a variety of accessories including a statement clutch, killer wedges and a metallic belt.
Hues working their way into this season’s palette include purple, black, gold, red, turquois, cobalt blue and orange. The Grecian style maxi dress is a great option for those that wish to create a stylish, high-trend look perfect for a wedding or engagement party.
This style boasts a full length cut, sweetheart neckline and more often than not, pleated panache detailing. Pleated maxi dresses often come in an extremely feminine fabric, including chic chiffon complete with a satin panelling at the bust.
There are an array of outstanding options available today, all of which are impeccably suited to those extra special occasions.
The best thing about a maxi dress is its versatility; even the dressiest options can be toned down with the likes of flats and a pashmina, allowing you to get as much wear out of them as possible. 

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sponsored post: how to get the 80’s look

(top to bottom, left to right: betsey johnson spring rtw 2012 – looks 1 & 2, jeremy scott spring rtw 2012 , alice + olivia spring rtw 2012, moschino cheap & chic spring rtw 2012, betsey johnson fall rtw 2012 – looks 6 & 7, l.a.m.b. fall rtw 2012)
(photo credits:

Remember the heady days of Madonna, Dynasty, Kylie Minogue and those outrageous neon legwarmers? It may all seem a long time ago (30 years, in fact!) but now you can relive the 80s with the up-to-date styles currently springing up on the high street – from acid wash jeans to shoulder pads and leotards, there’s something for everyone.

Bodycon dresses
One of the most popular dress styles of the 80s was the bodycon – figure-hugging, with a low neckline and ultra-short skirt, these dresses were worn from day to evening. Nowadays, of course, we’re a little bit more conservative and generally reserve them for nights out, but if you’d like to adapt the look for daytime, shop for bodycon dresses in subtle pastel shades, or with floral patterns and lace embellishments.

Shoulder pads
A major player in the power-dressing trend, shoulder pads grew in popularity during this decade, largely owing to iconic TV shows like Dynasty and The Cosby Show, and a keenness for women to make an assertive impression in the workplace. These days, you’ll find shoulder pads in structured jackets and blazers, as well as in the above mentioned bodycon dresses.

A craze for fitness and dancewear swept fashion in the 80s, partly due to 1983′s Flashdance and the popularity of Jane Fonda’s workout tapes. Leotards were at the forefront of the trend, along with the infamous legwarmers. In recent years, celebs like Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Jessie J have all shown off their curves in an array of sparkly, metallic and colourful leotards. If you’re brave enough to wear one, opt for a plain leotard that you can layer underneath shorts or a skirt for a glamorous night out.

Neon clothing
One of the biggest trends from the 80s that’s now re-emerging is fluorescent, neon colours. Garish pinks, acid yellows and bright greens were all the rage – think Cyndi Lauper – not only on clothing but also accessories, including fingerless gloves and the much-loved ‘jelly’ shoes. This spring you can get a similar neon fix with colourful acid wash jeans, vibrant wedges and sugary chiffon skirts.

If you’re planning on injecting a bit of 80s flamboyance into your wardrobe this spring, an American Express credit card is the ideal shopping companion. Amex have variety of card options to choose from, each offering unique membership benefits, you can make your next trip to the high street even more rewarding.

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sponsored post: how the right underwear can boost your confidence

Confidence is a funny thing. When you’re full of it you feel like you can take on the world, like nothing can stand in your way and that you can overcome any obstacle.
But when you’re lacking confidence, even the smallest set-back can become a big deal. It’s a mercurial and mysterious thing, and nobody really understands how it works. If you could discover the secret and bottle it, you would be very rich indeed.
You Deserve to Be There
Yet despite the intangible nature of confidence, there are certain things you can do that have been proven to help you feel more confident. The most important aspect of confidence is to feel comfortable. This can be in terms of your surroundings, the people you’re with and even the clothes you are wearing.
If you feel at home and comfortable then you are more likely to be yourself, and with that comes confidence and charisma. Tell yourself that you belong and that you deserve to be in any room you walk in to. It also helps to realise that no matter how people present themselves, deep down they are all going through something similar.
Of course, feeling comfortable in what you are wearing can also be a massive boost. If you know that what you’re wearing suits you and works with your shape, then it can relax you and put you in the right frame of mind.
But it’s not just what you wear on the outside that can make you feel comfortable. Underwear is also very important for making you feel good about yourself. If you have supportive and well-fitting underwear then it’s a great starting point for overall comfort.
Comfort and Style
There is no hard and fast rule that says comfortable underwear can’t be sexy. Getting the support you need in the right places is great, but that shouldn’t have to mean looking like you’re wearing a bed sheet.
The lingerie collection for larger figures from Elomiis designed with precisely this in mind. It offers comfort and support where it’s needed and still makes you feel glamorous and sexy. Knowing that, even if no one else is going to see it, is still enough to give you a confidence boost in any situation.

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i am very much excited and at the same time afraid of this shopping haven — excited because shopping happens with just one click and afraid because shopping happens in just one click, meaning my wallet is at its mercy! seriously, is such a brilliant yet simple concept website it’s a wonder no one else has though about it here in the Philippines. it’s amazingly easy to navigate and features a wide array of items to be shopped at one’s convenience. carries 300 brands and uploads 300 new items everyday. the site carries items from both local and international brands and are not limited to just fashion items as it has sports and home living too. the best part is that your items reach your doorstep in 1 – 3 business days. as co-founder Palo Campos III said, “ is basically democratizing fashion.” hear ye, hear ye. ♥

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our sponsors: how we managed to go to Manila

before i do a post on our quick-dinner-before-leaving with the Manila Bloggers, i’d like to first feature our sponsors and the goodies we received from the event. of course, without these amazing sponsors, the Cebu Fashion Bloggers wouldn’t have been able to travel to Manila. we are eternally grateful. mind you, these are just a few of them as i’ve already tucked away or given away some. that’s how blessed we were.
Bloggers United loot:
Lorys Hair Cream in Duo Chocolate — smells so yummy!
Rio Mints in very cool packaging — i super love them! not only do they taste good, they’re very stylish too.
♥ An Ashley’s lippie in a cupcake — very cute!
♥ A few packs of Kotex Luxe — they’re like style items on their own as the pads are lined in floral prints!
Nivea products — classic and undying staples. 
Accessorize Sunnies — a timeless shape and shade. Very Audrey Hepburn. 

i would also like to especially thank Multiply for partnering with Bloggers United. their new site is just amazing and super easy for shopaholics like me to shop.

here are the links to the rest of our sponsors:
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friendship is a promise |

(m.i.a. in this photo: candace, karen, maiz, bufal and riza)

as i continue to look back on my teen years, i cannot help but feel grateful for the friends i have gained
along the way. i am even more grateful for the friends i’ve met when i was 12 years old and have till’ now. our group does not only embody friendship but also of a promise and sisterhood. we’ve watched each other as we went through the fun of graduating grade school, to the confusing and interesting high school years, to the new experience of college, to the anxiety and excitement to starting our careers and even to witnessing how each of us have slowly found the love of our lives.

i may have the tendency to pile on stand out accessories with layers of bangles on my left arm and a row of rings on my fingers but a classic piece of jewelry always still catches my attention. with quite a line of jewelry from, i wish that i can buy promise rings online for all of my best friends. promise rings are traditionally given by a guy to a girl before an engagement but tradition definitely cannot dictate the promise of sisterhood that we have for each other.

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