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my sister is my inspiration right now. despite everything that has happened, she remains strong and perseveres through the grief from the loss. she knows she must stand back up because it would have what he wanted. for anyone who’s gone through loss, stitching your life back together can be hell but my sister — although she’s feeling this eternal heartache, she is taking one day at a time in dealing with life. other people may give up but not my sister.
so every time i am extra stressed at work and feel like walking out the office door or every time i think i may never get through some shitty traffic, i think about how my sister is moving forward despite what she went through. life gives us little hiccups but we will always get past them. people go through worst things and they get past it. what happened has made me realize that i need to cherish life even more and not sweat the small stuff. life is too short.
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  1. I've been through what your sister has also experienced. It was my brother. And I know his long-time girlfriend suffered too. And I totally pray for God to take away her pain.

    But yes, I know “he” wanted your sister to eventually move on and find someone who'll love her just the same or even more than he did.

    It's nice that you find strength in each other. 🙂

    Melai of Style and Soul


  2. This is exactly what I needed to read today, Gizelle 🙂 You always write such inspirational things and you and your sister look lovely. xxx


  3. Aww. Ang cute niyo! Love your shorts!:) She's a strong woman, Gizelle. I admire both of you for being there for each other. Hug her for me and a cyberhug for you, too! >:D Hope all goes well with you!


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