style inspiration: longer than the usual

it’s saturday night and i’m supposed to be out but i’m not, thus my bad mood. so instead of the usual outfit post, i leave you with my obsession these days: maxi skirts + booties. i’m on the hunt for them and will be donning a few for the coming days. i recently paid the good old city market (carbon) thrift stands a visit and forgot how amazing stuff there can be.

images courtesy of report

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  1. Marta says:

    such fabulous pieces! i am especially in love with the green skirt or is it dress?) – so lovely!


  2. Laras Arum says:

    maxi skirt is a big trend right now. black maxi skirt is great. ^_^


  3. Bohemian says:

    Everything maxi! Need to find myself a sheer maxi skirt!


  4. Ann says:

    Yay!=) I'm excited to see your finds!=)


  5. Sweet says:

    oh Gizelle darling…I am really regretting why did I ever sold my long maxi skirts when I was in Cebu…I should have known…now…all the long skirts are being sold in Bangkok….and that makes me feel bad about myself…

    I should have known better!!!

    Oh dear!!!



  6. Lisa says:

    I love the leather skirt, and the green dress layered over the yellow.

    I'm so glad longer hemlines are coming back!


  7. i've given up hope of ever finding a maxi skirt here that's right for my size. why does everyone have to be so freakin' tall in america?

    kathi folds five


  8. ari says:

    YES! i am obsessed with maxi and longer lenght skirts at this moment!


  9. michelle_ says:

    great ppicks !
    i just wish that i have the tall figure to pull off the maxi skirt just the way these models did !

    thanks for the sweet comments !


  10. AW. Fashion should put you in a good mood. RIIIGHT…

    I wish I could wear Maxi Skirts. Im just far too short for such an occassion.


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