the beach that’s a block away

this is only one of a few things that i’ll miss this holy week. this holy week, aside from attending church, i’d rather be:
in sindangan zamboanga del norte, in my mom’s hometown, to enjoy the provincial life — eating diwit and mangoes with bagoong (spicy shrimp paste), binignit. listening to michael buble, diana krall and nora jones while reading a book. walking to the beach to watch the most beautiful sunset. thrifting on the plaza (town park) displays and in the local market. eating grilled oysters while decorating the carro for jesus’ resurrection. laughing my heart out with mom, aunts, uncles and cousins. taking a side-trip to dumaguete and walk in the boulevard for a bit while eating street food — tempura and balot. 
 watch a tele-marathon with my little sister while munching on popcorn and ngohiong. this is from days of watching seventh heaven marathons from holy thursday to black saturday with my little sister. waking up whenever i want to. visiting 7 churches with my sister and dad on holy thursday or good friday.
or be in bantayan island and be a beach bum for four whole days. sleep in a tent amidst all the other beach bums. line up for an outdoor shower and brush my teeth on a deep well. sleep with sand on our toes. eat chicken as hard to eat as rubber. stare at the stars in the darkness after dinner. wash my hands with seawater. rent a motorcycle and tour the island. apply henna tattoo due to boredom in the afternoons. go home unrecognizable by my dad because i have gone too dark with extreme sunburn. LOL.
i am working my ass off this black saturday. working on a weekend. and holy week at that. damn.
 black star-printed dress – thrifted
thin white belt – props
white studded flats – so fab (a gift from lil’ sis)
black over-sized bag – mom’s
black star twined necklace – props
blue sunnies – thrifted at carbon 

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  1. *sighs* i wish im at the beach too G (*giggles* magakatawa ko na mag G ko nimo..) we need to give up one to get one.. argh! brighter side, u will save ur skin from sunburn! lets have a sunkissed face soon after the big day… june12 it is!! hahah!!


  2. Thanks for the sweet comments 🙂

    I LOVE it when I see people are making their thrifted pieces work! That dress is sick and you rock it so well.

    Sorry to hear you have to work 😦 DARN! 😦

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984


  3. ohh are those actual Ray Bans?
    It looks like it! 😮

    Sorry to hear you've got to be working, all your other ideas for the week sounded far more interesting.

    excuse my ignorance, but what sort of holy week is it?



  4. I feel for you my dear!!! but it is okay…we have our own share of spending fun memories about the Holy Week.

    love the wayfarer shades and yes, oh my the dress…absolutely wonderful…take care always!!!

    love lots


  5. Ohh you look so lovely ! I love that dress with the belt , and your glasses are fun ! 😀 Have a nice weekend to you ! xoxoox


  6. Agggh!! I LOVE that thrifted star-printed dress!!! SOooo amazing 😉 I would love to be in bantayan island as well! Your description sounds like heaven!!


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