what dreams may come

if i have too many pictures, that means harry is taking the photos and he tends to just click away. if i’m too happy in them, that means he made me laugh and there is also a possibility that i got annoyed at him right after the shoot (or vice versa) — this explains the last photo. LOL. 
as a kid, i’ve always had bizarre dreams. not really nightmares (i do get them sometimes) but dreams that are beyond my imagination if i’m wide awake. most of my dreams growing up would entail me flying, swinging or being chased by someone i don’t know.  sometimes my dreams would include people in my lives in the most unusual setting (like my family and i getting chased by a humongous gorilla and i have big black wings). at times, my dream would be of strangers i haven’t met before in my life. often times, i’d wake up feeling bothered or shaken but could not remember a thing. the worst dreams are those where a loved one is hurt and i wake up catching my breath, with tears in my eyes.

it has been suggested that i should write a story about my dreams as most great stories come from them. but i don’t know if i want to solidify them in paper. as of now, i don’t sleep with the lights off and i have learned to avoid movies or books with horror, bizarre suspense or violence. i am, however, still drawn to children’s fiction, gothic fiction, absurdist fiction or steampunk genre. so i guess my bizarre dreams will never end.

how about you? how have you been sleeping?

floral top – thrifted
mauve blazer – linea italia
skinny jeans – chillypapa
black suede peep-toe booties – celine (a gift from harry!)
dog tag necklace – custom-made
work watch – swatch
sunnies – thrifted at carbon

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  1. sharonlei says:

    I mostly dream in black and white. Weird huh? When I dream in color, those are my vivid and almost life like dreams!! I've been wanting to keep a dream journal, but have not gotten around to it…

    I really love your tank.. super springy!! Love love love.

    Hope you're having a beautiful day Gizelle!

    xx Love & Aloha


  2. Melissa says:

    First of all, I love your top. Florals are my favorite (:
    Second, I have really bizarre dreams too & I agree that the worst are the ones when I wake up tearing because someone close to me was hurt. I also get this really weird leg spasm sometimes. I feel like the ground gives under my feet, even though I'm laying down, and I kick my feet out looking for solid ground.
    I don't think I could ever write a book about my dreams because when I'm not thinking to hard about it, my dreams make sense. When I try to piece them together, they don't make any sense, whatsoever. Haha (:

    xx, Melissa


  3. julianne. says:

    that blazer is like the perfect spring color.
    i love it with that top….so muchhh.<3


  4. Hillary says:

    Lavender is so lovely on you! I used to keep a dream journal, but I found that it was so, so time consuming!

    Also, I haven't been sleeping well at all! For the last two nights I've been tossing and turning. I must have something on my mind…


  5. projectvee says:

    one of my favourite outfits from you!! love the colour of that blazer and of course, all things floral 🙂


  6. Leah says:

    Dreams have meanings… you have to ask an expert what they mean. It's normally based on your inner thoughts, fears and desires.

    I love your top… so perfect for our summer. Have a great day Gizelle! xoxo


  7. Krislyn says:

    LOVE the purple blazer.

    to be honest, i never remember my dreams… and they're usually realistic and mundane, nothing exciting or verging on the preternatural…


  8. alyssa says:

    awesome blazer!! and lovely floral top!

    i always try to document my dreams when i wake up. i try my best to remember what happened, but they say that the more you try to remember the more it'll fade. but i like keeping track of them.


  9. fadetoblack says:

    very cute love 🙂


  10. Anita Putri says:

    always cute dear,lovely pic..and love the blazer 🙂


  11. Marcell-a says:

    not a very good news to me.
    I haven't been sleeping. haha :DD


  12. pensandlens says:

    I usually sleep late now…something is bothering me….that is why…

    but love the jacket and the top plus the dog tag.

    6 more days I am excited to meet you….for your giveaway….

    you can email me on your available dates and time so that I can adjust…I will in Cebu from April 06-28, 2010.

    Take Care my dear!

    Love lots



  13. That blazer is gorgeous!


  14. Hi there thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment.

    Love your outfit and the colour of your blazer is fabulous and looks amazing teamed with your floral top.

    I dream I can't remember the last time I had a nightmare xoxo


  15. Jing says:

    my dreams are weird too. gamay ray nindot na dreams and usahay maputol pa jud.kapait.

    i love your blazer and top, gizelle. beautiful print.


  16. kate maggie says:

    I love your blazer!! x


  17. Molly says:

    How friggan cute are you! I love the booties and dog tags. You look fierce.


  18. fabulous blazer! fresh and fanciful… my dreams have always been vivid as well! i wish i knew what it meant…



  19. A.Co says:

    Found your blog today and am loving your outfit posts – very cut.

    Great neon nail polish!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984


  20. Tasha says:

    I love this purple blazer!! And it looks fabulous with those jeans and that amazing floral top! Great style!

    I'm definitely following!


  21. Elaine says:

    Cute!!! I love the floral tank. and I love the striped shirt in your last post too!

    Enter to win a William Riera dress!


  22. Cool blazer. I love light purple 🙂



  23. Iva says:

    cute blazer!!


  24. Jen says:

    I rarely dream and am a pretty peaceful sleeper. My boyfriend, on the other hand, is a nightmare (excuse the pun)! Tossing and turning all night, talking and laughing in his sleep, waking me up! Damn that boy.

    Your photos made me laugh – when the Mr took my pictures, a shooting session would often end in argument!


  25. issa says:

    i adore that floral tank!


  26. ANN says:

    I love your blazer!
    I got intense dreams as a kid too, I still do, but in the past few months they've been really vivid. I wish I could record some my dreams and watch them later though, that'd be so cool.


  27. that blazer is amazing! I love the color!


  28. Sonya says:

    I love that blazer! Pastels are huge for spring!



  29. So pretty 🙂 love the colors and the boy friend jacket hotness!!


  30. Sjaar says:

    i love your nailpolish!


  31. Lovvee your blazer!


  32. Nina says:

    I've not been liking my dreams lately, Gizelle. I guess all my anxieties are coming to fore.

    Where did you get your blazer?! Beautiful!

    PS Do you have a long scar along the knee like mine or did you get the 3 point scarring only? If so, you lucky girl! It doesn't show in any of your pics!


  33. DaMnViXeN says:

    smells like summer! nice match


  34. I sleeping well and dream a lot, but like to keep my dreams to myself (it's like my inner secret life). But there are some therapies that are heavily based on telling your dreams – so there might be something to it.


  35. Brianna! says:

    That “Thrifted” floral top is STUNNING!


  36. I love this blazer! The color is just amazing. YES YES!!! write a story about your dreams and make a post!!!! And could you do a corresponding outfit post to your dream story??!!!


  37. Hope Chella says:

    I'm loving your floral top 🙂 xx



  38. LOVE YOUR BLAZER. It's actually my new favourite colour. And I love blazers. Therefore, I'm going to steal it? Yes, I think so..

    I love dreams. To me, the best thing is waking up and remembering dreams! I'm not usually inundated with terrible dreams (nightmares, loved ones hurt), so that's good! (Slash I hope I didn't jinx myself!)

    But it's funny that you mention sleeping as I've been sleeping terribly! SIGHHH jet lag!



  39. Meream says:

    Haha that is why I seldom ask the boyfriend to take outfit photos 😀


  40. Carmen says:

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!

    I love the floral vest, very cute!



  41. Teresa says:

    Great blazer! It really complements your outfit so well!



  42. eunice says:

    i love this look! you look so feminine and sharp at the same time! great outfit!



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