behind the flowers

one of the best things about living in cebu is not is it just 30 minutes away from the beach, it’s 30 minutes away from the idyllic mountains too. this was taken last wednesday morning as my mom, dad and i drove to babag to buy some flowers for the resurrection carro. i blogged about this previously, at how we design the cart (carro) for jesus’ resurrection on the dawn of easter. i brought my dog for him to experience more of the world — and he got so restless in the back seat, barking at everyone on the road.(LOL!) on the way there, we saw some healthy cows and a horse! naive me had to take some pictures of them. they looked so free by the side of the road. when we got to the flower farm, we had to wait for them to wrap up the flowers so they offered us corn to munch on while waiting. yummy! so fresh! 
i love drives like these with my mom and dad. i get to be a kid again. i get to be my daddy’s little girl again. (he took all of my photos, by the way!)
here are other photos i took there:
the title of the post is ‘behind the flowers’ because i basically spent half the time there taking photos of the farmers behind the lovely flowers. 
beaded top – maxi skirt trimmed down and worn a top
black cardigan – bossini
black leggings – random
tan fringe sandals – katrina
thin gold belt – props
layered beaded faux gold bangles – gifted
brown sunnies – thrifted at carbon

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  1. Jen says:

    gizelle, these pictures are stunning (i'm in love with the black and white pictures with the yellow focus). 🙂

    you look adorable and i'm jealous you got to pose with a cow! haha


  2. Leah says:

    I love the images Gizelle… great work on the post processing.

    And I love the idea of converting the skirt into a top. xoxo


  3. april says:

    i love the horsee..hihih.. and the cowee.. =) i tried to imagine little snickers barking to ppl along the way and breathing so hard with his tongue out the the window.. i lerv ur top! if u haven't written that its a maxi dress before then no one would really know…hikhik.. =)


  4. i adore the fact that you share aspects of your culture and religion with those that are not as familiar with it. this was such a lovely and inspiring post – especially because your father was so into taking photos for you!


    ::post script::


  5. pensandlens says:

    hey love…you are so true…I always tell that to those asking where Cebu is in the Philippines, they haven't heard of it….

    I always tell them, it's a little
    Thailand, where you can go to Phuket and Chang Mai and Bangkok in 30 minutes or an 1 hour…it depends…and they are very interested to visit the place soon.

    Hhaahhha!!!! love the post..I miss the transcentral highway and the corn…awww…

    will surely be back there soon!!!

    Take care love…will email you in a bit…



  6. Toni says:

    i love drives too, G! esp the long ones. i am yet to post our ride down south last friday teehee 🙂
    Driving up to Busay is such an exhilarating experience! kaau ila mais didto haha!
    Cebu is <3 !!

    i love the details sa skirt err top 🙂

    and you changed your header again! nice! 🙂


  7. dotie says:

    Awesome pics!!
    the yellow flowers looks incredibly refreshing…

    eclectic du jour


  8. Love these pics! Amazing. Aslos loving your dress and belt. 🙂 X


  9. fhen says:

    love your outfit and this looks fun! 🙂


  10. Alex says:

    What fabulous photos – the ones with the yellow flowers are particularly gorgeous.


  11. Robyn says:

    even barefoot at home is great!

    And I really love the photos of you with the cow behind you, it looks like she's watching you~




  12. Glam Girl says:

    Beautiful outfit! U look so pretty


  13. Brianna! says:

    But my favorite photo is the one with the Corn!
    I love corn…especially Fried corn. If youve never tried it fried…YOU SHOULD:)
    Happy EASTER dear!


  14. projectvee says:

    beautiful pictures! i also really love the yellow focus 🙂
    and you're looking great like always!


  15. ANN says:

    I love your dress and these pictures! I love the one with the cow behind you for some reason haha and that horse so pretty 😀


  16. that was one really awkward pose with the cow…i was afraid he/she was gonna' kick me!hehe.


  17. THERE'S A COW!!!! hahahah. It seriously caught me off guard. I was like “nice, nice, nice, nice… wait a second… *scroll back*.. oh, it's just a — COW!!!”

    So yeah. There's my lame story.

    I love your flower shots. The yellow is so poppy and happy and j'adore.

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Hehe, I did ride elephants – SO MUCH FUN. They're gorgeous!


  18. Wonderful pics, especially with the animals 🙂


  19. M. says:

    I love your dress/tunic, it's so perfect for spring!

    lovelove, M.


  20. michelle_ says:

    i love that dress of yours !
    michelle || glisters and blisters


  21. sayablack says:

    Cuuute dress and great pics.
    Especially I looove yellow flowers pic.
    Please check out my blog<3


  22. ahhh kuyawa imported maning bakaha.. bwahaha


  23. Jen says:

    Your doggie is so adorably cute! And these photos are wonderful – I love the yellow flowers against the black and white background.


  24. Victoire says:

    adorable pictures 🙂 i love the dress you're wearing!



  25. Pretty photos, lovely scenery! I really like your dress!


  26. Niviarsiaq says:

    Ok, I want to live where you live. That looks so beautiful! We have Easter festivities here too but I think they are less amazing.
    Great pictures! I love the yellow!
    Oh, and your fringe sandals are so pretty!


  27. I love these photos. Especially the corn photo. You look cute and comfy.


  28. Meream says:

    You are so brave standing close to the cow! I'd be scared. Haha. Love the photos 🙂


  29. I totally went to that corn stop up in the mountain in Cebu last 2008! 🙂 glad i discovered your blog!


  30. these photos are beautiful! i want to see more!


  31. Sounds like a lovely trip and you took great pictures. Your top turned dress is so cute!


  32. Sonya says:

    I love the top/skirt! The idea of doing that is really great, especially if its a longer skirt.


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