feelin’ the holidays!

i cannot wait for christmas! even when i have to work on the eve of th 25th…bummer… at least it would still be spent with a lot of people. we work by mountain standard time so technically, it’s still a business day in canada by the 24th (which is the night of the 24th here)…it’s my 2nd year working on christmas and i can’t say i’m really loving it. here in the philippines, we have what we call “noche buena”… we attend church at 9 or 10pm…finish preparing our food — which in our family is one kind of pasta, bread, ham (my aunt’s most delicious and awaited ham!), another kind of meat that we try to experiment from a recipe we just found, and cake! right after eating, we always open gifts together. there’s just 5 of us — my mom, dad and my 2 sisters! of course, christmas is not complete without dressing up. we always do!
in this post is another version of the chained watch that i feature yesterday. this one is silver with a small aztec-like design on the front. i regret to have only bought 2 from hong kong. i so wanted the other designs. good thing i have my sisters — we always share accessories. the only thing we can’t share is shoes. we have different sizes — my little sister wears a size 5 and my big sister wears a 9…haha!
navy shirt dress – thrifted
black blazer – thrifted
sheer grey tights (underneath the polka) – sm dept store
polka tights – sm dept store
studded flats – mongkok ladies market
long chained necklace – elegant tang dynasty
square white stone ring – props


  1. Tessa says:

    wow I love your tights, I am looking for such ones everywere, but here in switzerland the shops are not so up to date 🙂


  2. Eri says:

    Cool outfits and nice blog too.

    See you soon.


  3. Gizelle says:

    hi tessa! thanks, i actually had to look everywhere to find these tights…


  4. Gizelle says:

    hi eri! thanks for the compliment…see you around!


  5. atot. naa ra diay na sa SM na tights? ;()


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