a nude kind of high

the truth is, i’ve been more afraid of wedges than of 5″ heels. yes, they both get me to better heights or at least not make me look small beside harry who is 5’11 and the extra height sure make up for our 9″ difference but i was afraid that wedges would make my thighs look bigger than it already is. so i avoided them until jeffrey campbell and those awesome girls who wear them convinced me to give wedges a try. i must say, i’m a convert. oh my heels will still have enough attention from me but my alfreda wedges from gold dot will surely be a wardrobe staple. this is my first online purchase and opening that package was really a treat — it was like christmas. haha!

white striped top – platinum mall, bangkok
mauve blazer – linea italia
skinny jeans – chillypapa
beige suede wedges – gold dot
silver robot necklace – borrowed from aimee
pink sunnies – carbon find
stacks of bangles – carbon find

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  1. I am really feeling the nude wedge Gizelle…and I can't wait to wear my JC shoes…aww we are on a shoe high right now…I just bought another two pair of shoes…you got to love BANGKOK but I am still on a look out for the leopard wedge or heels..and more wedges hahahah!!!!

    Love your jacket…

    Kisses love


  2. Love the wedges! They're usually much more comfortable than heels too.

    These would also be cute with grey tights!


  3. i envy girls who arent afraid to wear high heeled shoes.. Im usually chicken when it comes to killer heels coz I cant take the pain of wearing them.. i always see to it that when i buy my next heels i wouldnt feel even the slightest discomfort.. so hows your feet while wearing them?

    The ViXeN's LaiR


  4. Wowowoww! 5 inches are high and sometimes I feel like I'm on a pogostick but you rock it! 🙂 The heels will be mighty jealous for a while there. Hihih.


  5. you are rocking those wedges! they look amazing on you!
    I tend to stay away from them for fear that I tower over people cos of my height!



  6. G!I miss you.Im happy to see you blooming as ever.love your wedges,dai!bagay sa imu bisan unsa na footwear.and it's so nice na you are promoting philippine brand.go pinoy jud ta dai. ayuayu:D


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