friendship is a promise |

(m.i.a. in this photo: candace, karen, maiz, bufal and riza)

as i continue to look back on my teen years, i cannot help but feel grateful for the friends i have gained
along the way. i am even more grateful for the friends i’ve met when i was 12 years old and have till’ now. our group does not only embody friendship but also of a promise and sisterhood. we’ve watched each other as we went through the fun of graduating grade school, to the confusing and interesting high school years, to the new experience of college, to the anxiety and excitement to starting our careers and even to witnessing how each of us have slowly found the love of our lives.

i may have the tendency to pile on stand out accessories with layers of bangles on my left arm and a row of rings on my fingers but a classic piece of jewelry always still catches my attention. with quite a line of jewelry from, i wish that i can buy promise rings online for all of my best friends. promise rings are traditionally given by a guy to a girl before an engagement but tradition definitely cannot dictate the promise of sisterhood that we have for each other.

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  1. Sweet says:

    I really love this photo…wish I can have this kind of idea soon…

    wedding bells? yes so soon hahhaha!!!



  2. i know what you mean about feeling lucky to have great friends for so many years 🙂


  3. ching says:

    sisterhood.. wow that's more precious than anything.


  4. aizkim says:

    That's one advantage we have over men…instead spending bucks on a shrink to tell us what we already know, we just vent everything out to our girlfriends…free of charge. Nice photo dear!

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  5. dred says:

    yeah even if we have a boyfriend, it's still different opening up to a girlfriend. they accept melodramas more than

    love the photo! are your friend's post-nuptialpics already up in calography's site? id love to see pud. 🙂


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