our bipolar weather

if you find yourself squinting when you look at my photos, that’s because it was extremely hot when these were taken. the rain has decided to leave our city and has allowed the sun to shine at its fullest. it’s only February but we’re already dressing up like it’s summer. i guess summer has officially begun here. i’m screaming rain and colder weather but there’s no stopping the sun. 
anyway, did an impromptu photo shoot with my friends in my room last night. only used my canon powershot sx20 and an ettl flash. dressed them up in clothes they don’t normally wear and i had a blast seeing them channel a different personality. will try to edit the photos as soon as possible so i can show  them to you guys on my next post. plus, my friends are bugging me to post them ASAP as i’m usually the one who’s too lazy to post photos in facebook. i stopped at day 2 when i posted my bangkok photos last august 2010 because i was too lazy to continue on to day 5 and i haven’t posted my new year’s and sinulog photos yet. haha! who here is lazy and a slow-poke in posting photos to facebook?

printed top – thrifted
plaid vest – manager’s garage sale
denim shorts – beads and blooms
floral scarf – thrifted
clustered bells necklace – pratunam, bangkok
layered necklace – carbon find
rings: blue stone + alligator + armor ring – carbon finds
leopard print flats – parisian, sm dept store

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  1. Anagon =) says:

    Love the outfit! 🙂 So perfect for the coming sum-meeer!!! :)))


  2. Merowyn says:

    It's ALWAYS hot in the Phils!!! Hhaahahaaa I seriously do not understand the 'cold' weather there to me it's not cold at ALL. hahaahhaaa LOVE the outfit lady!!!


  3. akaCola says:

    wow the weather looks amazing!! love the design on your nails…so intricate!!!


  4. ching says:

    i hope the bipolar weather behaves.. looking great gizelle!


  5. I Am Alexa says:

    I agree. It's super hot outside! 😦


  6. Toni says:

    it's raining while im typing this! bipolar indeed! love your nails, gizelle! 🙂

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  7. DaMnViXeN says:

    as of writing this, it just rained hard! mother earth is bitching! u appear to me as more vibrant and refreshed! i want your hair btw!



  8. Nikki says:

    You are wearing a beautiful necklace! and I like your nails ^^ x


  9. elle says:

    Hope you push through the bipolar weather, and the attack of Mr. Sun! Strangely enough this makes me miss the Phil. even more 🙂

    I share your FB laziness there…was excited in the beggining, but now I'm “eh,” especially if there's tons of images to upload…

    Been gone from the “blog-hood,” but now back (with a new home), hope you still remember me 🙂


  10. great post! the weather lately has been so unpredictable!
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  11. Cylia says:

    yep.. and when squinting, it's good to have awesome sunnies like yours:) and the grass is always greener on the other side.. I'm craving for sunnn.. it's cold, windy, rainy, icky weather out here:( and thanks for the lipstick tip:) I'll check it out!


  12. Jing says:

    Same here G!i think winter is over.(damgo of winter.haha).Super duper hot diri.I love this comfy outfit and the layering is good.i want your necklace dai. 😉


  13. Hazel☺ says:

    true! even here in manila it's way too hot for february :(( oh yes, i'm lazy to upload photos as well… but friends keep on bugging me hahaha



  14. gillian says:

    Just so yo know, I am very envious of your natural curly hair! 😛



  15. julianne. says:

    you look so darn amazing.
    i cant wait to be able to wear adorable summery outfits like this.
    love it ❤


  16. Be says:

    Haha, I'm also slow at post anything, so my friends usually post the photos (because they're usually taking them).

    I love your vests, they go really well with your whole outfit. Especially love the shoes!!


  17. aiz kim says:

    me here…such a sloth at the facebook department. I frequent blogger more than fb after a traumatic hacking experience with my last account. Nway, your outfit is so weather perfect…love love everything!


  18. cryskay says:

    cute outfit! everything goes so well together. xo


  19. your nails!!! :]] so pretty!
    i love this look gizelle!


  20. UnaBb says:

    love your blog!
    i 'll follow you!


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