halloween 2010: harajuku twins!

for Aimee’s last halloween in Cebu, we decided to dress up as Harajuku Twins. the zombie school girl is our third Japanese sister who died, thus the gore. nothing much to say as i’m just enjoying my long weekend so here are the photos of the night where i ended up getting too many free vodka from the bartender, i woke up at 3PM the following day.

on both of us:
top with studded pocket – props
ruffled tulle shorts – props
colored tights – metro ayala
blue wigs – manalili finds
dogtag necklaces – custom-made
sneakers – vans and chuck taylors
DIY turban and pink bow
bangles: gun-metal stacks – props & carbon finds | colored bangles – DIY

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we had to make it happen: BLOGGER MEET-UP!

i am really shy (or speechless) upon first introduction. i don’t know what to do when i meet strangers. the meet-up was not really with strangers as we have all been communicating in the blogosphere but it’s different meeting people in person. so on my way to loft where we were all to meet, i was thinking repeatedly in my foolish paranoia, “what are we going to talk about?” haha! i didn’t have any reason to be paranoid because the night did go well (maybe sans the stupid discrimination of the bouncer or management at loft)… we had drinks, we had laughs and of course, lots of photos! just imagine everyone bringing their own cameras and asking the waiter to take the group photos with all of them…it was crazy!
the night was not just a meet-up of fashion bloggers but also of fashion enthusiasts and up and coming designer. the roll call (from the first photo): rand, kelvin, kristine roa of instyle cebu, yves of yves style,  angel of the great social nomad, iya, dane of trust me, it’s paradise, eden of chic in the tropics, ed and nym wales. 
we still had a few who were not in attendance and i really hope they could join us next time!
of course, loft night is not complete without my sister and our friends. we also celebrated our friend, yami’s birthday and we were both dressed in animal print too! here’s how the rest of my night went:
leopard print dress – thrifted
black belt – part of my lil’ sister’s shorts that she’s wearing here
curtain necklace – props
stacks of faux gold bangles – gifted
wooden ring – thrifted at carbon
black peep-toe booties – celine (a gift from harry!)

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dance like no one is watching

omigod, i haven’t been on a night out for months! these days, i’d choose my comfy bed over the sweaty and loud bars. but for my soon-to-be-married friend, there’s always an exception. drank an energy drink on the way out and i was good to go! (beat the hell of a hangover too the morning after…yey!) so, we all met up at my place to do our make-up and have a few drinks (white rhum and iced tea)…did a quick photoshoot with my sister’s 550ex speedlite and left my house past midnight. it’s funny because as i was looking at the photos we had of the night, i realized that we’ve all been friends since we were 10 – 13 years old but this is the first night out we had where everyone drank and everyone danced like there was no tomorrow! ordered some vodka and rhum ice…went home at almost 6:00 AM and at one point, i was already walking barefoot on the way to the car because my feet hurt so badly! nevertheless, it was one of the best times of my life! 
ps. the silver top i’m wearing is a thrifted CELINE and found it 2 months ago. i’ve been itching to wear it and this was the perfect night to do so. *wink*
silver thread top – celine
black tulip skirt – props
black peep-toe booties – celine (a gift from harry!)
gun-metal chained curtain necklace – props
stone ring – props (a twin of this is on give-away!)

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clear as vodka

i do go out at night. if my friends beckon, i come out of my pj’s and dress up for the weekend. nothing really to celebrate but just old friends seeing other after months overtaken by our busy lives. drinks of the night: tanduay ice + soju, vodka + sprite, smirnoff + sprite. you can guess what happened afterwards..haha!
on a more serious note, i’m really having a dilemma with a friend. how do you tell a friend your opinion of  something that might hurt her? i know i should be honest about it to her as i’ve always told her my opinions but she might take it negatively. will have to gather enough courage to do so. wish me luck!
ps. the beige top is supposed to be worn with the ribbons tied. but i firgure, i’m out so might as well be comfortable and casual.
beige top – mom’s closet
high-waisted denim skirt – thrifted (owned for 5 years)
tan cutout heels – a gift from harry
green woven belt – thrifted
tan leather bag – thrifted
long necklaces – hongkong | sm dept store
rings – props
bangles – gifts | props | manalili