we had to make it happen: BLOGGER MEET-UP!

i am really shy (or speechless) upon first introduction. i don’t know what to do when i meet strangers. the meet-up was not really with strangers as we have all been communicating in the blogosphere but it’s different meeting people in person. so on my way to loft where we were all to meet, i was thinking repeatedly in my foolish paranoia, “what are we going to talk about?” haha! i didn’t have any reason to be paranoid because the night did go well (maybe sans the stupid discrimination of the bouncer or management at loft)… we had drinks, we had laughs and of course, lots of photos! just imagine everyone bringing their own cameras and asking the waiter to take the group photos with all of them…it was crazy!
the night was not just a meet-up of fashion bloggers but also of fashion enthusiasts and up and coming designer. the roll call (from the first photo): rand, kelvin, kristine roa of instyle cebu, yves of yves style,Β  angel of the great social nomad, iya, dane of trust me, it’s paradise, eden of chic in the tropics, ed and nym wales.Β 
we still had a few who were not in attendance and i really hope they could join us next time!
of course, loft night is not complete without my sister and our friends. we also celebrated our friend, yami’s birthday and we were both dressed in animal print too! here’s how the rest of my night went:
leopard print dress – thrifted
black belt – part of my lil’ sister’s shorts that she’s wearing here
curtain necklace – props
stacks of faux gold bangles – gifted
wooden ring – thrifted at carbon
black peep-toe booties – celine (a gift from harry!)

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  1. haha i missed out on all the fun you guys had!! i attended my friend's daughter's baptism last saturday. one of my friends who was also a guest at the party invited me to go to IT park since the night was still young after we finished off at 10:00 p.m. had i said yes, i would probably have seen you guys there. too bad!:(

    love your dress and it's thrifted too? love it more.lol and eden's neon short is so cute. xx



  2. it looks so much fun. imagine meeting fashion minded blogges on one go, exciting! your dress is fierce by the way πŸ™‚


  3. babe, had the best time jud. too bad we couldnt really chat so much there, but im glad we finally made it happen. the pics are sooo lovely:) you and harry are el adorable! super!

    hahaha, that discrimination thing at loft was just.. ugh. but oh well. lets have more fun next time.

    btw i am SO ordering that curtain necklace form props. could diy it pero kapoy na.. haha. will keep you posted. love ya!



  4. oh how fun!

    re: your question on my blog … really it just kinda came to us – there wasn't yet a market here for what we do (build eco-friendly homes), so we created one! πŸ™‚ I know you will figure it out!


  5. absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit! the dress/necklace combo to the shoes…it compliments you so well, you look gorgeous!
    That is so cool you all took the time to meet up and had a great night! But I totally hear ya about the shyness! I kept wondering what I'd do if I ran into some of the bloggers I follow in Toronto this weekend and I pretty much figured I'd chicken out of saying hi! lol

    thanks for all your comments girl! It means a lot πŸ™‚



  6. wow! You guys all looks so wonderful~ A blogger meet-up looks like it would be so much fun.
    (no worries, I never know what to do with stranges either!)

    Have a great day!



  7. isa lang ako masulti! cebu bloggers are all fabulous! love your outfit gurl.plus it's thrifted?!amazing na jud. miss you,gizelle!


  8. That's cool πŸ™‚ That's great that you guys live so near (relatively)! The US is SO big! lol. I only have really met one other blogger that I know, and she's from the other coast. I don't see that happening very often!

    Nice accessories!


  9. A blogger meet up! How cool is that! You all looked fabulous!

    PS I thought I would get to meet you … my friend who had just moved to Cebu is moving back to Manila next month!?


  10. You have a lot of bloggers nearby thats so cool! You guys all look so chic and I totally love the leopard and that pretty necklace


  11. That sounds and looks like SO MUCH FUN. Man, there must be a lot of bloggers around where I live. WHY DON'T WE MEET UP?! (yes, I'm a little jealous)

    Haha, I'm actually the opposite of you. When I first meet people, I'm super chatty and excited and sociable. And then I get more shy once I know them… Weird? I KNOW.

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I really hope that you're able to find a job that you love! You're not stuck – you're still young and you've got decades of work (hopefully that you love) ahead of you! (Wow, I sound like an old wise fart..)


  12. it's nice to finally see the fashionable bunch of the South in one big meet up. i love the dress you're wearing. our plans for a meet up here in Manila is yet to push through. sigh.



  13. too bad i missed this one :s bummer!

    i love your dress, Gizelle! and you all look equally stylish! love love love! πŸ˜€


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