halloween 2010: harajuku twins!

for Aimee’s last halloween in Cebu, we decided to dress up as Harajuku Twins. the zombie school girl is our third Japanese sister who died, thus the gore. nothing much to say as i’m just enjoying my long weekend so here are the photos of the night where i ended up getting too many free vodka from the bartender, i woke up at 3PM the following day.

on both of us:
top with studded pocket – props
ruffled tulle shorts – props
colored tights – metro ayala
blue wigs – manalili finds
dogtag necklaces – custom-made
sneakers – vans and chuck taylors
DIY turban and pink bow
bangles: gun-metal stacks – props & carbon finds | colored bangles – DIY

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  1. Gizelle the both of you looks so adorable my dear!!! I love the blue wig and your lips…aww so cute!!!

    same here dear..I had the worst hangover…and I just promise never to drink again…arrghhh!!! seriously I won't…



  2. that 3rd sister of yours is seriously creepy…too bad i won't be able to show you if i could pull off that white ghostly lady ensemble…perhaps next year (or perhaps on my next life when i get reincarnated as a porcelain-skinned model..haha) anyhoo, happy Halloween G!


  3. It looks like a super fun night! You girls were all unique looking and dressing, totally loving the blue wigs and make-up! That zombie costume kinda creep me out though lol

    Have another awesome day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart


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