midnight ice cream runs

having to control one’s own time allows for out of the blue ice cream runs even at the wee hours of the morning when everyone in the convenience store is buzzed with alcohol while we’re fixated on getting that sugar high. 
of course, it doesn’t hurt to get that required outfit shot by the bright and colorful background of the convenience store fridge. must get another one when i get a better camera. LOL. 

salmon silk blazer – thrifted | white tank top – thrifted | faded denim high-waited cut-offs – thrifted | my “uniform” tassled smoking slippers – rubi shoes | camel leather fringe bag – urban originals | braided belt – props | leaf necklace – downtown find | elephant tusk necklace – bangkok find | claw cuff – borrowed from mom | rings – downtown and bangkok finds 

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church dressing in humid weather

for four days in our province of Sindangan, these were the only photos i took that were..uhhh..for the lack of a better term “presentable..” no, i’m not saying i didn’t have fun nor that the other photos my relatives and i took were not fun or were ugly. by “presentable”, i meant that i was fully dressed and doesn’t look like melting. Sindangan is located in Mindanao, which is the southern island group in the Philippines. southern, meaning it’s very near the ecuator, which means it’s hotter and more humid.
photo details:
1) this what i wore on the first we attended Mass, on Holy Thursday and it is the only outfit i brought that was comfortable in the humid weather. made me regret not bringing more cotton or shift dresses. 

2 – 5) food, food, food. eating fish everyday may be daunting but not if you live just 2 blocks away from the beach and the seafood is fresh everyday. fish and other seafood is softer and creamier in your mouth. so i present to you, grilled tulingan, fish ceviche in coconut milk (kinilaw na isda in coconut milk), the fresh and delicious steamed rock lobster and my uncle’s grilled steak blue marlin. YUM!
6) the sole reason that we come back to Sindangan every year — the carro for the Resurrected Christ. this has been in our family for generations and every year, our responsibility is to dress up the carro to ready it for the re-enactment of His meeting with Mary and to serve breakfast to the church members and the little angels that sing in the re-enactment called, Sugat. 
ps. i helped decorate the carro. my mom did the top parts, i did the bottom ones. what do you think?
printed dress – thrifted | turquoise belt – robinson’s dept store, dumaguete | 
multi-colored gladiator flats – khaosan road, bangkok | elephant necklace – carbon find

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i always go back to you

i always go back to this dress. it’s what i call my fail-safe dress. it has mixed patterns and prints. it’s belted on the waist. it’s very comfortable. it’s breezy. it’s blue. and yes, it’s very forgiving. why? because it’s a tent dress and it can fit me when i’ve gained weight or lost weight. and this time, i’ve gained some and my mixed print dress is always there to catch me when i’m in an outfit dilemma.
i’ve mentioned this on one of my very few posts when i started my new job — a day job. i’ve had this heightened appetite and have been eating non-stop for weeks now. other than a new pair of shoes, food cheers me up. vanilla ice cream cheers me up the most. i would love to have a new pair everytime i get stressed or restless or bored but it’s an expensive habit. whereas, food is there..haha! so yeah, i know i have to control this appetite or else my clothes won’t fit me anymore (which will be such a waste of money) but for now, i’m going to enjoy actual lunch at 12 noon, afternoon snacks of turon (banana and nangka fritter wrapped in chinese wrapper, coated with brown sugar then deep fried to perfection) and ice candy, little munchy breaks of yogurt or crackers, dinner at home at 7PM and dessert with dark chocolate or ice cream. 
mixed print dress – thrifted
blue embellished sandals – khaosan road, bangkok
heart and clock necklaces – carbon finds
brass tangled bangles – carbon finds
work watch – swatch
brown sunnies – carbon find
ps. i should learn how to pose like armand. isn’t he fierce?

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bangkok tales episode one: khaosan road + tuktuk

before i start telling you about our first adventure in Bangkok, i have to say it is really really (i need to add one more) really humid here. stepping out of an air-conditioned building is such a surprise because your face gets easily warm and you’re just suddenly hit with this unexpected humidity. it is surprising though that despite the humidity and the infamous traffic, the place is not as polluted as the streets in Manila. my first impression? Bangkok is like downtown Cebu, only 3 times bigger with 6 lane roads and lots of flyovers and beautiful buildings.
the morning after arriving, we were lucky enough to get 3 Tuktuks who would take us to Khaosan road for only 30 Baht. the drivers were really friendly and even brought us to this Jewelry Factory and Gallery where we found gorgeous (and expensive) jewelry made of different gems found there. my favorites were the big cocktail rings that were formed into animals like tigers, owls and foxes made of gemstones. my mom bought herself earrings and dad bought her a ring made of her birthstone and even bought my sister, Charm earrings for her wedding this December. as it turns out, the side trip to the Gallery was necessary so the Tuktuk drivers can get vouchers for free gas. I wonder how much free gas they got considering we bought quite a number of items.
Khaosan road is filled with street stalls selling all kinds of items — clothes, t-shirts, handicrafts, hats, sandals and even bikinis. they even have food stalls that sell yummy fruit shakes, fresh spring rolls and pad thai noodles — yummmmm! the items for sale seem cheap but since my sister, Charm has been to Bangkok several times, as it turns out Khaosan prices are a little steep because most of the people who visit there are foreigners from Europe and U.S. nevertheless, i still bought a floppy hat and 2 pairs of sandals there. will post about shopped items on Day 1 tomorrow. *wink*
my outfit: peach lace boho top – thrifted | grey denim shorts – props | beige gladiator flats – parisian | brown sunnies – carbon find
aimee’s outfit – black layered lace top – props | red shorts – thrifted | black belt – props | toms-like shoes – carcar find
charm’s outfit – ripped cropped tee – DIY | black tank top – props | black tulip skirt – props | black sandals – so fab | oversized grey bag – sm dept store

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i love you like i love reese’s

after the crazy night we had, my sister and i unconsciously just decided to stay home all day friday and lock ourselves in our room. what with the really painful headache and hangover, we couldn’t really move around. so we spent the whole day watching How I Met Your Mother or taking turns using the computer. we did get bored by 7:00 PM and at one point decided to go to SM and go shopping but we were too lazy to take a shower and dress up. it wasn’t until 10:00 PM that we felt that we needed to go out and since watching How I Met Your Mother always makes me hungry, i convinced Aimee to grab some pizza and hot wings.
so we drove over to Banilad Town Center and visited Yellow Cab Pizza what we needed to cure our hangover was an oily and cheesy pizza and the super yummy Yellow Cab hot wings. and since we were already there, we had ourselves some frozen yogurt from Yo-Go Boy too. if you’re asking what those round toppings on the fro-yo are, those are the awesomely yummy reese’s puffs. the puff just melts in your mouth and the peanut butter and chocolate just explodes in your mouth! perfect combination to the blueberry and cashew nuts! the pig-out was definitely worth the 20 minute drive from our house!
white graphic tee – borrowed from boyfriend (props)
black leggings – random
black beaded sandals – people are people
bangles: gold and pink rhinestones – gifted from india | enamel bangles – HK find
fairy long necklace – props
black handbag – nine west
on aimee:
multi-colored top – marc jacobs (from my manager’s garage sale)
white shorts – props
white oversized bag – celine (gifted from her bf)

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i’ve never..episode one: the broiled duck embryo

so my friends ‘attempted’ a belated surprise birthday for me until i ran into them on my way inside ayala and found them mulling over which cake to buy in vanille patisserie. i actually felt bad at first because i was supposed to meet karen there at 8:00 PM and she told me she would just text me when she’s on her way, only to find her with our other friends without texting me. it took me a minute to realize after seeing their shocked faces that it was a surprise for me. so i gave them time and told them i had an errand to run and will be back right after. but yes, even when i busted them planning my surprise, it was still pretty sweet. they had the waiter bring my birthday cake (the small balls on top are super yummy truffles) and my balloons. and guess what? they gave me a jane austen book too! yey!
anyway, so on to the much awaited balot challenge — one of the many challenges my friends and i are going to make over the next few weeks. we drove midtown and found a balot vendor by the city’s rotunda and each bought a 16-day old balot — one with a slightly formed duckling inside. with the help of the dark street, some vinegar and salt, suffice to say, it wasn’t much of an excruciating experience for me as it was for karen. she really had a hard time swallowing the duck embryo. here are some photos:
grey dress – props
leopard-print flats – parisian, sm dept store
bangles – gifted
rings: starfish and round white – props
necklaces: fairy – props | handbag – parkmall

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volume one: i have never…

i mentioned on my previous post that my friend, Karen and I are planning to make our month-long work break more memorable by doing things we’ve never done before. here’s the first five things we are going to do:
    1. EAT TUNA SASHIMI. i have never eaten raw tuna. although i do eat salmon but i have always found the darker meat color of the tuna revolting. 
    2. LEARN TO COOK A FILIPINO DISH. i do know how to cook as long as there is a recipe so i know how to cook italian or thai food but i have never learned how to cook a filipino dish. filipino food is the way to a man’s heart, is what they say.
    3. PEEL AN ORANGE. yes, peeling an orange is the most normal thing in the world and it’s weird why i haven’t done so. well, try being a 6-year old who ate a dozen oranges with your cousin and ended up getting sick because of it. i mean, really really sick that every time you smell an orange, you feel nauseous. 
    4. GO KARTING. the kartzone race track has been in cebu for quite some time but i never got around to tryng it. now is the time!
    5. EAT A BALUT. a balut is the infamous fertilized duck that is boiled and eaten in its shell. i have eaten balut before but only the young one, with the regular yolk and balut soup. the one i have yet to try is the 16-day old and above balut that already has formed duck embryo so you can see its bill, feet and some feathers. my sister aimee, believe it or not, loves this food and i am too chicken to eat it. haha! good luck!
day-end posts will be made right after we’ve undergone one adventure. we shall commence next week!

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a craving i regretted

after having spent the whole weekend at home and just mostly sleeping, i was in serious need of something good to eat. reading other blogs post food porn didn’t help either. it made me all the more hungry for something to comfort me — ah, the perils of comfort food. it was 9:00 AM and i have been up for almost 4 hours. i already had a hearty breakfast at 6:00 AM but i still wanted to eat something that would fill in this void in me. (what void? i don’t know) does this sound familiar to you? do you get food cravings too?
 i wanted to eat a full order of pasta or maybe a grilled quarter-pounder and have a brownie or cheesecake after. it’s then i realized that with the coming months of conscious unemployment, shoes are not my weakness. FOOD IS!
i immediately texted karen and invited her for lunch. we decided to eat at sbarro because we know they’d have good italian food and have big servings. boy, did i regret ordering my humongous sausage and pepperoni stuffed pizza! i mean, can somebody get dizzy after eating too much? apparently, i did! i wasn’t able to take photos of the food before i started gulfing it down. i couldn’t resist the dripping tomato sauce over the baked bread stuffed with cheesy goodness and perfectly salty sausage and pepperoni. here’s how my plate looked like (and trust me, i am not doing this again!):
karen couldn’t finish her half-order of baked zitti in white sauce. she said she was drinking too much of her raspberry iced tea so she got easily full. and no, we didn’t get cheesecake or dessert after. i had to buy some menthol rub from the pharmacy because my head was aching from how full i was. describe gluttonous and that’s me!
for filipinos out there, i think you’d know what i mean by the ‘pinoy attitude’ on food. i couldn’t eat the last slice of bread on my plate. it was all too much for me! haha! to those who don’t know, the ‘pinoy attitude’ on food means that we are always too shy or embarrassed to eat the last slice. ‘pinoys’ or filipinos usually leave the last bite for someone else, afraid of being deemed ‘greedy.’ so when we share a pan of pizza or a dish of chili wings, tendency is, there’s always a last slice or piece left and we’d have to banter and tease each other as to who gets to eat the last one because we are so ‘pinoy!’
striped top – thrifted
navy blue cover-up – thrifted
high-waisted denim skirt – thrifted
grey flats with zebra printed bow – sm dept store
dog-tag necklace – custom-made
gun-metal layered cuffs – props
stone ring – thrifted at carbon
grey bag – mongkok ladies’ market, hk
brown sunnies – thrifted at carbon

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