a craving i regretted

after having spent the whole weekend at home and just mostly sleeping, i was in serious need of something good to eat. reading other blogs post food porn didn’t help either. it made me all the more hungry for something to comfort me — ah, the perils of comfort food. it was 9:00 AM and i have been up for almost 4 hours. i already had a hearty breakfast at 6:00 AM but i still wanted to eat something that would fill in this void in me. (what void? i don’t know) does this sound familiar to you? do you get food cravings too?
Β i wanted to eat a full order of pasta or maybe a grilled quarter-pounder and have a brownie or cheesecake after. it’s then i realized that with the coming months of conscious unemployment, shoes are not my weakness. FOOD IS!
i immediately texted karen and invited her for lunch. we decided to eat at sbarro because we know they’d have good italian food and have big servings. boy, did i regret ordering my humongous sausage and pepperoni stuffed pizza! i mean, can somebody get dizzy after eating too much? apparently, i did! i wasn’t able to take photos of the food before i started gulfing it down. i couldn’t resist the dripping tomato sauce over the baked bread stuffed with cheesy goodness and perfectly salty sausage and pepperoni. here’s how my plate looked like (and trust me, i am not doing this again!):
karen couldn’t finish her half-order of baked zitti in white sauce. she said she was drinking too much of her raspberry iced tea so she got easily full. and no, we didn’t get cheesecake or dessert after. i had to buy some menthol rub from the pharmacy because my head was aching from how full i was. describe gluttonous and that’s me!
for filipinos out there, i think you’d know what i mean by the ‘pinoy attitude’ on food. i couldn’t eat the last slice of bread on my plate. it was all too much for me! haha! to those who don’t know, the ‘pinoy attitude’ on food means that we are always too shy or embarrassed to eat the last slice. ‘pinoys’ or filipinos usually leave the last bite for someone else, afraid of being deemed ‘greedy.’ so when we share a pan of pizza or a dish of chili wings, tendency is, there’s always a last slice or piece left and we’d have to banter and tease each other as to who gets to eat the last one because we are so ‘pinoy!’
striped top – thrifted
navy blue cover-up – thrifted
high-waisted denim skirt – thrifted
grey flats with zebra printed bow – sm dept store
dog-tag necklace – custom-made
gun-metal layered cuffs – props
stone ring – thrifted at carbon
grey bag – mongkok ladies’ market, hk
brown sunnies – thrifted at carbon

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  1. Ugh… you had to go and post this just when my stomach is feeling nasty from something nasty that I just ate… I hate dorm food. This looks so yummy, and it's torturing me.


  2. you look so chic gizelle, i'm especially loving your bag! AND I HAD SBARRO TODAY TOO during my dinner break at work. πŸ™‚ i had a huge plate of spaghetti and i loved every minute of it. ❀


  3. I had to agree on that Gizelle, I was not able to experience any of that attitude here in Bangkok, they always finish the last drop, so you might as well get it first hahahha!

    Hmmmp I miss Sbarro especially their baked zitti.

    Love your flats and your striped top….

    take care love


  4. reading this post made me run to the cookie jar. seriously. and sbarro, i haven't eaten there in a while, wala dito haha. cute flats!!


  5. food, food, food..
    i am addictied.. but i must say; what's with gigantic size of that soda??!!! it looks insane – how much is in there? Wow – i am more impressed if you finished the soda..

    but anyway – food cravings just happen to everyone i think, mine were for fries today πŸ™‚

    on an other note: you looked super cute while overeating πŸ™‚



  6. Hi girl!!! I've been missing your blog and reading your posts, but I am back in action and you KNOW I LOVE that stripe shirt on you!!! And who doesn't love sbarro pizza? YUMMM!


  7. mm food! it's such a good pick-me-up πŸ™‚ i always have cravings at unearthly hours.. when there is no choice but to raid the fridge!


  8. love the nautical shirt and denim skirt combo! your outfit is something i'd love to wear too.

    and oh, seeing your food makes me wanna go to sbarro and grab some baked zitti. yum!



  9. The food looks delicious! πŸ˜€ And you look great in that outfit, its casual yet so classy! Loving the dark glasses and also the skirt. ((:

    Thanks so much for your comment too, its so sweet of you! πŸ˜€ I'm definitely following you, follow me too? <3




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