200 followers give-away WINNER! + what i miss most

congratulations to catherine of hellocatherine! for winning my 200 followers give-away!
to all those who joined, thank you so much for your support! it’s been a ball having you guys as my readers. i hope that you will all still continue to enjoy reading my blog — if not for the outfits, maybe for my stories and thoughts.
on another note, i just had my check-up with my orthopedic yesterday and it turns out that i might have a herniated disc — which means my spinal disc has become less elastic and has been pushed outside of the vertebrae so the nerves and spinal cord gets pinched. it’s mostly caused by bad posture and the wrong sleeping position, which i am totally guilty off. at work or here at home, i unconsciously slouch too much in front of the PC and only notice when my face is very much near the keyboard. when i sleep, i lie on my stomach which causes an abnormal shape to the spinal column. i am also very much guilty of reading on my bed while lying on my stomach, which gives immense pressure to my back and shoulders. my treatment for now is to swim a few laps at least once a week. i cannot do extreme workouts anymore because i injured my right knee playing flag football almost 3 years ago. 
yes, i was a football player. i played flag football for 4 years before i got injured (ACL). i played defensive line and i was pretty good at it! my heart got broken so bad when i found out i couldn’t play anymore. in my november 6th post, i even thought i only had a torn meniscus as this was the initial finding of the doctor. after i got an MRI, i soon found out that i had it worst and had my ligament torn. i had surgery a year after and couldn’t work for a month. had to go to rehab and endured wearing braces for almost 2 months.

(yes, no. 81 was me — the girl with the chocolate colored skin and green socks to match my uniform)

i miss the rush of sports. i miss the hunger for the win. i miss the camaraderie. i missed having another life besides work. i missed loving fashion but still being able to act like tomboy and play hardcore — while i match my headbands to my opponents color to psyche them up..LOL. but you know what? ironically, right when i thought i lost the love of my life which was football, i met harry a month after my injury and we have been inseparable ever since. i guess God does give you everything — just perhaps not at that the same time. *wink*

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