matchy-matchy: fashion crime or not?

pink fringed top – thrifted | blue skirt with pink and black polka dots – thrifted | pink ballet flats – solemate, sm dept store | braided belt – | layered necklace – downtown find | black hat – metro | white wayfarers – raybans, borrowed from sis

when i saw this skirt for P50 ($1.25) at our local thrift store, i immediately thought fish eyes and polka dots and grabbed it. my mom and sister laughs at how i can still get good finds at ultimate thrift sales because my style is so offbeat that the items i pick are sometimes items nobody else would want. which is true. i found a tiered tulle skirt for P50 and grabbed it too. LOL. 
now, i’ve been wanting to wear this fringed cotton top i got a year ago but it’s so tricky to wear.  it’s form-fitting which i don’t like because it shows off my extra curves and if i wear it without tucking it in in something high-waisted, the fringes can get in the way. so i was really happy it found a friend in this skirt. i was planning to wear it with a pair of black wedges but thought, “what the heck, my day is so busy and i need to be running around.” and paired it with a pair of matching pink flats instead. 
i know right? pink top, skirt with pink prints and now a pair of pink flats? how could i have been so cliche and be too matchy-matchy? well, my question is — is it really a fashion crime to be matchy-matchy? it looks good (for me) and i felt super comfortable in it. 
what do you guys think about fashion rules? 

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  1. There's nothing wrong to wear a well-color coordinated outfit. I for one lives by that “matchy-matchy ” fashion.


  2. 50 bucks? that's definitely a steal! 🙂 i can almost feel your thrill from buying something really cheap, yet very fashionable. same thrill i get when i get pieces from a thrift shop which are just 3 for 100. hahah!


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